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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 86

A blast from past! Raphael and Mikhael and of course, the identity of the ghost from the last chapter! An exciting kapitel! I'll add some more pictures later but for now, enjoy the chapter and feel free to discuss about it!^^

Summary: Continuing from the last chapter, while the scientists in the main lab were in panic from all the explosions and fire, Ea revealed himself to Teito and Ouka. Ea, who turned out to be Karl, explained to Ouka about the origins of her soul. According to him, he put Princess Ouka's soul in the replica because he didn't have any choice at the time, for Ouka's original body was no longer available. After explaining about the soul to Ouka, Ea turned to the Emperor, Wolf to ask about the black shadow. Wolf then told him that the black shadow gave him the person he loved, Teito's mother, Mireia Klein. With a flashback, the story of Mireia, Krom and Wolf began. Mireia, a member of Barsburg family was born in an unfortunate environment, but nevertheless, Wolf loved her and wanted her to stay by his side. Unfortunately for him, Mireia's encounter with Krom, Teito's father left him with a broken heart. After he found out that Mireia was pregnant with a child, he wanted to wish her happiness, planning to send Mireia flowers to congratulate her. But, the appearance of a shady character changed the course of events, which led us to the present. To be continued in the next chapter. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

...Nothing much to say?

How's it going? SUMMER comes again this year! Not that I can make any plans this year...

Anyway, have you been waiting for these?
07-Ghost Kapitel 85, Ookami Heika no Hanayome Volume 03 EXTRA and Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 14 are now available in the download folders.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 85

Summary: This chapter started with the people in the lab in panic trying to find the missing Ouka. Then, Nanase came, and said he'll search for Ouka at the a lab where the emperor entered before. During that time, in the lab, Ouka was in shock to find out that she is a replica. Teito saved her from despair and finally, Ouka managed to break free from the brainwash. The emperor tried to kill her when she refused to do as he says. Ouka was being strangled by the emperor when Nanase came and stabbed him at the back. After Nanase stabbed the emperor, he tried to take Ouka away from there but Ouka refused, saying she'll make decision for herself from now on. Enraged, this time Nanase tried to kill Ouka, but Raphael emerged and killed him instead. On the other hand, after being stabbed by Nanase, the emperor still refused to die and was forced to deal with Teito. When Teito tried to approach him, suddenly, a black shadow came out from the emperor. A ghost appeared at the end of the chapter.


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