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Monday, May 28, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 84

Summary: The chapter starts with the past Raggs King. He was in some kind of a conference I think, and apparently, he has good reputation among the people. The Barsburg emperor looks grouchy here. Then, back to the present, the emperor ordered Ouka to kill Teito. Teito was so desperate, not knowing what to do. Suddenly he sees some flashbacks from when he was a child. His father, Raggs King was showing Teito the power of the eye. The eye of Mikhael can bring life to dead things. In the final clash between Ouka, Teito activates the Light of Mikhael and Ouka returns to normal. Ouka also realizes that she was a replica.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hakushaku to Yousei; Torikaerareta Purinsesu

Volume 06: The Replaced Princess

This volume started with the a young female, tailing Edgar. The young woman, Lota who just arrived in London for the first time was following Edgar to know about the whereabouts of her friend Betty. Watching him closely from behind, Lota saw Edgar got out from a carriage with a woman, kissing and then entered a mansion. While witnessing Edgar's usual womanizer act, Lota realized that there was another woman with a cat who just came out from a bookstore watching the same scenario as she is. The woman soon left after expressing how unbelievable Edgar's behaviour is.

Friday, May 25, 2012

[SUMMARY] Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Chapter 122

The 122th: Love Sickness

Continuing from the last chapter. The guys were teasing Ranmaru about how he went and saved Ojou during the previous party and thought that Ranmaru had finally decided to settle down. Unfortunately, Ranmaru said he just went along with the situation at the party, and was about to go and play with the other girls when the other 3 guys decided they will 'fixed' Ranmaru's womanizer behaviour. Takenaga snatched away Ranmaru's handphone and snapped it into two right away when he was about to call his girlfriends, and the guys also watched Ranmaru's every move, making sure he won't sneak out of the house chasing skirts. At night, when Ranmaru complained about how lonely it was for him to sleep alone, Takenaga, Yuki and Kyohei slept with him on the same bed. One morning, Ranmaru who was totally driven into the corner started acting weird. He even hugged Kyohei from behind, saying he won't be picky and will choose whoever has the sex appeal. Coincidentally, Kyohei was playing with perfume earlier that day, adding the fuel to the fire. While Kyohei was crying saying how scary the situation is, Ranmaru suddenly picked up a girl's scent, and following the scent, he found Sunako. He was overjoyed with happiness, and went to hug her. He was beaten by Sunako but was saved by Takenaga and Yuki. The two guys then slapped him to make him return to his senses for he was hitting on Sunako, while Kyohei was shining with happiness thinking if Ranmaru succeed in shooting down Sunako, maybe she'll turn into a lady, and their long time dream of getting the free rent will come true. Sunako said that it was ridiculous, and the other guys also thought that Ranmaru would never play around with Sunako. But, they were proved to be wrong, for Ranmaru seriously targeting Sunako. He waited on Sunako at night, only to be beaten half dead by her, and said he would bring Sunako to heaven with him. Sunako was burning with anger, swearing to kill Ranmaru, which made the other 3 guys pray for Ranmaru to return to normal before Sunako kill him. Ranmaru continued his attacks on Sunako, by helping her carrying heavy boxes, preparing a tea with Sunako's favorite chocolate and lastly, presenting Sunako with a rare skeleton figurine, which finally broke down Sunako's defenses against him. Takenaga and Yuki who was closely following the development expressed their worries about Sunako's chastity, while Kyohei was craving for ice cream. After he was told off by the other two, Kyohei was sent to an errand to buy some snacks. On his way back home, he met Sunako who was properly dressed like a lady and sitting dreamily in the garden. Kyohei then asked her if she likes Ranmaru but Sunako denied, saying she only thinks of him as a good person. Kyohei then told her to be careful because she is a after all still a girl. When she replied to Kyohei's comment about her being a girl, Sunako started to be aware of Kyohei being a man. The realization made her wanted to get away from Kyohei, but when she stood up and was about to leave, she stumbled. Kyohei pulled her up, and Sunako couldn't help but to stare at Kyohei. They had their eyes on each other until Ranmaru showed up and invited Sunako to his room. Sunako readily agreed to follow Ranmaru and refused to listen to Kyohei when he tried to stop her. Kyohei gave up on stopping Sunako from going with Ranmaru and got back inside the mansion, only to be scolded by the other two. Kyohei only moved when Takenaga and Yuuki said how unfortunate it will be for Sunako if her first time is Ranmaru. Sunako was already being pushed down on the bed by Ranmaru when Kyohei came knocking on the door. When she heard Kyohei's voice, Sunako said it's hell on the other side of the door and asked Ranmaru to bring her to heaven. When he was ignored, Kyohei opened the door to Ranmaru's room, showering both occupants with his most glittering bright  light, interrupting the almost kiss between Sunako and Ranmaru. Receiving the full blast of Kyohei's brightness rendered Ranmaru immobile, and Kyohei grabbed Ranmaru's collar saying Sunako is not someone he can play with. In the end Ranmaru returned to his senses, and was surprised to find himself on bed with Sunako. The chapter ended with Sunako having a massive nosebleed from looking at Kyohei. Apparently, it has been quite a while since she had nosebleed when she see Kyohei.

I tweeted some pages from the chapter on Twitter.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The sun is too bright...

Okay, I added Ookami Heika no Hanayome 13 to the folder. Enjoy the chapter! 
I'll be updating the light novels again soon. And I'm getting busy again... 

Download link under the twitter updates. 
Password: supercute

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[SUMMARY] Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Chapter 121

A cute chapter with Ojou-sama here!

Chapter 121: Dear My Friend!

The chapter started at Ojou-sama, Kikunoi Tamao's school. Ojou is very popular at school, and one of her classmate called Ragan is very jealous of her. One day, on her way back from school, Ojou bumped into Sunako, and she was seen talking to Sunako by Ragan and her cronies. Sunako was wearing a pumpkin hat and her usual jersey at that time. Ragan made a remark about how unexpected it was for Ojou to be associated with someone like Sunako. When Ojou was about to introduce Sunako to Ragan and her friends, Sunako cut off and said she's only a passerby. Ojou was taken aback by Sunako words, wondering if Sunako really considers her as a friend. One day, Ojou visited the mansion, and Kyohei begged her to influence Sunako to be like a lady.
Apparently, Sunako was in her darker mode again, for Halloween was in the season. Ojou then said she wanted to join Sunako in her party. Sunako happily agreed and told her to change into jersey. Ranmaru then gave a warning saying it's fine to get along with Sunako, as long as she doesn't become like her. Ojou then replied saying she would be happy if she does turn out like Sunako, leaving Ranmaru feeling very uneasy. During the party, Sunako introduced Ojou to her world, and as a result Sunako started calling Ojou, Tama-chan. At school, Ragan started harassing Ojou again about her friendship with Sunako, but Ojou just brushed it off, saying Sunako is her important friend. Ragan also invited Ojou to her halloween party, while making a remark to bring Sunako along.

Another day, Ojou visited the mansion, while wearing a jersey and holding a big skull. Her new 'style' surprised the others. While Ojou was waiting for Sunako in her room, the other guys blamed Sunako for Ojou's change. At first, Sunako wasn't really feel responsible for it, but when she saw Ojou in her room, she started feeling guilty. Ojou then told Sunako that she refused an invitation for a Halloween party from her classmate, because she wanted to spend the time with Sunako. But then, Sunako said she shouldn't refuse the invitation, that she feels better being alone. Ojou then said sorry, and left the mansion wearing the jersey. On her way back, Ojou met her classmates on their way to Ragan's party, and she ended up going to the party too. Back at the mansion, Sunako found a letter from Ojou, saying she really enjoyed, and had fun spending the time with Sunako. After reading the letter, Sunako decided to go after Ojou. The guys said Ojou was willing to step into her world for friendship, so this time it's Sunako's turn to do the same.

In the meantime, at Ragan's party, Ragan started bragging about the food and all, and introduced her fiance to all the guests. Then she insulted Ojou saying she had a weird hobby, and purposely splashed water on her own dress while making it seemed like Ojou was the one who splashed the water on her. Ojou had no qualm to wipe the dress for Ragan, but when Ragan started saying things about Sunako, she started defending Sunako. However, Ojou couldn't bring herself to tell Ragan that Sunako is her important friend because of the incident from before. Right on time, Sunako came, and continued the word for Ojou, saying Ojou is her important friend. Sunako came dressing up like a lady, and when she was about to pull Ojou up, Ranmaru came and like a prince, said he is Ojou's fiance. The other guys came too, and the girls started making the usual noise. In the end, Ragan was unable to make a comeback, and Ojou and Sunako were back at the mansion watching horror movies.

Sweet chapter. I have always love Ranmaru and Ojou pair. More Ranmaru coming in the next chapter. With ultra shining Kyohei, burning Sunako's eye on Ranmaru's bed!

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 16

Nothing interesting lately... Hmm, and I want to read chapter 34!! The story is getting much better after all! Okay a little bit SPOILER: In chapter 32/33, Yuurin returned home because his father injured Kigaku's grandma's hand, so she'll have to work as a maid to that old lady. His Majesty sneaked out again and when Yuurin refused his offer to help, he decided to 'harass' Yuurin until she gives up and relies on him. It's so sweet!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

[TRANSLATION] Landreaall Act.4

Scanlated chapters so far.

This is one of my favorite series recently. Too bad the scanlation side doesn't go too far. I'll be translating this manga from time to time. But don't ask for the scanlation. I don't have people to work on this series at the moment. So, if you're interested, and have some time to spend, leave me a message and I'll get to you. This is a very long series. The latest chapter is Act.110. It will get more much more interesting later.^^

Saturday, May 19, 2012

[SUMMARY] Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Queen of Pirates.

The guys and Sunako were watching television about a discovery regarding a pirate's jewel named Queen of Pirates. While they were getting excited about the jewel, they found out that the jewel was bid at an auction and was presented to their beloved Auntie. They were surprised, but Takenaga told them to stop talking about Auntie because according to their previous experiences, Auntie will come home whenever they talk about her. And as a matter of fact, Auntie did return, and said she was getting bored, not finding a good man, and that she'll stay at the mansion for a while. Sunako was dragged to the salon, shopping and was having a hellish time when a guy appeared and saved Auntie when she's about to fall down the stairs at a theater. To cut it short, Auntie fell in love at first sight with the guy. She was sighing at home, and when the guys urged her to get married immediately and get out of the mansion, she dropped the rent bomb, which makes the boys sweat again. But this time, she threatened to quadruple the rent for Kyouhei only for failing to turn Sunako into a lady. Then suddenly, the guy came to the mansion and said he said he wanted to see her again. They had a little talk, and the guy said he came from an island. Sunako got all excited when she found out that the guy came from a pirate island. The talk turn into about pirate, and Kyouhei asked Auntie to show them the treasured jewel. Unfortunately for them, Auntie said she had already kept it away for safekeeping and will only get it out when she got married. Hearing that, the guy immediately  proposed to Auntie but he didn't get a good reply. Auntie needed more time to think so the guy had no choice but to leave the mansion. After the guy left, the 4 handsome guys started their little comment session, saying the guy seemed like he doesn't have money and that's the reason Auntie said no to the proposal. When Ranmaru said she'll probably never see him again, Auntie said with a sad face that she would hate it if she can't see him again. When Kyouhei and Sunako heard that, they went after the guy, whom they called Sparrow and told him not to give up. They gave him an advice to present Auntie with a huge flower bouquet, reserve a restaurant, give her a ring and hold a big ceremony. When the guy said he doesn't have much money, Sunako and Kyohei solved the problem by working hard bargaining for the flowers, restaurant and the place for the wedding. When they were deciding about where they should hold the wedding, Sparrow suggested a hotel by the beach and by working as models for the bride and groom of a photo shoot, Kyouhei and Sunako managed to acquire the place. When all is set, Sparrow proposed to Auntie again and she finally said yes. On the day of the wedding, Auntie brought out the jewel and asked Sparrow to put it on on her. Unfortunately for Auntie, when Sparrow got hold of the jewel, he laughed an exposed his plan to get the jewellery from Auntie and escaped from the window into a boat waiting outside. Watching the whole incident unfolded in front of them, Sunako and Kyouhei transformed into a pirate and chased after Sparrow. They managed to catch after Sparrow's boat, jumped onto it and defeated the whole crew. Desperate, Sparrow told them he needed the jewel to protect his island. He was almost beaten to death by Sunako, when Auntie came and said it's enough. Auntie then threw away the jewel into the sea, and told Sparrow, whose real name is Takekichi to use his own body this time to find the jewel and protect his island. Takekichi jumped into the sea after being rejected by Auntie after he said if only he had met Auntie in a different way. Auntie got over the incident quickly and getting ready to find a new love, dragged away Sunako with her.

Just a random summary. Hope you'll enjoy it.

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 15

It has been a while since my last update. Hi everyone!
I'm starting to get busy and busy lately. Not that I have any schedule for anything I've been doing here. I started a marathon, watching The Big Bang Theory early last week. That was one funny show. You all should watch it. Sherlock is far better though. Not that I should compare them, lol.
Just sharing my favorite TV shows. Anyway, enjoy the chapter. Let's hope the scans will be done soon!

Monday, May 7, 2012

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 14

The last day of the holiday finally here! The couple had to go back to the palace, but not without some trouble for the day!! ^^
Enjoy the chapter!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Update! Version 2

When I read Ookami Heika no Hanayome chapter 12 on Batoto, I noticed 3 pages are kind of weird, I think I made a mistake with the page size, I'm not really sure, they were kinda blurry, so I fixed all 3 pages, and reuploaded the chapter into the download folder. Everyone who wants to have a nice collection, go ahead and download it again. Everyone who prefers to read online, I re-uploaded the new one on Batoto.
Sorry for the mistake.

While I'm here, I think I'll take this opportunity to explain about how this blog works. 

How to download the chapters? Well, I think if you are not illiterate, I think you can find the tabs above quite easily. Click on the tab, and you'll find the download link which will redirect you to my mediafire folder. That's all. Easy enough I think. That is, if you're willing the spend a few seconds of your precious time to navigate through the blog. 

My latest post on this blog after you get an update from Baka-updates, or LiveJournal, or Batoto or whatever will be about the releases. You can skip reading it, or you can go straight to the RELEASES tab on the left side of this blog. I believe my loyal and smart readers will find them without any problem. And even if you can't find the downloads, just drop a message somewhere. Someone will kindly tell you about it.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Work in progress... and updates


It quite windy overhere today.

A peek at the backstage. The raw, the photoshop and the Supernatural, lol! Doing some catching up on the old series! My friend was talking about her old favorite, then suddenly this show comes up and I remember I had this in my HD for years!

Okay, two releases today. 07-Ghost and Ookami Heika no Hanayome. Having dedicated editors sure is a blessing! Love you all gals! You can find them in the folders and they will be available on Batoto shortly.

Things are going great lately. I got the raw from Phya on the day it was out, usually, on 28th, and I can get the translation done and up on my blog within hours after it was out! I will send the raws to Phat and Demona first while I start translating the chappie. I think we're doing an efficient job here! Singinglupines and AM001 are great too! Yup, I'm happy enough at the moment. Let's just hope we can keep it this way! ♡

Kapitel 83. More questions need to be answered in this chapter. Who is the woman? Will Teito fight with Ouka? Can the devoured ghosts be retrieved? I read various speculations  about the woman, is he Teito's mother? The possible love triangle between the king of the two countries, whether Kuroyuri and Haruse will side with the three musketeers, and a lot more. You guys are so creative! I just have to hand it to you to predict what will happen next! Next chapter will be out around this time next month. Well, that is, if I can get the raw early, and if I have time to translate it immediately. Let's just hope.

Ookami Heika no Hanayome chapter 12. Heika is staying at Yuurin's house. A bit of Heika's past was revealed in this chapter. I won't say more, because what I'm thinking right now will be the spoilers for volume 5 or six. Like who was the previous king? Yes, I know who it was, I was just curious on how the throne landed on Heika! ♡ Supersleuth and Claire, thanks for staying with me!

Hmm, making a header is hard. I just can't get the colors right! Anybody can help me out there?

Bye, and, don't forget to read Kuroko no Basket! LOL

07-Ghost 83: gettingbusy
Ookami Heika no Hanayome 12: anotherone