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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 86

A blast from past! Raphael and Mikhael and of course, the identity of the ghost from the last chapter! An exciting kapitel! I'll add some more pictures later but for now, enjoy the chapter and feel free to discuss about it!^^

Summary: Continuing from the last chapter, while the scientists in the main lab were in panic from all the explosions and fire, Ea revealed himself to Teito and Ouka. Ea, who turned out to be Karl, explained to Ouka about the origins of her soul. According to him, he put Princess Ouka's soul in the replica because he didn't have any choice at the time, for Ouka's original body was no longer available. After explaining about the soul to Ouka, Ea turned to the Emperor, Wolf to ask about the black shadow. Wolf then told him that the black shadow gave him the person he loved, Teito's mother, Mireia Klein. With a flashback, the story of Mireia, Krom and Wolf began. Mireia, a member of Barsburg family was born in an unfortunate environment, but nevertheless, Wolf loved her and wanted her to stay by his side. Unfortunately for him, Mireia's encounter with Krom, Teito's father left him with a broken heart. After he found out that Mireia was pregnant with a child, he wanted to wish her happiness, planning to send Mireia flowers to congratulate her. But, the appearance of a shady character changed the course of events, which led us to the present. To be continued in the next chapter. 


Tiashe: ...Dad, Tiashe,
Tiashe: couldn’t always greet Mom in the morning...

Krom: The hand... If you hold it like this, I'm sure,
Krom: Tiashe's feelings can be heard by Mom too.

Tiashe: ...!

Tiashe: Good Morning, Mother!
Tiashe: The sky is much more beautiful today!


Kapitel 86: Confession

Tiashe: And I'm sure it will be tomorrow too!
Tiashe: and day after tomorrow's tomorrow!

[Blue sky,]
[heavenly wind,]


[and clear days.]
Tiashe: and day after tomorrow's tomorrow!


SFX: whoosh
[Fire breaks out at OR-Lab!!]
[Will proceed to extinguish the fire immediately!!]

Scientist: Aa... aaa... // Our long time research is on fire...!!
SFX: fsshhh
Scientist: ...This time as well. // As I thought... I guess... it failed too...

Scientist: *To do something against God... There's no way it will go well...
TN: Clone technology

Scientist: Th-... That's right. // What about the Chief...?
Scientist: Fuhaha...

Scientist: Where is Chief Nanase...


Teito: ...That symbol...
Teito: You are Ea...!!


Ea: You did great, Teito Klein.
Ea: You successfully broke generations of brainwashing on Raphael. // You really do have "unpredictability and courage".

Teito: !
SFX: pwoosh

Ea: Oh well. // Even though I half-killed you when you tried to escape from Chairman's Miroku's estate,

Ea: and,
Ea: I was awed by you for surpassing your courage when you tried to bite me.

Teito: ...Ah?


Teito: Miroku's estate...? // Escape...?
Teito: Half-killed...you said? // ...Eh? // You...

Teito: .........

Teito: ...Karl?

Ea: I always protected you at the mansion. // Although, I was quite rough on you.
Ea: There was an urgent need to train you, who holds Pandora’s Box.


Ea: Perfectly, without being noticed by anyone.
Teito: ...... ......

Teito: W-W-Why didn't you tell me!!
Ea: The risk increases with you knowing.

Ea: Finally, the time comes.
Teito: ~~~~
Mikhael: Master, I wanted to destroy him once here but...

Mikhael: If you would be so gracious,
Mikhael: Could I have a moment to speak with him?

Ea: Here she comes.

Raphael: To jump into the fire himself // before I could tear his limbs apart...
Raphael: Doctor Nanase...
SFX: step step


Raphael: The compensation is far too lax for toying with my master.

Mikhael: Seriously, Raphael.
Mikhael: I was thinking of allowing him to taste live hell for his deed of toying with my master.

Raphael: Mikhael-sama, it has been awhile.
Raphael: I'm so happy to see you.

SFX: flick
Mikhael: It's not awhile!

Raphael: Hauu~


Mikhael: Geez, to be manipulated by that scum for more than 10 years, // I'm sure even the Chief of Heaven is sad as well.
Mikhael: You better thank my master for waking up yours.

Raphael: ...I'm very sorry.
SFX: tears tears
Raphael: I'm extremely grateful...

Mikhael: ...Stop crying.

Mikhael: And right. // Ea, you should have something to say to Raphael's master, Roseamanealle.
Ea: That's true.

Raphael: I understand. // Please wait for a moment...


Ouka: Ea... // You're are one of the legendary 7 gods right?
Ouka: You said you want to tell me something, what is it?

Ea: I bear the duty of assigning the destination of souls in this world.
Ea: Hear this, Roseamanealle.


Ea: It's true that your body,
Ea: is something that the scientists made...

Ea: But, // that nobility,
Ea: and your nature of charming the people,

Ea: Your soul is unmistakably that of the real princess.


Ea: For,
Ea: at that time when you died at 3 years old, I overwrote The Book of Hades.

Ea: You weren't someone who was supposed to die yet.

Ea: But, because the original vessel was lost,

Ea: I had no choice but to move your soul into the vessel that the scientists made.


[Although, because the scientists]
[thought that due to the eye’s power, you were moving like a puppet,]

[they couldn't explain]
[about how you sprout a self-consciousness.]


Teito: Thanks, Karl.
Teito: Seems like you protected Ouka too.

Ea: It's too early to say thanks. // We have to sever the source.
Ea: It is the black shadow, my brother, that I've been chasing after,
SFX: quietly

Ea: and at the same time, the one who is holding the key to your truth.
Teito: !
SFX: whoosh

Wolf: Uurgh...


Ea: Speak, emperor.
Ea: What did that black shadow bring you?

Wolf: Uurh... Black... shadow..?
Wolf: I... what did... // Right... That guy...

Wolf: He got it back for me... The one I loved...

Teito: The one you... loved...?

Wolf: ...-ia...


Emperor: Mireia Klein...

SFX: Fwoosh


Mireia: Oh my, Your Highness Wolf, how do you do?
Mireia: Guys, where are your greetings?
Children: How do you do!!

Wolf: Okay.
SFX: squeal
Children: Presents!! New notebooks!! // Amazing!! There is golden edge attached!!
SFX: yay yay

Mireia: Thank you for coming to visit this far orphanage.
Wolf: It's confining staying in the fortress year round after all.

Wolf: ...
SFX: pour...

Wolf: Mireia... // There's an orphanage near the royal house as well...
Wolf: Did you choose  this distant land to put some distance between us?


Mireia: No... // There are splendid facilities and enough people at the orphanage near the royal house, but, that was only part of it.
Mireia: It's because there are a lot of children that need help like this.

Wolf: How about this, you won't have to go through hardships if you stay by my side...

Mireia: Your Highness Wolf.
Mireia: I've declined your offer about that.

Mireiya: My feelings won't change no matter how many times you ask. // Please pour your love into this empire's future together with Her Majesty the Empress.

Wolf: ...

Children: Teacher! Teach us how to make a flower crown!!
Mireia: After this, okay.


Wolf: ... // There's a blue stain there. What is that?

Mireia: ...Ah, this is colored paint.

Mireia: The day before, when my hat was blown away by the wind near the riverside, // a kind person picked it up for me.

Mireia: That person was drawing something,

Mireia: and that's how the paint from his hand got onto it...

Wolf: ...I see. // I'll have a new one brought for you.


Mireia: No.
Mireia: I'm fine with this...

[What's with that smile?]
[I've never seen that kind of expression before...]

[Mireia is from Barsburg lineage, but because she's the daughter of mistress, she wasn't recognized as a blood relative, and had to live in an unfortunate environment.]
[However, I know she's hiding a more beautiful radiance than anyone else in the family.]


[Because I have had my eyes on her since she was young.]
[And yet,]
[why won't she become mine!?]
[There's not one thing that I wasn't able to obtain until now...!!]

[A painter you said!?]
[Absurd! Who is the bastard?]
[How about if I ban painting in this empire?]

[Hahaha! That's right!]
[Paintings! Let's burn them all!!]
SFX: roar

Krom: Wolf-dono, is there something wrong?
SFX: thump!


Krom: You don't seem well...
Wolf: K-K-Krom-dono, it's you. It was nothing.
[Shit... How careless of me. I was about to lose myself.]

Krom: By the way, about the discussion from before, I would like to take some of your time to talk about it... // Do you have any plans after this...
SFX: grind...
Wolf: I was caught by someone annoying...

[I don't want to talk to you who waive justice.]
[That was only a hypocrisy.]
SFX: clench
[Not to mention, I don't have time for that now!!]

Krom: Oh? Are you interested in paintings?

Krom: Seems like we get along well. To tell you the truth, me too, from when I was young...
SFX: whoa
[Seems like I'll never get along with you all my life!!]

Krom: I was so crazy about it even although I wasn't any good and got in over my head. // As a matter of fact, my painting was published in that magazine as well.


Krom: Ah, of course, this is a secret, and while using an alias, I secretly...
Attendant: I knew it though.

[A painting of blue sky...]
[The blue on Mireia's hat...]

[No...I can't be... right...]
Wolf: Why do you paint...?

Krom: Hmm... The reason...

Krom: At first, I did it because it was my duty to protect this beautiful scenery for the people, // as an admonition, I painted it but...
Krom: Instead, I was soothed by it.

Krom: By the infinite sky,
Krom: which envelops everything...


Krom: There is only happiness there.
Krom: No dispute, sorrow and not even status...

Wolf: ......

Wolf: ...Is it going to be published in the next edition? Your painting...
Krom: No... Because I can only pick up the brush once per half a year.
Wolf: I see...

[...What am I saying!?]

[This isn't time to talk about something worthless.]
*you dropped this*
[In the first place, I hate you.]
[Your words lack reality, with all that  consciences, impartiality,]


Krom: ...Wolf-dono // I'm glad I can talk about something other than politics with you.
Krom: The sky is great today.

[and happiness...]

[My wealth, political and military power,]
Krom: I feel like I want to paint...
[are far higher than yours...]
[But, even so...]

[Why do you,]
[Have something that I don't?]


Krom: Oh, isn't this *Kaiserin Dalia. Nice to see you.
Dalia: King Krom. How do you do?
TN: German for Empress

Dalia: Your speech today was wonderful too.
Krom: It's an honor to hear that.

Dalia: You seem to be having a great time, better than when you were talking with me.
Wolf: ...Is that so.

Dalia: ...I'll be heading to the R-7 floating island now.
[For me,]
Wolf: ...Is that so.


[What is happiness..?]

[Half year later, at Barsburg Empire, 1st District...]
People: Welcome to the International Peace Summit,
People: Raggs King...

Fea Kreuz: I told everything to that woman just now. // I asked her to withdraw...
Agath: And His Majesty...?
[That was...]
Fea Kreuz: He's planning to talk about everything from now on.

[Krom's attendants...]
Fea Kreuz: The Council of Elders' decision is right...
Fea Kreuz: We can't afford to leave any stain on our country's future after all.
[What are they talking about...?]


Fea Kreuz: When I think if His Majesty falls into a predicament because of her, // I can't help but to be on tenterhooks...
Agath: ...

Fea Kreuz: But...
Fea Kreuz: Agath-dono...

Fea Kreuz: I... was so happy that I could jump about it.

Fea Kreuz: 5 years has passed since he ascended the throne at a young age. // He worked himself to the bone for the sake of the country.
Fea Kreuz: To the point of making other people worry about it, // throwing away his selfishness...

Fea Kreuz: For that Majesty,
Fea Kreuz: for the first time, as a human, // to be so deeply in love with that woman...


Fea Kreuz: Despite all that, I... // can't even give him my blessing...

[Hmm... In the end, that guy is also the same as me.]
[Something we truly want is always out of reach.]

[Why did my chest hurt?]
[I hate that guy.]

[That's right... I'll go and see Mireia after the meeting is over.]
[It's a toast today.]





[...There was no space for me to enter between that guy and Mireia.]

[That guy easily gives Mireia the happiness she wants,]
[that I couldn't give to her...]


[...No. The truth is, I didn't know what happiness really is.]

[It was totally my defeat from the start.]


[One year later.]
Wolf: ...How is Mireia? // What is she doing in Raggs?
Servant: Erm...

Servant: Well... // Seems like, she gave birth to a child...
Servant: Your Highness... If you leave it as it is...

Wolf: What... A child...!?
Servant: Your Highness! Your clothes...
Wolf: Enough!! You're dismissed!!

Wolf: I see... // Hu...Huhu...

[It's not manly if I keep going on like this...]


Wolf: If I truly love her, // I should at least send her congratulatory flowers.
SFX: lift
SFX: clank
Wolf: Arrange...

Shadow: It's a shame. For a man who stands at the top of an empire,
Shadow: Are you going to just easily give up?
[The black shadow who sneak up on the young Wolf. What exactly happened in the past!?]

The next chapter will be out in Japan by August 28th. Let's hope that Phya and me will be free during that period!^^

Well well well!! What do you think about this chapter?? From the picture above, the 'black shadow' is clearly a person? 
After perfectly guessing about Ea's identity, anyone care to be who is this villain here? Is he Landkarte? Ayanami isn't working with Landkarte I think... Forgot about the detailds... And Wolf here is simply an idiot, he's not really a villain, so maybe we can pity him for a bit. Poor poor Wolf! Love the interaction between Krom and Wolf. Funny!! I want to know what actually happened in Raggs, and how Mireia fell into comatose, but, I think I'll be needing my trio fix soon!! Frau! Lab! Castor!! Where are you!!! And who wants more pics??

Password: code:imperial

And thanks Phya for pointing out my mistake! I just realized it was Fea talking with Agath! I didn't notice the Bishop attire he was wearing! >.<


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