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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Frau cover!!!

Hi everyone! It's AM001 here and I bring you goods!!!
Guess what is today... yep, a new 07-Ghost cover release!

Yes, this time is FRAU!!! And he looks good too!

So for everyone who wants to see or buy the volume, you can go to HERE!! Its already out! Great thing to see before the exam fever XD I, for one, need things to cheer me up

Stay tuned for more news and upcoming chapters!

Kiss Kiss


  1. This is nothing!

    You NEED to see the limited edition Frau cover! NEED TO!!

    It's just absolutely GORGEOUS!!

  2. It's not available on amazon - for some reason the limited editions of 07-Ghost rarely ever are. I bought my LE 16 volume online elsewhere - and I can't WAIT to get my hands on it! 8D

    However, Hyuuya-san has the spoilers for the chapter out, along with images of the limited edition cover.

    Here's the link~

  3. Shipping is bound to be expensive, since Japan is literally overseas -
    however I've also heard that amazon is very expensive when it comes to
    shipping. Normally, if I'm in the market to buy a volume, depending on whether or not I'm energetic enough to use my Japanese to find it, the most it costs me is $15 (shipping included) for a normal edition of the volume. For the more rare, limited editions, it usually costs around $20-35 (including shipping) depending on what the extras/benefits are. Usually I import mine myself (lucky me who learned Japanese!) so I don't have to pay as much.

    However, mine also take a bit longer to arrive, since I usually do SAL shipping. (Well, I do like to save the money. lol)

    If you want and you're interested, I can try to get you a limited edition volume 16 of 07-Ghost? I've already ordered one for myself~ can't wait to import it! 8D

    If you are interested, just ask for my email and we can talk about it more.

  4. "it usually costs around $20-35 (including shipping) depending on what the extras/benefits are"

    Pfft, where's my brain today? Is the heat scrambling it?! Must be, because I seriously didn't double check this part before I posted it.

    Anyway, I forgot to add that these tend to be the prices a person pays when the order them for themselves (i.e. without help of an agent or website) but that isn't always the case. In fact, I once came across a limited edition that cost $45, excluding shipping and fees. Talk about expensive! Although that particular limited edition from the series came with a drama CD, a booklet, and a handbag along with the volume extras, so it wasn't too bad of a deal!

    Some people are willing to pay up to $55 and more just for a brand new, unopened limited edition volume with the benefits, excluding the shipping and fees. o.o'

    I, however, was very lucky this time. My limited edition volume 16 only cost me about $33, including shipping, so I'm pretty fortunate to have gotten a good deal. And then I realized I bought the last few on the website and the next day they were sold out...

    Well, limited editions do tend to sell very quickly...

  5. rose-razed@hotmail.com

    Sorry about the late reply!


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