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Thursday, August 30, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 87

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Kapitel 87: Millea Klein

[The man who called himself a warmonger said this to me.]

Black Shadow: Please start war with Raggs Kingdom.
Black Shadow: If you do so, I'm sure I can help to get your Millea back from Raggs Kingdom.

Wolfram: ...Do not look down on me. // Like I can do war with a country Millea is in...!!

Wolfram: Besides, I respect Raggs Kingdom's king... // If the one Millea chose is that guy...

Wolfram: If it's that guy, I can forgive it...!


Black Shadow: It's okay not to force yourself to forgive the King of Raggs.
Black Shadow: No... // Because it was him, for that reason, you're supposed to find it hard to forgive him.

[With a voice that sounded like it was pulling you into the abyss,]

Wolfram: ......

Black Shadow: He who has everything, he snatched away your sole happiness. // Is it okay for him to monopolize all of it by himself?
Black Shadow: If you are suffering right now, // you should make him suffer too...

[Together with fear,]

Black Shadow: Ha... Haha
SFX: ooze


[I recalled the peace that I've never felt before.]

Wolfram: Th-... That's right...
Wolfram: I agree!!

Black Shadow: Fufufu... Well then, leave everything to me...


[Mi-... Millea-sama!!]

Black Shadow: This is the deadly poison that I made. // With this, Millea will never wake up by King of Raggs' side again.


Wolfram: You son of a bitch!! Are you out of your mind!!
Black Shadow: Fufufu... Relax.

Black Shadow: I have the antidote here.

[It was like, as if the ugly part inside the heart was being tamed.]

Black Shadow: Even if it's impossible for King of Raggs,
Black Shadow: you are the only one who can save her.

[I became unable to go against that voice.]

Wolfram: ...Ha ...Haha... I see... Not bad!! // So I'm the only one who's holding the fate!!
Wolfram: Although it's too bad that I can't hear his grieving and moaning voice directly!!

Black Shadow: And next, let's have Antwort start the war.
Wolfram: Antwort...?


Black Shadow: With Empress Dalia now deceased, the Eye of Raphael was entrusted to Ouka-sama but, // it's doubtful whether she can bring out enough power to destroy Raggs with the quick tuning.
Black Shadow: In order to ensure the victory, there's a need to make Raggs fight other country to exhaust them.

[However, Antwort and Raggs entered a pact for ceasefire.]
[A princess from Antwort married King of Raggs, and a lot of tributes was sent by Raggs.]
[Even after that, Raggs managed to defend against any kind of war...]

Wolfram: Damn you... What a stubborn guy.
Black Shadow: I'm sure the King of Raggs is sufferring as much. // Unable to save his beloved one, plus the unwanted marriage...

Wolfram: Fu...Fufu. Suffer just like me!! // You better thoroughly feel it!!


[I painted it as an admonition...]
[Instead I was soothed by it.  By the infinite sky which envelops everything...]

[Before long, the sky on that guy's country direction was dyed red like it was burning.]

[The King of Raggs stole the Pandora Box!!]
[Raggs planned to destroy the world!!]
[Let's make it known to the world that our empire is the justice!!]

Wolfram: It's a great sky, Krom...
[And so, the war was started without having any trouble at all.]


[And, as for the warmonger, true to his promise...]
Wolfram: Millea!!

Black Shadow: Now that the  King of Raggs is dead, // Millea is forever yours.
Wolfram: Oo... Ooo...

Black Shadow: Your Majesty, please,
Black Shadow: Use the antidote after you've really thought it through.
SFX: fwish

Wolfram: ......

[However, even I've gotten Millea back, there was nothing I could do.]


[Once she opens her eyes, Millea will surely hate me.]
[Not to mention, I won't be able to hold on to Millea.]
[Because, she doesn't love me.]

[The days where I could only watch over her sleeping face.]

[Even so, thiswas my only...]

Wolfram: ...For me, // this is my only happiness...


Wolfram: It's a foolish happiness...


Wolfram: No wonder my wish to make the one I love happy,
Wolfram: could never be fulfilled, even once.
SFX: whrrr

Wolfram: At least, before I die, // I wanted to wake her up with this hands but...
Wolfram: I know now that even that is not allowed.


Wolfram: When the antidote fell into your hands...
SFX; roar
Teito: ...!!

SFX: woosh




SFX: rattle rattle

[I'm here with Dad today.]


Teito: Mom...

Teito: Mom...

Teito: I'm home...


Teito: Today...
Teito: My friends came...

Teito: I'll introduce... them to you after this...


Teito: That's why,
Teito: Mom...
[The sky is great today too!]


[I'm sure it will be tomorrow too!]
[and the day after tomorrow's tomorrow!]
[and the day after tomorrow's tomorrow's tomorrow!]

Millea: ... Tia... she...?
Millea: Are you... cry...ing...?


Millea: Oh my...
Millea: Before I... know it... // ...you've... grown up... this big...

Millea: You're... the spitting image... of Krom-sama...

Teito: ...sk


Teito: ...Mo...m
Teito: Mo...m...
Teito: ...Da...d... is no longer... No... // He'll be... happy... He has been waiting... for Mom... to wake up...

Teito: Dad...
Teito: Father...
Teito: Everyone.

Millea: Tia...she...
Millea: Mo...m... saw a long... dream...

Millea: When I climbed up... a long stairs...
Millea: At a beautiful flower garden...


Millea: There...
Millea: a lot of people... said goodbyes... to me...

Millea: Mark-san... // Karan-san...
[My, seems like I'll be dying soon. Everyone, please take care of yourself.]
[Millea-sama, it's the opposite.]
Millea: Agas-san and the other guys... Everyone...

Millea: And Krom-sama...


Millea: I heard... about you... too...
Millea: You've... endured it well... You did... great...

Millea: Tiashe...


Millea: You... live on...


[You should never let go,]
[The baton of life.]

[These hands...]

[Even now, I still can't say that they are big and strong but...]

[They're awkward and full of scars but...]


[I've grabbed on lots of things with these hands.]

[From now on too, I will never let them go,]

[The proof that I've lived, and the hope.]


Teito: ...Yes.

[Till the end...]

Wolfram: ......

SFX: slowly


Wolfram: ...!!!
Ouka: Please don't move.

Wolfram: Ouka...
Wolfram: Are you saving me...!? // Me...

Ouka: You still have something you must do.
Ouka: To Teito... and to Millea-san... // You should be able to do it now that the black shadow has disappeared...


Wolfram: The... atonement...
Wolfram: I... // have to atone myself... to you too...

Ouka: Once I've married, // and you were chased out from your emperor seat...
Ouka: You probably won't be able, // to put Millea-san who needs enormous cost of equipment by your side...

Ouka: ...That's why, // you tried to kill me... right...?
Ouka: ...But, for me,
Ouka: You are my only father.

Ouka: My important... // and beloved...
Ouka: Blood relative...


Wolfram: ...Ouka...
[What have I done...]
[For a long time, I've only been facing that black shadow.]
Wolfram: What a foolish person I am...

[Not only the retainers,]
Wolfram: Forgive me...
[I haven't even been looking at my daughter's honest face properly...]


Wolfram: What a precious thing I've lost...


SFX: Thud
SFX: Thud

Hyuuga: There's only one left to the key of the Pandora Box.
Hyuuga: And here's the problem. // Konatsu.

Hyuuga: Aya-tan, will he be all-bones once he has returned to his original body? // So, if he were to eat *katsudon, will it fall out from his jaw?
TN:  a popular Japanese food, a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, and condiments.
Konatsu: Please ask such things directly to Ayanami-sama himself...

Hyuuuga: If that's true, won't it be better for him to eat a lot now while he still have time? // Let's think about Walking While Eating Tour.

Hyuuga: ...And that is what I've been talking about, what do you think?
Ayanami: Go by yourself.
SFX: Thud


Hyuuga: Aya-tan, you, don't you have any regrets in your human life?

[One thing, it's the fact that you didn't improve.]
Hyuuga: Uwah, you're so cruel! Even though I've worked really hard!

Hyuuga: Improvement huh... // Oh well.
Hyuuga: I probably hate things called changes.

Ayanami: So you don't approve of me returning to be a death reaper?
Hyuuga: Non. // Even if you turned into bones, or skin, // Aya-tan is still Aya-tan so I don't really mind about it.

Soldier: Ayanami-sama, we extinguished the fire immediately but the Princess...
Hyuuga: I mean, you're already a death reaper enough right now right.
SFX: Thud


Hyuuga: What I want to remain unchanged is... // Konatsu's puppy-like behaviour,
Hyuuga: Kuro-san's blackness, // Haruse's naivety,
Hyuuga: or Katsuragi-san's housewife-like demeanor, something like that.

Ayanami: Enough with the idle chatter.

Hyuuga: Alrighty.
Hyuuga: It's probably because the Ghosts are inside the cage. // It's awfully quiet.


Scientist: Chief Ayanami.
SFX: thud
Scientist: You are not allowed to enter the room ahead without His Majesty's permission.

[The troubles still do not end... Ayanami's next move is?]

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