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Sunday, July 1, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 85

Summary: This chapter started with the people in the lab in panic trying to find the missing Ouka. Then, Nanase came, and said he'll search for Ouka at the a lab where the emperor entered before. During that time, in the lab, Ouka was in shock to find out that she is a replica. Teito saved her from despair and finally, Ouka managed to break free from the brainwash. The emperor tried to kill her when she refused to do as he says. Ouka was being strangled by the emperor when Nanase came and stabbed him at the back. After Nanase stabbed the emperor, he tried to take Ouka away from there but Ouka refused, saying she'll make decision for herself from now on. Enraged, this time Nanase tried to kill Ouka, but Raphael emerged and killed him instead. On the other hand, after being stabbed by Nanase, the emperor still refused to die and was forced to deal with Teito. When Teito tried to approach him, suddenly, a black shadow came out from the emperor. A ghost appeared at the end of the chapter.


Kapitel.85 「Replica 3」

Scientist: You still haven't found Ouka-sama!?

Subordinate: I'm really sorry! // The search is still ongoing at the moment!

Nanase: Did you search the OR-Lab?
Scientist: Chief Nanase! No...

Scientist: Since His Majesty the emperor entered it, // not one person has been allowed to go inside.

Nanase: ... I'll go.


Ouka: How... could it be...
Ouka: I'm a replica...!?

SFX: roar
Ouka: If I'm not Ouka...
Ouka: What am I then...!?


Teito: Ouka!!
Ouka: I... I am...

Ouka: I...
SFX: fwuush

Teito: !!

SFX: fwuush
Ouka: Aaa...
Ouka: Aa...


[is turning into a child...!!]
Ouka: Ah

SFX: drips
Doll: It's... time.

Doll: OR-0007, let's begin,
Doll: the maintenance at Papa's room.
Ouka: Ah

Doll: If you do so,
Doll: You can become 'Ouka-chan'...


Ouka: ......

Ouka: The princess... is dead.
Ouka: My name is OR-Seven...
Ouka: I... have always been a fake...

Teito: Like hell you're a fake!!
SFX: grabs


Teito: You, with body full of scars,
Teito: have worried and suffered a lot, and have lived earnestly in this world.

Teito: I'm sure you inherited the baton of life from the princess,
Teito: in order to break out from *here.

TN: 'here' here means the brainwashing.


Teito: If it's you, you can do it. // You're different from the other replicas.
Teito: Because you have the 「soul」.

Teito: I can see it.
Teito: Ouka's dignified heart, // the light,


Teito: Here... put your hand on here.

Doll: It's... time.

Teito: Ouka is perfectly here...


Ouka: Aaa... // I'm,
Ouka: being allowed to live...


[The soul is resounding all over my body]

[Telling me to accept myself as it is,]
[and no matter what I am,]
[I'm a precious existence living through this world earnestly-...]


Teito: Ouka.
Teito: Let's depart from here.

Ouka: Teito... // Thank you...!


SFX: lights

SFX: thud
SFX: thunk


Emperor: Gurgh... What was that light...!!

Emperor: Urgh...My head...

Teito: Emperor... // I'll have you open your eyes too...

SFX: throbs

Mikhael: Master!! You shouldn't move!!
Teito: Gargh
Mikhael: We have to repair the wound we got from Raphael a while ago...!!


Machine: Be-ep // Intruders detected.
Teito: !
Machine: Be-ep // Will remove them immediately.
SFX: bzzzz

Emperor: Die!!




Emperor: Ku...kuku
Emperor: Hahahaha!!

Emperor: This one is no longer usable.
Emperor: I'll insert the eye into a new dummy and finish it off...


SFX: grabs

Emperor: Wh...at?
Ouka: Somehow.. I feel like I'm being reborn... // There is no longer... fear.

Ouka: I won't do as you wish.


Emperor: What... did you say...!?

SFX: drops

Nanase: OR-0007 is my child.
Emperor: Gack
Nanase: I won't hand her over to anyone.

Emperor: Nana...se... // You... betrayed me...!!
SFX: pulls out


SFX: falls
Ouka: ...
Nanase: Thank god, you were fine...

Ouka: Doctor Nanase...

Nanase: Ouka-chan,
Nanase: Papa needs you.

SFX: clank
[OR-0007 who has completely become the princess trusts me,]
[and moves as I wish.]
Nanase: Since I've killed the emperor, we can't stay here anymore...


Nanase: Let the two of us go to the new laboratory.
[My brainwashing is perfect.]
Nanase: The preparation has already been done...

Ouka: I...
SFX: slaps

Ouka: I won't go anywhere.

Ouka: In my heart, there is light, // and belief.
Ouka: I've decided to walk through the path I choose myself.


Ouka: I'm no longer a puppet.

SFX: choke

Ouka: Garh
SFX: tightens
SFX: tightens
Nanase: ...It can't be... The brainwashing... is being... undone...? // Where is my 'OR-0007'? // Where is that child whom I've loved since she was a cell?

Nanase: Give her back!!
Nanase: Give my Ouka-chan back to...


SFX: pierce

SFX: slides
Nanase: ...!?

Nanase: Ou... Ouka-chan...?
SFX: roar
Raphael: Do not carelessly touch my master.


Rapahel: Good evening, Doctor Nanase.

Raphael: Without being given a soul,
Raphael: they were born as a toy to satisfy your curiosity. // The suffering of the ones being played with by you,

Raphael: Carefully listen to it.


[It's painful]
[I want to go back]
Nanase: Ha... haha
[I want to go back]
[I want to go back]

SFX: falls
SFX: gack
SFX: roar


SFX: roar

Ouka: I'll...
Ouka: return you all now...

Nanase: Ah...
Nanase: Aaa




Nanase: Aa...ah
Nanase: My children...!!


Nanase: My... Ha...haha // Ahahaha
Nanase: Ahahahaha!!

Nanase: A // ha
Nanase: ha
Nanase: Ha // ......
SFX: shoosh

Emperor: Haa
Emperor: Haa


Emperor: I can't...
Emperor: die here yet...

SFX: drops

Emperor: ...

Emperor: !!


Emperor: U...ah
SFX: tremble
SFX: tremble
Emperor: You...

Emperor: Are you going to kill me?
Emperor: Don't... don't come here!!

Teito: I... won't kill you.

Teito: You still have to atone yourself // to Ouka
Teito: and to the people who have become sacrifices to the dispute.

Emperor: ...!!


Emperor: Gaaarh!!
Emperor: Stop... stop it!!

Emperor: Stop // Don't point that light at me!!
SFX: oozes

Teito: !?

[What is that...? That black shadow is...]
Emperor: Argh...
SFX: fwoosh


Ghost: That shadow is // a mere shadow of my brethren's former self.
Ghost: Teito Klein.

[The one who appeared before Teito is 07-Ghost...?]

The next chapter will be out in Japan by July 28th.

So, what do you think of this chapter?
I looked up the previous chapters and wikia for information and pictures of every Ghost's scythe, but I still couldn't find the one that match the scythe from the picture here... At first I thought the Ghost here is Randkalt, but, Randkalt's scythe design is not like this one... Hmm... So confusing!

No FRAU in this chapter! So sad...
Oh well, he's probably smoking at the backstage waiting for his scene to come...

Anyway, thanks Phya for the raws! And don't worry about the delay! We all have our own priorities after all!!^^

PW: blackwings


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