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Friday, March 1, 2013

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 93

SPOILER ALERT! Since you click on this post, I don't think this is necessary but oh well... Summary of what happened in this chapter: 

Seems like the cage inside Teito is breaking. While holding Landkarte's heart inside his hands, Teito asked Frau if he can send Landkarte's back to the Chief of Heaven's side. Frau scolded him saying he's too easy. While talking about how Frau came out unscathed from Mikhael's attack before, Frau noticed the lights coming from Teito. After explaining to Frau that Mikhael is broken, Teito asked Frau to cut him with his scythe. Because he knew that he can't hold on any longer. Frau refused but to no avail. The seal was broken and at the end of the chapter, a faceless Verloren makes his debut...


SFX: ba-thump

Labrador: ...!!
Castor: !? What's wrong? Labrador?

Labrador: ...Teito-kun... is...

[What's happening to Teito...!?]


Kapitel.93: Release

[The *light,]
TN: hope


[embraced inside the heart一]


SFX: roaring sound

SFX: crack

SFX: BAM *falls*


SFX: bam bam

SFX: woosh


Teito: Frau... // So this guy was,

Teito: the main culprit...

Teito: And yet...
Teito: His body is so messed up like this, // and... there was nothing left except this.


Teito: If I crush him right here right now... // will he disappear?
Frau: ...Aah. // He'll turn into ash and will be finished. The same goes even if you leave him as he is right now.

Teito: ...That's true that I,
Teito: won't forgive him for what he has done. // I can't.

Teito: But... I want to bring him to where the Chief of Heaven is.


Teito: If he turns into ash and ends here,
Teito: even if everything is made like it never happened, nobody and nothing would be compensated.

Teito: If he could receive,
Teito: the chance to reform and atone for his sins from the Chief of Heaven...
Teito: If he can atone for his sins, // by becoming useful to people through devoting himself for decades, and centuries...

Teito: maybe his heart from when he was still honest that left here,
Teito: could received retribution.


Frau: Naive.

Feau: Give it to me. I'll make him into dust.
*Did you listen to what I said!?*
Teito: Wai-... Hold your horses! // He's my enemy! Do not treat him roughly!!

Frau: ...But, // Oh well...

Frau: I'm saved by that part you.


Teito: ......
Frau: ...Ah?

Teito: I'm glad... that you were fine.

Teito: That's right... Frau, how did you evade Mikhael's attack?
Frau: Aaa... This guy protected me.
Teito: The scythe!?


Frau: ...More importantly,
SFX: shines
Frau: You've been shining brightly for awhile now, what's going on?

Frau: Landkarte's darkness is getting erased rapidly with this light...

Frau: Along with this thing sticking to my body...


SFX: crack

Teito: ...As I though, it's no good...
Teito: Damn it... It comes too fast...
Teito: But,
Teito: I'm glad I made it on time...

Frau: ...!? Teito...

Teito: I'm sorry, I, // always get help from Frau...
SFX: crack crack crack
Teito: Will you help me for one last time?

Teito: Kill me.


Frau: ...!!?
SFX: thud
Frau: You... what are you joking about...

Teito: It broke...
Teito: The Eye of Mikhael.

Teito: Starting from that time,
Teito: this light has been coming from my body...
SFX: lights


Teito: You promised me right...?
Teito: When I feel like it's no good anymore,

Teito: you'll kill me along with Verloren's body using that scythe.

Teito: ...On my way here,
Teito: I've been reciting the sealing spell while running but, // it doesn't have any effect whatsoever.

Teito: I can no longer talk with Mikhael too...
SFX: bam
Teito: That's why, please,


Frau: Don't give up!!
Frau: Don't you have a spell to fix it or something you learned from your dad!?
Frau: Remember!!

SFX: drop

Teito: ...No, there's nothing...
Teito: Frau!! // There's no other way besides this...!!


Frau: ...uh // Oi!! Mikhael!!
Frau: Damn you, are you listening!?

Frau: Your master is in trouble you know!?
Frau: Come out!!!

SFX: burst
Frau: !!

Teito: ...Hurry!!
SFX: shining
Teito: You'll be drag into this as well!!


SFX: shines
Frau: Shit...!!


[My God died.]
[I won't trust such thing.]


["What kind of a person he was...? Frau's God..."]
["Thank you, Frau."]
["I'll believe in Frau."]
["If you want to eat my soul, help yourself."]
["I'll destroy that scythe and drag you back as many times as I need to!!!"]



[I won't let it end.]
[Both me and you.]

Frau: Damn brat.

Frau: I won't accept your baton of life.

[Please don't take it away from me anymore.]
Frau: I told you right?


Frau: I'll do something about it...


SFX: doom doom
People: !!?

SFX: zoom zoom zoom


SFX: zoom zoom
Kuroyuri: What's with this tremor!!?
Haruse: I can't get access with the outside.

SFX: clunk
Kuroyuri: Seems like this barrier also broke with the impact just now.

Castor: This wall?
Kuroyuri: !!
labrador: Yup. As fast as possible, toward the east.

SFX: whoosh whoosh
Kuroyuri: Hey you, don't get out as you please.
Kuroyuri: Wait!!

Labrador: You guys better hurry and get away from here as well.
Labrador: It's coming!


SFX: ba-doom

SFX: doom doom
Kuroyuri: !!? \\ Wh-... What's this!?

Soldier: Uwaaah!!
SFX: roar

Soldier: Do not get swallowed!!
Soldier: Help me!!


SFX: roar

SFX: roar


People: O... Oi...
People: What's that!?


SFX: roar


SFX: roar


SFX: roar
Labrador: A faceless Verloren!!

[So it isn't completely resurrected yet...]
[The soul which will become the core is absolutely necessary for the resurrection.]

[Teito-kun's soul is not devoured yet...!!]

[Will Teito be saved...!?]

To be continued next month.

This is one heartbreaking chapter for me! I almost cry when I was reading this kapitel! The strong bond between Teito and Frau! And the ending! What will happen next??

PW: egghunt


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