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Monday, April 28, 2014

April showers bring May flowers!

And Volume 6 begins! Thanks to everyone's hard work, here's Chapter 25 of Ookami Heika!

Due to a delay in translating, we're skipping chapter 24 for now (we will finish it later). You can find a LQ scanlation elsewhere.

I'm packing up from the Czech Republic and flying back to the US in mid-May. My teaching adventure has come to an end and who knows what's next.

EDIT: Fixed a mistake so a new version is up (28/4/14)

PW: mayflowers

Enjoy! Thank you for all your comments, it means a lot to know what we're doing is appreciated!


  1. What happened to chapter 24 or is there a numbering typo?
    Thank you for the translation of this great manga.

  2. Thank you!!! You made my sunny day! =D I'm so grateful for getting to read OHNH. Have a nice trip back to US, hope everything will be fine.

  3. Thank you so much for working on this manga!

  4. Thank you so much.

  5. As stated in the post, there's a delay in the translating. Since there's another scanlation out for 24, we figured we'd release this one and let people decide if they want to wait for our 24.

  6. thanks! much appreciated ^_^
    but i do hope that the next release is faster!! (i dont mean that in a rude way please~)
    if it's not too much trouble, can you tell me the approximate date of ur next release related to this series? *_*
    i mean i just want to know if the next release will be quick or not!

  7. Not sure. I want to give us a bit of a cushion so we can do biweekly/monthly releases. We will definitely release within a month though! I'm thinking around mid-May.

  8. i see thank you!!!
    thats just what i wanted to hear!!!
    ofcourse i know that this take time and effort so i dont expect there to be a release in a day or too ^_^
    i just wanted to know if it will be regular release ^_^
    thank you so much for all your hard work ^_^


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