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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Joining T&S facebook group

In order to join our FB group, first you must understand our group policy, that is DO NOT host our stuff on any mangareaders such as mangafox, mangareader, mangahere or similar sites, with the exception of BATOTO. That means, people who found our FB group through a link posted in mangafox forum, will find it hard to join T&S facebook group.

Next, when you have been approved to join the group, understand this:
EVERYTHING posted there stays there, unless the owner of the post says otherwise.
As for the the raws posted there, you absolutely and definitely are not allowed to take even one page from the album and post it on your blog, tumblr or similar blogging platform! 

Except for forums on mangafox, sharing links to our Facebook group is allowed, only if you add to your post about our policy there, that is, once again;

EVERYTHING posted inside T&S facebook group stays inside the group, unless the owner of the post says otherwise. Which means, you are not allowed to share anything outside!

Next, conditions to joining T&S FB group:
  1. Send a message through our contact form.
  2. Leave your FB account name/address and your blog names (blogspot, tumblr, LJ, wordpress) in your message.
  3. Only people who want to be active and able to do so may join. If you want to just be a ghost member, and too busy to spend time in the group, be happy to know that you'll be banned permanently after sometime. Regular membership check-up will be done and once you're removed, you'll be removed forever. 
T&S is content to have a small number of member for our FB group so don't force yourself to join just to get  the benefits such as having access early access to our raws, translations, active and resourceful discussion, and early release of the scanlations. Having a smaller numbers means it's easy to manage the group and also, it's easy for the editors and members to interact and know each other personally so if you're unwilling or reluctant to reveal yourself, PLEASE, refrain yourself from clickinjg on the join button.
This post is call MC&R post, so if you're asked where you read and found out about our FB group, just mention the name. Click here to go to T&S facebook.

Thank you for your understanding and sorry for all the inconveniences.

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