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Monday, March 16, 2015


Volume 12 is published! If you want to support the mangaka, buying the volumes is an excellent way. We have almost everything through volume 11 scanned, phew.

This chapter was a bit of a mad dash due to some unforeseen circumstances so thanks to the typesetters for hurrying with their time!

UPDATE: 3/16 Some errors have been corrected, please re-download :)
UPDATE: 3/21 More errors fixed *facepalm*
UPDATE: 3/31 Duplicate page 22 fixed.
Chapter 36:
PW: crocuses
For all the pretty weather and ones that have started blooming by me!


  1. Thank you so much for all the hard work.

  2. Thank you---- -does a happy dance after reading-

  3. I do many happy dances with this manga :D

  4. Tell me about it! It's either a happy dance, a fangirl scream, or both!

  5. Just want to say that I just downloaded the latest version of Chapter 36 and page 22 is the same as page 20. The 2 pages also repeat on Batoto.

  6. ack, thank you. it's been fixed.

  7. Hey, instead of waiting for the books you can always go here (www.17kk.cc/ intro/ 17787.htm) for the raw scans. There pretty good quality.

  8. Hi, thanks for the tip! We actually have everything through vol 12 (ch 65) scanned.


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