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Thursday, August 9, 2012

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 17

I'm looking for editors; cleaners and typesetters for this series again, so if you have some free time, drop me a message here, or anywhere in this blog with your contact email and I'll get to you. Another translator would be great too. I have all the raws up to chapter 35, but unfortunately, I don't have enough time to work on, so if you have the ability, and dedication, do please, help me!

This chapter might me hard to understand without some pictures so scroll down the page to see them.

And I don't think I need to say this again, PLEASE, do not use the translations and scans here without permission! Thanks. And enjoy reading the translation. Feel free to tell me anything if you find any mistakes.^^


Roseki: Your Majesty! // How shall we serve you today?
Roseki: I'll prepare the beautiful dance princesses, and we can get ready for the banquet anytime-

Heika: I don't need it.
Heika: Didn't I tell you that I'll have my meal with the consort alone, Roseki.



SFX: bow
Roseki: Ye-Yes, of course.
Heika: After the meal, let the messenger through for the fixed report, and gather the official.
Heika: After that, decrease the number of the court ladies around me. // It's a nuisance.
Roseki: Yes.

SFX: thud thud

Heika: After I sent Elder home, the course of entertainment changed. // To hold a banquet from the morning...

Rijun: - // I think this can't be helped, considering how it was like in the imperial villa up until now. // Please wait and see.


[It was yesterday that Hakuyou Country's King and his consort // came to the Imperial Villa, which has the hot springs for recuperation.]

[I, Tei Yuurin, who finished hurdling through the continuous troubles on the first day,]

SFX: pout
Heika: What- // So you're still sulking, my consort.
[am angry.]

SFX: hmph
Yuurin: This is my natural face.

Heika: ...About last night,


Heika: I didn't think you would hate it so much.
Yuurin: Enough with that story.
Heika: Because your sleeping face was so cute.
Yuurin: I'll seriously get angry you know!?

Heika: Alright. // My consort's mad face is cute too.

Yuurin: ~
SFX: snap

[Damn him-!!!]
*smile smile smile*
SFX: work up
[Aren't you the one who said you were only sleeping beside-!!!]
*Do not say it in such a weird way-*


[-That's right. // This morning, when I opened my eyes, somehow, His Majesty was sleeping with me,]

SFX: absentminded
[and when I woke him up and questioned him,]

*Do you still remember how we ended up in the same room?*

Heika: At first, I was sleeping somewhere else but, // Yuurin, you woke up in the middle of the night,
*You're still drunk!?*
Heika: "Why aren't you sleeping on the bed!", you said... // You don't remember?

Yuurin: Did I say that...? I probably did. // I did want for His Majesty to rest properly...

SFX: ...!
Yuurin: .......I... Did I say something strange...
SFX: slump

Heika: Don't worry Yuurin. You fell asleep in no time. // I was tired so I slept well too.

[...Even though he was like that before...]
*I see... If that so, then it's fine I guess...*


[As soon as he became the Wolf King, THIS is what I got!!]
Yuurin: Aaaah!! Calm down me! That one is the real one! This one is an act!
SFX: smile

Yuurin: Not only I was dead drunk, exposing the disgraceful behaviour, it was so embarrassing I can't stand it anymore!
Yuurin: While on the other hand, he put on the cool face, and he even has some composure left to keep making jokes about the acting married couple!

[Arg!! So irritating!!]
Heika: Yuurin, she's so disturbed that she couldn't even keep her consort act... *Interesting...*

*Little girl...*


[In the first place, to sleep to-... together with an unmarried girl of age and you don't even change your expression...!]
*Don't you think it's rude!?*

SFX: clank
Heika: I'll be working for a while after this, so what are you going to do?
Heika: There will be the usual people with me. It's fine if you want to come with me...

[-He's going to work already...]
Yuurin: So he doesn't have any intention to rest...

Yuurin: ...I, // I'll go and enjoy the hot springs alone.


[I don't care about you anymore!! If you want to work that much, work as long as you want!]
Yuurin: I already got the imperial villa's map! // During this trip, I'll completely conquer all 16 baths! *It's great right!*
*snaps back*
Heika:  Ah. // Aaa.

Yuurin: I'll get the beauty and health all by myself!! *It's amazing right!*
Heika: *I see* Good Luck.

[This person, he doesn't even feel envious...!]
*I don't understand him..*
SFX: tremble tremble
[Addicted to the hot springs]
[Doesn’t care about it]

Heika: ...Well, you're right. // That should be okay.


Heika: Have fun.

Yuurin: Usually, it's not as if His Majesty, // likes working that much, right?
[That person, sometimes, // I don't get what he is thinking at all...]

Yuurin: *Hmm* The bathroom on the southeast was great. The flower petals floating, // and the scenery from the window was beautiful too...


[That's right, maybe, // he'll change his mind midway-]
Yuurin: Recommended baths-

Yuurin: Your Majesty, // I'm back-

Court lady: Your Majesty, // your haori*
TN: Japanese formal coat

Court Lady: I'll leave your drink here.


SFX: slides
Yuurin: -... // The court ladies are all beautiful...
Heika: - // For me, except for the consort, all of them look all the same.

Yuurin: Ooh-...
Heika: ?
*Eh? She's different from usual...*

[I see.]
[His Majesty, even if he is surrounded by beautiful women, he still makes that unconcerned face.]
Yuurin: That would be quite a picture!
Yuurin: I guess it's understandable that he won't be excited to be with someone like me. Hm~m.
*I see* *I see*


Heika: Flower bath? // You smell nice.
Yuurin: !
Heika: Like you are the flower.

Heika: It's great that you like the hot springs, // but I want you to pay attention to me too.

Yuurin: It's- // It's no use to stop me!
SFX: thwack

SFX: run
Yuurin: I'll master the Ways of Hot Springs!

[Being surrounded by those beauties,]
*She left me*


[and able to pull that kind of act,]
SFX: blush
[What the hell is he!!]

Heika: -Rijun. // Tell Roseki to change the court ladies.

Heika: Tell him to switch to those who'll work diligently. // I can't use people who's who are preoccupied with other matters.
*the stares were irritating*
Rijun: As you wish.

Heika: - 
Heika: Jeez.


Heika: What an unpleasant place.

Court ladies: How could it be! For us to be relieved from attending the room! // Why...!

Roseki: That must be because you've made some mistakes! // His Majesty seems very angry, you useless fools!! // Anyway, hurry and get me some new people! The ones that His Majesty seems to like...!!

Court Lady: Why? // My manners and conducts should have been perfect.
Court Lady: I can't accept this...
Court Lady: Even... // Even that kind of girl can be a consort-


Court Lady: -No. //  That's right. I'm sure that consort was the one who...

Yuurin: -Excuse me. // I want to go to the northeast bathing area today...
*Completely hooked *

Court ladies: .........

Court Ladies: -By all means. Please use the imperial villa as the consort wishes.


Yuurin: ? // They usually guide me...
*So I can just freely go?*
*Well, I do have the map*

Yuurin: Oh. // I want to go to the Bird River Palace, is the way over here-

[? Doesn't she hear me?]

*giggle giggle*

Court Lady: For *That to be the favorite consort,
Court Lady: I wonder what kind of dirty tricks she used.

Court Lady: At any rate, it's not like affections would last forever.


Yuurin: -...

[That was, // they were bad-mouthing the consort, ...right.]

Yuurin: ???
Yuurin: What...? Everyone just suddenly...?

*Is it okay for me to get in here?*

SFX: splosh

*I'll be intruding here.*
SFX: ignore
[Did I do something...?]

SFX: splash
*it's paradise*

SFX: relax


Yuurin: ...Everyone, they act like usual when there are other people around but, // they ignore me when I'm just by myself...

[Oh well, I'm not very much troubled. // ...It's not something worth mentioning, right...]

Heika: Yuurin, is your hot springs tour going well?

Yuurin: Of course! // It's like I'm getting younger day by day!
*Look here! It's late even though you regret it now!!

Heika: That sounds great.
Heika: It's a wonderful thing to have your loveliness to be polished.

*What the hell is this-*


[I unconsciously took a long bath when I thought that this is going to be the last one...]

[Hot Spring Tour... For me to come this far, I guess it's just an obstinacy now.]

[...His Majesty, he doesn't have any interest in the hot springs, // but he acts much sweeter than usual...]
Yuurin: To be frank, it was bad for my heart // to be with him all the time...

[...Oh well, // It is about that person who's so good at acting after all.]



[I'm sure there is no meaning to it.]
Yuurin: But, somehow my body feels tired...

*Clearly making a sour face*

Yuurin: I was caught by an annoying person...
Yuurin: Good evening, Ryuu Houen-dono.

Yuurin: How is work?
*A consort smile*
Houen: *Hmmph* We've finished the first part. // While you were enjoying the hot springs all by yourself.

[This guy really doesn't hide the facts that he doesn't like me.]
Houen: I heard that the trip this time starts from you... // Seriously, in the first place, you should care for His Majesty's well being!
Yuurin: !


[What the hell is with him! He doesn't even know my hardships!!

Yuurin: ~

[His Majesty doesn't rest. // I was ignored by the court ladies. // And even Ryuu Houen is sarcastic towards me.]
*I thought*
*It's about time she makes a comeback...*

Houen: -Hey?
Houen: What's wron-

SFX: stagger
[Would it be better if I didn't come to this place?]

Elder: If you said it,
Elder: His Majesty will probably go to the hot springs.

[I // don't know what His Majesty is thinking,]


[and I don't know what to do to make him happy.]

Heika: Yuurin.

Yuurin: ...!?
SFX: garh
Heika: Don't get up.

Yuurin: Wh-... // Eh!?
Heika: You fainted near a bath. // Houen brought you over to me.


[Near a bath... Aaah]
[What a shameful sight, again...!!]

Heika: Yuurin.
SFX: shudder

Heika: Why did you go to the hot springs without bringing anyone with you?

Yuurin: Ah... // Err..
*It's the Wolf King...*
Yuurin: I'm much more at ease... that way...
*he's mad*

Heika: -...


Heika: -Is that so.

Yuurin: -Ah
*Ah, right*

Yuurin: I went to all accessible hot springs.
Yuurin: I'll summarize them according to their speciality after this so please read it when you have time. *Because Your Majesty, you usually ignore me*

Yuurin: Because it really is such a waste! // Why do you so stubbornly hate it-
SFX: suddenly


Heika: Fu
Heika: Ahaha

Heika: Yuurin. // How much do you like hot springs!
Yuurin: Eh- // Eh?
*So funny-*


Heika: If you're fully enjoying it like that, // I guess it's worth coming here.

Yuurin: Your Majesty, // you didn't want to come here that much...?

Yuurin: I knew // that you weren't really up to it but...
[Even so, once we're here...]

Heika: ...You see, this imperial villa was // the previous king's favorite place.


Yuurin: ...The previous king...

Heika: *Yup* My brother, born from a different mother.

Heika: He ignored government affairs, indulged in drinks, food, and women... // The system here basically designed to please him.

Heika: I knew our taste doesn't match. // So I've avoided coming here because I hate to see such traces.

[It's a little bit // hard for him to talk about it.]

Heika: And once I'm here, it really is uncomfortable.
*That's why I unintentionally buried myself in work...*

Yuurin: - // I... such an unnecessary thing...
[Making such a face that I've never seen before.]


Heika: No, this is my own reason. // Yuurin doesn't have to worry about it.
*Please don't make that kind of face*

Heika: Furthermore,
Heika : If I'm with Yuurin, // I know it will be fun no matter where I go.

Heika: I'm glad // that I came.

[There's still,]


[something that I totally don't know.]
[About this person who makes various of faces.]

[If that so,]

[...Fighting with him, // making up,]

*even couples fight*
*is a trip's true charm*

*...you, can't possibly purposely anger me right?*


[It's fine even if it's just bit by bit.]


[I want to know you.]

Rijun: -Well then, // right.

[-But this hot springs trip, // is not ending here.]

Rijun: Consort's bullying... // This is a grave problem.

End of Chapter 17.


Hot Spring Arc
The story from that morning.

[In daze.]
[Chirp chirp]

[sleeping peacefully]
[chirp chirp]

[Heave-ho, up-down]
[throb throb]
Heika: Pfft

Yuurin: ......
*I won't wake up...*
Heika: How long will she continue doing it...
[feigning sleep]

End of Chapter 17

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