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Sunday, July 27, 2014

A new project? And another chapter?


Yuki Amemiya’s and Yukino Ichihara’s new series, “Battle Rabbits (?),” will be out September 27th! I am definitely interested in scanlating if we can get people together! (I used google translate to read this so hopefully I interpreted things right, haha.)

Chapter 24 is finally finished. Phew! It hasn't been as nicely proofread and we may rerelease it later, but I think it makes sense and is easy to understand.

EDIT: File updated on July 27th to fix errors on page 4. Thanks, MathiasonThe5th!

Friday, July 25, 2014

A return from the wilderness

Sorry for the delay! Finally back from a long camping vacation trip with minimal wifi and no computer. What a strange life. I did get to see some beautiful nature! We have a new translator who has joined our team, Yoite, welcome! Also Juzefa made a super cute Yuurin icon!

For those still waiting on chapter 24, thanks for being patient! One of our proofreaders moved and lost internet for awhile. We have not forgotten about it!

Also for those interested in looking ahead at the raws, both Crystale and Juzefa have worked on some summaries. They can be found at our tumblr.