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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 13

I've finished editing chapter 10! Yippie~~ Thanks to Ba-banana for the raws!❤
However, I forgot to resize the scans, so you'll have to wait first... *mendokusai*
It's 40 pages, hmm, can I skip the step? Urgh... 
And I'll need a proofer, so if any of you can help, please drop me a message here.
Released chapter 10.
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Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 13


[ - Well, back to the story // The second day off from the consort part-time job]

Yuurin : Then, I'll be going now!

[Today, I made a request to His Majesty to split up]

SFX : dejected

Heika : -...

[Han Kouju; A 14 year old who loves to get anything new, rare and popular things.]


Yuurin : I'm sorry. I'll just be going to chat with my friends for a bit.
Yuurin : Meanwhile, Seishin will guide you around the town!

[Yuurin's little brother, Tei Seishin]

Heika : *For the time being* Be careful about what you talk about the royal palace okay...
Yuurin : Of course!
[I got countless reminder from Rijun-san about that!]

[I'm sorry // Your Majesty.]

[I just really don't want to bring you here...]

[The place I'll be going now is a restaurant where a lot of my friends are there...]

Yuurin : Hi guys
Waitress : Oh // Yuurin

People : Yuurin-chan, it has been a while!
People : Oo
People : Woah, are you doing fine?


Meigyoku : Yuurin!?

Yuurin : Meigyoku!

Meigyoku : *Welcome back!* You haven't been home for quite some time already, I was worried about you!?
*It's all because you doing a live-in part-time job*

Meigyoku : Ah // More importantly
Meigyoku : "Returned home with a guy! Marriage around the corner!?" // Is that true!?
People : Really!?
People : Amazing
People : You're giving up late marriage!?

People : Congrats
People : That Yuurin!?
People : She did it

Yuurin : Of course it's just a rumor!!?

[The downtown information network is fast.]


[A day when I bring a guy to this place // will be a good conversation topic...]
Customer : So it really was a rumor

Yuurin : All of them are good people though-...

Meigyoku : Just a superior, that's no fun-
Meigyoku : Since you got the chance working at the royal palace, // I was expecting a story like,  marrying into money!

Yuurin : No... No way // I was only cleaning around the corner of the palace's corner

*That's so like you who love doing housework*

[Of course // it won't cross your mind that I was working as a temporary bride right]

[- Of that]


["cruel and ruthless Wolf King"]

Yuurin : Well // It's better than you being deceived by bad guys]
SFX : throb
Yuurin : !

Meigyoku : Everyone has been saying that
Meigyoku : Because, Yuurin, you're not really used to man // You seem like you'll easily fall for sweet  words

[You're cute // My- ]
Yuurin : Of-
Yuurin : Of course there's no such a thing!
SFX : blush

[No! // It's not like I'm being deceived]
Meigyoku : If you still don't have a lover // I guess Kigaku-san can relax a bit


Yuurin : ? // Why would you bring up Kigaku there?
SFX : grin grin
Meigyoku : Eh? Well // That's because, when you weren't here, he always worry about asking, "So there's no news?", you know?

Yuurin : That's because he!
Yuurin : Is a moneylender who won't let his victim escape!
*That damn brute*

*You're such a stubborn girl*
Yuurin : Geez, you always want to connect everything to love story...
*There's nothing I can do with you*

[I wonder if His Majesty is okay // I made him look quite lonely...]
Yuurin : Aah-...


Seishin : It's a pinch...
Seishin : What should I do, *Nee-san
TN : big sister

Guy 01 : Hey you, what have you done!
Heika : What... you ask, you stumbled because you're drunk right? *Are you okay?*

Heika : Stop harassing the shop's girl // Isn't it better if you go home and sleep?
SFX : buzz buzz

SFX : smile
Guy 01 : Do not lie to me, you trip my foot


Seishin : Jeez // And Nee-san told me not to cause any troubles
*I'll leave it to you 'kay*

Kigaku : - Hey

Kigaku : What are you doing // You're being noisy

Guy 01 : What, do not get in my wa-
Guy 02 : - ! // Leave it, it's Kigaku
SFX : whisper


Guy : Shit

Heika : *They went away* You're well known

Kigaku : *Hmph* With the new king on the throne, the people increase and because of that,  // a lot of people trolling into my territory, it's troubling
SFX : stare

SFX : smile
Heika : - Hmmm // That's dangerous

Kigaku : - // Hey, Seishin

Kigaku :  In the end, did he stay over at your house?
Seishin : Ye- // Yes


Kigaku : You, get lost once you have finished your business
Kigaku : If you need it, I can introduce you to a high-class inn?

Heika : Umm
*An inn huh*
Heika : I don't want to miss the chance // to eat Yuurin's home-made dishes

SFX : irritated

SFX : thump

Kigaku : I don't know if you're a a palace government officer or what, but
Kigaku : You should at least pick a woman in your own territory


Kigaku : For a guy who has money and status // There's no need to make a pass to that woman right

Heika : *Ahaha* Before you put a check on me // you can just stop bullying Yuurin, you know
Kigaku : *What!?* I only told the truth all times

Kigaku : - Even now // I'm just giving you a kind advice, got it?

Kigaku : You and that girl // are not suitable for each other


Kigaku : If you don't mind, I can make you understand though
Seishin : Excuse me // - Is my sister here?

Yuurin : Seishin, what's up?
Seishin : Just come with me

Yuurin : - Sorry // See you, Meigyoku!
Meigyoku : Okay


Seishin : - Rishou-san and Kigaku-san got into a fight, and // it got out of my control...
SFX : tap tap tap running

Yuurin : Kigaku!?

[That idiot moneylender!!]

Yuurin : What is he doing!

[Even though His Majesty in disguise,]
Yuurin : ~He's not someone whom a thug can pick a fight with! // Aah, give me a break


[I shouldn't have split up from His Majesty - ]

[- Anyway]

SFX : chatter
Kigaku : It means her brain is unbelievably simple
Heika : I see, I see

[ - ?]
[They're in the middle of talking...?]

Kigaku : In addition, her daily conversation is // about menu for the day and his brother's study! *Is she a housewife rearing a child!*
Heika : Ooh~
Kigaku : Not to mention, she's always yelling and running around
Heika : Ah, I know that!
[ - They're joining forces speaking ill...]


[Of me!!]
Yuurin : Why
Kigaku : That woman, she even go to his brother's school to check on him!
Heika : Ooo~
Kigaku : She has always been so noisy since she was a child...
Heika : Ooh-

Kigaku : Plus, sometimes she'll make a strange face and get mad!
*How about this!*

SFX : brightens
Heika : Yes, that's really cute right
Kigaku : How come!

SFX : snap

Yuurin : What the hell-!!
Heika : Wah // Yuurin!


Yuurin : What!? What the hell are you guys-
Seishin : Nee-san, you're bothering the shop...!

Kigaku : *Tsk* I'll get no where talking to you! // That guy's taste is too weird!!
*What's cute with that face*

Yuurin : Shut up!

Yuurin : - Kigaku // If you bother my guest any further than this
Yuurin : I'll get angry for real

Heika : -...

Underling : - Looks like Yuurin is doing great right, Aniki


Kigaku : - Go to anyone who seems to know well about Yuurin's part-time job and ask them about it
Underling : Eh?
Underling : Yes...

Kigaku : - Is that a normal government officer? // Something is not right...

Yuurin : The two of you, bad mouthing someone behind her back // You're the worst!!
Heika : No... // I was complimenting...
Yuurin : Enough

Yuurin : I got it now, how you usually see me!
Heika : -

Yuurin : What's with "the strange face is cute" etc

[Are you making fun of me!]
*The brother who's keeping a distance and walk ahead because the of the bad situation*


Heika : Kigaku-kun was it // It was really fun, I can hear a lot about Yuurin
Yuurin : Please forget them all!!
*such a thing*

Heika : - A close childhood friend... I guess

[I have enough, I'm always, always // being twisted around by this person's words - ]
Heika : Yuurin


Heika : As I thought, it's no good to split up
Heika : I don't have enough of you


Heika : I want to know more about you too...

Heika : ...and I want to talk more with you


Yuurin : - Wh- // Wh-

Seishin : Nee-san // It be dark soon if you do not hurry-?
Yuurin : I'm coming right now

SFX : glare
SFX : smile
Heika : - // Let's hurry



Yuurin : Please take a break while you're on holiday
Heika : ? // I am
Yuurin : He doesn't get it

[I absolutely]

[am not deceived by a bad guy]
Yuurin : .........


Yuurin : That was the Wolf King's limited joke! // He's just teasing and playing around with me!
*Damn it*
Yuurin : I will definitely won't believe it...!!

Underling : Hey // Are you really going to do it?
Underling : You also heard it right?
Underling : Can't be helped

Underling : This is all // for Yuurin's sake

This is the last official chapter in volume 3! There's a special arc in this volume, which is very funny! I'll be translating that too, soon... maybe? LOL
No raws for volume 4 yet, but I'll be translating those two, so look forward for them!^^


  1. I am soooo thankful for you, the translations is great enough, but the scanlations too is just too awesome! Love it! Love the chapter! I bet the King was happy to hear about Yuurin but sad at the same time that he couldn't have more time with her. If only she'd realize he's being serious!
    Erm, sorry 'bout the anonymous part. Don't even know what half of those profiles are and the rest I don't have an account. But I root for you! Really!

  2. Thank you thank you ^^


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