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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Migawari Hakushaku no Chousen

Volume Three: Challenge of the Substitute Earl

The story started with Mireille back in her hometown, Sangelway. That day, a bread competition between her and Roy was held to decide who will inherit her grandfather's bakery shop. The outcome was, Mireille's total defeat. She fell into despair when she was told by her grandfather that she has zero talent in making bread. The shocking truth left her speechless and she was left immobile that she didn't even hear what Roy was trying to say to her. Apparently, Roy likes her and tried to propose to her when Fred and Richard came into the shop. After greeting all the girls among the audience inside the shop, Fred, who heard the almost-proposal warned Roy saying he has to go through him first for permission before he can court Mireille. Obviously, it was Fred's way to get rid of the unwanted insects from Mireille. After he finished dealing with Roy, Fred informed his mother Julia and grandfather Daniel that he has come to bring Mireille again to Artemaris to celebrate their birthday together this year. Her mother readily agreed saying it will probably be good for Mireille after her defeat. Fred then ordered Richard to pick Mireille up who was crouching on the floor unmoving and they left the shop under the eyes of all the other people. Roy tried to stop him from taking Mireille away, but Fred hinted saying that Mireille was already taken, leaving Roy in despair this time.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Migawari Hakushaku no Kekkon

Volume 2: Marriage of the Substitute Earl 

For the second time, Mirelle was forcibly taken to Artemaris again by Richard to act as her twin, Fred in the high court. Before Richard arrive at her door step to escort her to Artemaris, Fred had sent her a letter, saying he's off on a journey to heal his broken heart so she'll have to take his place again. At first, Mirelle planned to ignore Fred's letter but unfortunately for her, when Richard arrived at her home town in Sangelway of Riezeland Kingdom, he brought with him a letter from Zeke, Artemaris Crown Prince 'ordering' her to come to Artemaris to be Fred's substitute. Her refusal upon the order will cause her father and brother (Edward and Fred) terrible punishment, so left with no choice, Mirelle grudgingly followed Richard to Artemaris.

Hakushaku to Yousei; Koi Yori Mo Odayakani Mitsumete

Volume 28: More Than Love, Quietly Look at Me 

When he came to his senses, Edgar found out that he was sleeping in a cabin on a ship. He looked at his hands, and when he looked into the mirror, he realised that the man reflected in front of him is hid adult self. Raven entered the room when he was thinking about what happened 'yesterday'. In his memory, he was 13 years old but, and he was at his home, in Sylvanford manor house spending his day like usual. When Raven brought him water to wash his face and fresh clothes to change into, he naturally started the conversation, asking him how old does he look. Raven calmly told him that if he didn't lie to him about his age before, he should be 23 years old right now. Observing Raven's reaction, he asked him why he didn't look surprised that he had lost his memory. Raven than explained that he was injured in an accident which had caused him the amnesia.

Migawari Hakushaku no Konzen Ryokou 2

Volume 17: The Prenuptial's Trip of the Substitute Earl 2 
Nerawareta Hanayome; The Targeted Bride

After enduring the long journey which includes evading the assassins, visiting the Mirelle’s hometown etc, Richard and Mireille finally arrived at Artemaris Royal Palace. As their objective coming to Artemaris was to celebrate Artemaris Crown Prince’s wedding, Mireille, as Xiaran’s Grand Duchess-to-be had to uphold her official position and stay at the palace as one of the royal guests. On the next day, after arriving at the palace, Mireille was abducted by the Red Rose Knights on her way to go and visit the White Lily Knights by Zeke’s order. Upon meeting the Crown Prince and his bride-to-be Lydianne, Mireille tried her best to keep her place and grace in check as one of Xiaran’s royal member but failed miserably when Zeke started teasing her like usual.