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Saturday, June 1, 2013

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 96

I was delayed by a lot of things, but finally, it's done!
Enjoy the chapter!
Kapitel 95 will follow soon!
Look forward to it!^^


[Frau's feeling...]

[Farewell, my God.]


Kapitel 96: Baton


[You're always by my side,]
[during happy times一.]


SFX: roaring sound

[There's blood flowing out from,]
[Frau's door...!!]

Teito: FRAU!!

[What's happening,]
[up ahead!?]


SFX: roar

Frau: Magdalene... Because you covered me up...

Magdalene: Frau...
Magdalene: You... are the owner of a strong luck which make you definitely won't die...


Magdalene: Gido saw hope inside of you.
Magdalene: Fra-... -u...

Magdalene: You... keep... living...

Frau: GIDO!!




Frau: Is there... anyone alive...?
Frau: Answer me... Please, answer me...!!

Soldier: First fort!! Second fort...!!
SFX: clank
Soldier: Second control room...!!


Frau: Gido...!!
Frau: Answer me!!!

Frau: You damn fool!! // There's no meaning even if there was hope inside of me!!
Frau: I... // I, inside of you... Gido...

Frau: You ARE the hope for me!!


Frau: Aegis won't fall!!
SFX: roar
Frau: I won't let it fall!!
Frau: Isn't that right, Gido!!

SFX: fwoosh
Teuito: !

Soldier: Get ready for the second wave!!
Soldier: Captain!! If we keep going on like this, the refugee ship will cross over the national border!!
Captain: Doesn't matter! Focus the target on Aegis.

Landkarte: You,
[That's right... Frau was... by Landkarte here...
Landkarte: are endowed with a vessel which can accept huge power.


Landkarte: Do you want power?
[That scythe,]
[activates with despairs as its food...!!]
Landkarte: Power that will tear and devour everything to pieces.


Soldier: Wh-... What happened!?

Soldier: Due to the terrible noise, we can't get into contact with other ships!!
Soldier: Argh!! It's the second ship that was sunk this time!!

SFX: roar

Frau: Where?
Frau: Where is it??


SFX: roar
Frau: Whichever soul it is,
Frau: There's no hope in it!!


Teito: !!

[That is...]
[Verloren's hand...!!]


[It's trying to swallow him...!!]

Teito: FRAU!!


Teito: I have it!!
Teito: I have the hope that you gave me!!


Teito: In the future, you'll become a bishop,
Teito: you'll learn a lot,
Teito: and admonish a lot.

Teito: That hand which had protected a lot of things gave me hope!!

Teito: You won't let it end right!? // Both me, and you!!
Teito: And the feelings Gido entrusted to you!!


Teito: You're going to survive right? Frau!!

SFX: scream


SFX: roar

Teito: This is...


SFX: thud
SFX: thud

Frau: The news saying the air pirate was subjugated spread through the whole continent, but,
Frau: They didn't find the said decommissioned warship of Aegis.


Frau: The ship turned into dust from the bombardment,
Frau: the subjugation is just a fat lie,
Frau: the ship is still flying somewhere... there are various anecdotes about it but...

Frau: So, I made the scythe swallow it whole....

Teito: This ship is your place of memory with Gido... // So, it must lonely to say goodbye to it...

Frau: I couldn't accept the truth that Gido was dead...
Frau: I always thought... that he's alive somewhere.


Frau: I, // I don't remember anything when the scythe took over me...

Teito: I met Gido when I was small. // He's the previous Zehel.

Frau: ...Zehel...
Frau: Gido...?

Teito: After Frau had the scythe fixed it's target on you on the Aegis,
Teito: it came to attack me who had the Pandora's box sealed in...

Teito: That time, you lost your flesh on the Aegis, // but Gido who was about to return to the heaven came to stop Frau.


Teito: And, by giving you Zehel's power, // Frau became able to control the scythe.
Teito: ...Frau, you were being kept alive by Gido.


[You were,]
[my God up to the very end.]

Teito: Even so, how could something this big get in here?
Frau: There's no bottom to this guy's stomach.


SFX: whoosh

Frau: Bye. See you.


SFX: roar
Teito: !

Frau: ...Geez, coming here by breaking through the door...
Frau: After all I did to let you escape... // You damn brat.

Teito: I won't let you become Verloren.
Frau: The seal has been opened. There's no other way.


Teito: There is.
Teito: Believe me.

Teito: Fight with me.
Teito: Frau.


SFX: smirk

Frau: I'm quite a stubborn stud you know.



["一Think carefully when you use it. Because it devours the darkness, so you might be devoured as well."]

Hyuuga: ...Even though he said that, // that prophet,
SFX: clipk clipk

Hyuuga: So he was planning to save me from the beginning?

Hyuuga: This plant, seems like it also blew away the bug that infected me.
Hyuuga: Uwah, somehow it's really complicated... // And, even though my face itches I can't scratch it.


Ayanami: Your only good point is strong luck,
Ayanami: Hyuuga.

Doctor: ...Unfortunately, it's impossible.
Doctor: Even if it's us, // to bring back a human that's already dead is...

Konatsu: He's alive!!
Doctor: Huh?

Konatsu: I don't know why, // but he's still alive!!

SFX: thump thump
Doctor: Tr-... true! There's a pulse!!


Konatsu: Please, restore him to his original condition.
Konatsu: If you don't have enough parts, // please use my limbs.

Hyuuga: ...
SFX: rattle rattle

Hyuuga: ~
SFX: open close
SFX: realized
SFX: rattle
Konatsu: Major!? Do you want to say something!? // Ko-na-tsu's-limbs...

Hyuuga: "Konatsu's limbs are short, so please stop一"

Konatsu: So you really want to speed up your death that much huh, Major?
SFX: fast drawing
SGX: gyaa
Doctor: Is it life-extension!? Or euthanasia!? Which one!?


Konatsu: Please... Don't act like everything is fine...
Konatsu: Don't worry about me... // Please think about healing your body only, Major.
SFX: rustle

SFX: pat


Ayanami: Profe...
Ayanami: So you absorbed Hyuuga's darkness, // and converted it into life energy... You really are...

Hyuuga: I probably can't use black magic anymore... // By the way, Aya-tan, you weren't shaken at all when I was being killed.
Ayanami: Of course. Any objection?

Hyuuga: Nope. I felt relieved.
Hyuuga: It would be much more hurtful if, // I had caused you to give out an opening.

Ayanami: Fuh...
Ayanami: Just how much of a naive human you can be...
SFX: shoosh shoosh


Hyuuga: For the time being,
SFX: roar
Hyuuga: Congratulations, Aya-tan.

To be continued next month.

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