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Monday, August 26, 2013

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 98

I haven't abandoned any of my project yet! >.<


[Finally, is it time for revival...!?]

Kapitel 98: The form of love

SFX: roar

[Wherever you are, I will definitely find you.]

[The only fragment,]

[that had failed to come to me.]


SFX: roar


SFX: roar

Profe: Verloren's face...!!

Labrador: !?
SFX: light

SFX: slide slip slip
Soldier: Uwaaah!!

Soldier: !?

Soldier: Wh-... What the hell with this light...!?
SFX: slide
Soldier: He-... Hey!! The black thing is drawing back!!


Maid: Ouka-sama!! You cannot move with that kind of body!!
Ouka: If I don't stop it there, who will do it then!!

Ouka: !?

People: This is...


SFX: roar

Ghost: It's responding to the lights grasped by Verloren...!?

Ghost: What exactly that light is...?



Verloren: Eve...
Verloren: ...Why... are you here...?
SFX: appears

Eve: I was here ever since I fell from the heaven.
Eve: All these lights are me.


Eve: I was spread all around this world since I fell.


Eve: I melted into all humans and became a form of love.
Eve: Like what you've said once to me, I became something that's not visible in the eyes.

Eve: So that I would always know, wherever you are... // Wishing for that...

[From now on, calamity will fall upon all humans in this human world however,]
[I'll protect all precious things in this world一...]


Eve: Father told me that love doesn't exist inside you but,
Eve: you learned it by yourself, // and sprouted love.

Eve: However, because you're a reaper,
Even: even love, by your flawlessness,

[will unfortunately find its end.]


Eve: However, during your repeated reincarnation in human world, // changes started to occur in that logic of yours.

Eve: I have seen everything,
Eve: from the conscience of humans from all over the world.
Eve: About you this time which were born as the 3rd prince of Raggs Kindom.
Eve: and about how you find tranquility in your life there.


[My emotion was so quiet like there's a membrane wrapping it.]


[Conversely, it was a situation where the emotion was under restrain.]

[I couldn't understand what this feeling was.]

[Ever since I don't know when, I was always thinking about how to acquire this specific soul一...]


[And then,]

[How could it be for mother to jump from the tower!!]

[There's no way mother would do that!]
[Exactly, who was it who did this to Mother...!!]

[By killing, I made it eternal within me.]

[Tighten the security within the castle!!]

[This is what I've been searching for.]

[Krom, Kroits, Krowell.]
[Do not move around all by yourself.]

Eve: You, who can't escape from the curse for a thousand year, // welcomed a tragic end no matter how may times you were reincarnated.


Eve: However, when you were 14 years old, // you attended the coronation ceremony of Empress Dalia who held the Eye of Raphael,
Eve: and there, coincidentally, Verloren's memory was released and you were awaken...

[There's a mysterious seal put on you...]
[It must be quite painful for you to be like that.]
[I'll release it for you.]

Eve: Because Dalia-san was brainwashed for military purposes, // she couldn't recognize that your seal is something that can't be released.


Eve: Due to the seal released, you regained your memory when you were Verloren, // and became a Warsfile.

Even: In order to let you live, your father fabricated your execution,
Eve: and exiled you to the empire.

Eve: together with an aide called Yukikaze.

Even: Then, the emperor fell in love at first sight on your power, and use you as military force, // and eventually, the Raggs War began...


[You who were ousted of Raggs Kingdom,]

[while searching for Pandora's box for revival,]

[thinking it was an opportunity,]

[there, you make souls that you failed to grab eternal.]

[and once again, the turning point arrived一...]



Eve: You were struck by Yukikaze's love who threw his own life away to save you...
Eve: Therefore, you realized,

Eve: You way of love up till now, // just the same as this, nothing changed with that fact that you'll lose something.


Eve: After that, using Vertrag's power,
Eve: you, who turned the souls you obtained into halves,

Eve: didn't take away and make the souls you wanted eternal, // instead you keep all those by your side.

Eve: Gazing at that light,
Eve: and being attracted to it,

Eve: You didn't kill, but you started to protect them from being killed.


Eve: That's right, //see?  you also have something important you're supposed to protect.

[As long as you're in this world,]

[what you, who are invisible to naked eyes see,]

Ayanami: ...You, // the same as usual, quite talkative...


Eve: ...Because, you're already,
Eve: about to make your journey after all...

[It's a sign that,]
SFX: bzzz一...

[the day for me to be gone from this world has come.]

Verloren: For a reaper to be cut by his own scythe, // means death.
Verloren: It's time...
SFX: ssssh


[I have to go.]

[it's not even hell.]
[To the world of 'nothingness' where not even that is allowed.]
SFX: crumble crumble

Eve: No, I won't let you turn into dust.
SFX: grab
Eve: believe, that love has sprouted... // within you...



Ayanami: What are you planning... Teito Klein?


Teito: ...Someone like you,
Teito: even if I don't have a reason to save you...

Teito: I wonder why... I can't just cast you away...

Ayanami: ......


Teito: I still have a lot, // that I want to say to you,
Teito: and want you to listen.
SFX: roar

[This smell...]
[Chief Ayanami's-...]

Ayanami: What a fool you are, Teito Klein. Let go of my hand.

[I have countless substitute for a guard but,]
[I don't have replacement for you, my excellent subordinate.]


Teito: Even though I hate you this much... // just because you're my only family left...
Teito: ...I never thought that I would hate to lose you just because of that reason.

SFX: blop

Teito: !!
SFX: sip sip
[This one is someone who is to return to nothing. Let go of your hand.]


Teito: Wait!!
Teito: I have business with this guy!!

SFX: drag drag drag
SFX: shaky
Teito: Urgh
[If you get in my way, I'll just drag you along with me.]

SFX: slash


SFX: woosh

Ayanami: You're far too lenient, Teito Klein.


SFX: slump


Teito: Ayanami!!


SX: flap flap

Ayanami: !


SFX: whoosh

Ayanami: Oh my Creator...


Eve: I'm sure because love guided you toward the right deed, // that you're able to help.

[it really is like that,:]
[it's you who have guided me toward something called love.]


[have always anxiously awaited you, coming to visit me.]
[On the snowy days where the snow falls and piles up without any sound,]
[and on breezy spring days where the beautiful flowers start budding,]

[and on summer days where lives bloom in fullness,]
[and on autumn days where the lives withered away,]
[and even on the day when you lost you life.]


[about you, have always一...]

[The time where he knows love... Next, the touching last chapter!!]

Seems like, this series will end in the next chapter! 
And I'm looking for translating related part time job atm! So if you have any, feel free to contact me!


  1. OMG next will be the last one? :'( I've been reading this manga ever since i was a little kid and now it ends... :( Feels like my childhood is about to end and disappear too.

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    Can I ask about aomething? Is there a Chance, that you will translate Makai Ouji?

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    But it feels like 07 ghost is ending too soon :( I feel like there should be more than just one chapter left...

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