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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[SUMMARY] Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Chapter 124

The 124th: Takenaga's Way of Life

The chapter started with Takenaga being depressed and troubled after Hatsumode, the first shrine visit of New Year in Japan with Noi. During the date, they were getting all romantic, and were about to have their first kiss of the new year when a child suddenly broke Takenaga's concentration. He immediately stopped from what he was about to do which caused Noi to sulk and said that he lacked wildness. Noi ended up going home alone, leaving Takenaga confused. Back at home, the guys were doing calligraphy when Takenaga realized he had a perfect model to learn about wildness, Kyohei. Left with no other choice, Takenaga swallowed his pride and bowed  down to Kyohei and asked to teach about wildness to him. After teasing him and perfectly guessing the reason of his request, he agreed to help Takenaga. Ranmaru and Yuki tried to stop Takenaga from making the rash decision but to no avail. Kyohei then gave Takenaga his first task; buying a porn magazine. Takenaga went into the convenience store, getting all conscious and embarrassed, and after he bought the magazine, he spared no time to give it away to another customer lining behind him, and rushed out of the store. Of course, Kyohei was disappointed in him, and after making one or two insulting remarks, they moved up to another task. Witnessing someone being bullied, Takenaga was about to call the police when Kyohei told him to go and save the guy himself. When the bad guy was about to punch the weakling, Takenaga caught his arm, and started to lecture the badass about the law. In the end, Kyohei ended up fighting to save Takenaga when the bully turned to him to give him a taste of his fist. Finally, Takenaga gave up, realizing it was impossible for him to be like Kyohei. He was rolling on his bed thinking about his life when Kyohei turned up in his room and said they were going to a mountain to hunt for meat. The other guys and Sunako opposed to his decision to follow Kyohei into the mountain but he paid no heed to their warning. In the mountain, Takenaga witnessed Kyohei's wildness first hand. After running around non-stop, Kyohei took a rest and said he was hungry. He then told Takenaga to go and catch the fish with bare hands while he make the fire. When Takenaga commented about how hard it must be for him to make the fire, Kyohei made a cool face and said it was a trial he must face. After Takenaga left, he secretly brought out a lighter, smiling to himself. On the other hand, Takenaga was struggling with the nature, or in this case, with the fishes, trying to catch them. He ended up falling down the waterfall chasing after the fishes. However, he managed to return to where Kyohei was waiting with lots of fishes. Kyohei was surprised to see him return with torn clothes but refrained himself from asking what happened, afraid of Takenaga's answer. Takenaga also reluctant to confess about the fall, and only said that he understood a bit about wildness now. While waiting for Takenaga's return, apparently Kyohei showed a bit of kindness, preparing a hot bath for Takenaga to take. Takenaga said his gratitude, and went to soak into the hot water warming his body. After he was done with his bath, he went out to find Kyohei, and found out that he already ate all the fishes he caught. Kyohei smiled wickedly to him and said wildness means, only the strong ones win. Kyohei ended up flying being punched by Takenaga. For the first time in his life, Takenaga acted on his instinct alone and found out what wildness really was. After his return from the mountain, during a date with Noi, he showed Noi what he has learnt. He tried to cross the road when the light was read, and tried kiss Noi in the middle of the road, saying he was doing it because he wanted to. Noi ended up running away from him saying she hated that kind of Takenaga. Back at home, Kyohei was feeling good of himself, thinking he did a good deed.

A funny chapter!


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