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Monday, June 11, 2012

[SUMMARY] Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Chapter 123

The 123rd: Go with that, Mask Man!

Continuation from the last chapter, after receiving a full blast of Kyohei bright light, Sunako lived in fear in the mansion, fearing she'll meet the men. Apparently, she started to be overly conscious about the opposite gender. Fearing for her life, she decided to run away from home. AGAIN. Luckily for her, she met Rena-chan, her friend from volume 18 who works as a model and has to leave home for work. Rena-chan told her she can stay at her home while she was away if she can take care of her cat. Sunako happily agreed and just when she was about to start her wonderful life without the bright creatures, Kyohei found her using Ranmaru girl's network. Sunako refused to go back home, and since Kyohei couldn't go back either if he failed to drag Sunako home, he decided to stay at Rena-chan home together with Sunako. During his stay at the apartment, Kyohei found  Rena-chan skeleton-overall and since he didn't bring any change of clothes with him, he decided to wear it. Sunako, who fainted from nosebleed soon after Kyohei found her at the apartment excitedly hugged Kyohei who was sleeping in the overall when she woke up, without realizing who it was. She was totally freaked out when she found out that it was Kyohei, but when the hood of the skeleton-overall hides his face, Sunoko found out that she won't be having nosebleed if Kyohei stays that way so she made a rule saying if Kyohei wants to stay at the apartment, he has to wear the overall all the time. Although it was quite annoying for Kyohei to wear the it all the time, he found out that he didn't attract much attention as usual, so he happily stayed that way with Sunako. They were having fun everyday playing together until one day, when Kyohei fangirls found out he was staying at the apartment. The news spread, and the girls started to bang on the apartment door, asking him to come out. Sunako tried to stop them but failed. During the girls' 'attack', Kyohei's upper body was uncovered, and Sunako started having flashbacks abut the time he spent with Kyohei, acting as if she was living with a skeleton. The girls couldn't stand Kyohei's sexiness, and was forced to retreat. After they were all gone, Kyonei apologized to Sunako, but Sunako told him to go away, saying she doesn't want to stay together with him. After leaving the apartment, Kyohei became a homeless person. Soon after, news about a gorgeous homeless guy started appearing on the television,  surprising Sunako and the other 3 guys. After watching and hearing about the news, Sunako started to feel guilty and went to find him. Unfortunately for Sunako, Kyohei ignored her when she called out to him when she found him so she decided to take another approach. She found a live-band having a performance nearby, but because of her poor state, she couldn't get closer to the band. So she dressed up and wearing a kimono, she went on stage. She started to sing, ''Please come back" repeatedly, and after a while she was booed for her horrible singing. But, Kyohei heard her and when she found him, she immediately jumped onto him, hugging. She apologized, and said it was really fun to be with him so she asked him to come back. Kyohei agreed. When they were having their touching reunion, the girls nearby started to notice the gorgeous homeless guy and when they attacked him pulling off his clothes and revealing his body and face again, Sunako returned to normal and kicked Kyohei. Everything returned to how it was before.

End of volume 30. Check the twitter for some pictures and here is the link for HelloSugah's LJ. If you're lucky, you'll get to see some scans she shared on her journal!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Replica 2... It's a dark world! But don't worry, the light of Mikhael will illuminate your path!

DO NOT UPLOAD THE CHAPTER ANYWHERE ELSE! I've added Kapitel 84 to the 07-Ghost folder and I've decided to password-protected all files in the folder. You can find password for old releases in the translation posts. As for the new ones, from now on, you can check the recent posts, use the search box or just click on the password tag and I'm sure, if you're smart, you'll find it. This is Teito and Ouka btw ➔

When will the next chapter be out?... Information?

God gave us the ability to read, why won't you use it?

This post is dedicated to some clueless people out there about what the people behind the scene went through to give your favorite series dose.

1. Raws. Of course, the raws. You can start nothing if you don't have the raws. Where you can find the raws? Well, there are lots of sites but the raws for 07-Ghost and Ookami Heika no Hanayome here were provided by respective raw providers, and I believe I haven't erased links to the raws in some of the comment in this blog. You wan't it? Find it yourself. Raws for other series? Someone once said to me, if you know where to look, you'll find the raws in no time. She was right. So, the key here is, make an effort to find it yourself first and then bug other people if you still can't find it. Google really helped me a lot by the way. Utilize Google to the fullest! 

2. Cleaning. Do I need to explain this? Of course you'll have to clean the raws first, mainly erasing the original Japanese words before you can put the English translation on the it. Only idiots will think everything is automatically done. There are more that need to be done other than erasing the words, but I'll keep it simple here.

3. Translating. In 07-Ghost case, after I got the raws, I'll send them to my editors first, and then I will start on translating the chapter. I make sure the typesetters won't have to wait for me before they can get on their job. Is it hard? Hard is not the problem here. Time is. I don't need much time to get the translation done, but I do need time to sit down and get on with it. 

4. Proofreading. Wonderful people are behind me fixing the translations. Love them! Typesetters can continue their job without worries.

5. Typesetting. You got the cleans, you got the translations. You can start typeset. IE putting the words into the bubbles.

6. Quality Check. Check for fonts, color, size and some missing translations and misplacement. 

There you go. Now you get a glimpse of what happened behind the scene. Next, I want to talk about people. People. People. People. What do you think of scanlators? Some people or group who exist to bring your favorite series to you? Well, you got that 1/3 right. Well, for the other 2/3, scanlators are people, just like you. We have our own life going on, we have other hobbies we would like to spend our time on, and most importantly, we do no exist just to bring you the chapters! We certainly do not spend all our time editing the chapters. I think most of us here just started on the job when we feel like it. People, know this. WE are doing this out of fun. It is NOT our obligation to bring the chapter to you. 

This is a simple logic. You should be able to guess bits of it if you have a normally functional brain. However, when I visit some forums, namely mangafox forum, I was always left speechless about how ignorant some of the users are. 
"I wanna read the next chapter!" "I'm impatient!" "No updates for a million years!"
Seriously, I always wonder how old they are, the one who usually posted these kind of messages. I got mixed feeling when I read this kind of post. Pity, and annoyed. I pity them for their ignorance, and I'm annoyed on how they assumed they'll get the chapter whenever they want, or as if it's the reader who bring the chapters to them. I do not own the chapter myself. Oh, no wonder a lot of scanlators are pissed to some of the fans. Do not misunderstand me here. It's good to have some fellow fans to share the series with, we just don't like idiotic fan. Fanatic is okay. Think about what the idiotic here means. Well, with how you can easily get to read the manga out there, I guess you're so used to being a consumer that you think you'll get everything handed down to you on silver plates. It's the mangaka who created the series, we are just sharing some of our knowledges about the series with you. So be patient!

And finally, understanding and support. We'll get the work done faster if we are motivated enough to do it. And for that, you are priceless!

I usually write about when will the next chapter of 07-Ghost will be published in Japan in the translations I posted on this blog, so you can guess yourself about how long it will take for us to finish editing the chapter.