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Sunday, April 29, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 83

The new semester is here... I couldn't get much work done. I was planning to summarize my favorite light novels but, but... T.T


Kapitel 83 Replica

[Damn you...]
[What's with this situation...]

[Ouka's assassination is a failure...!!]

Servant: Your Majesty.

Servant: That person's condition has worsened.
Emperor: !

Emperor: I'll go right away.

[The sudden notice...]


SFX: bathump bathump bathump

[...-This place is...]

[That's right.]
[My core was... by Ayanami...]

Castor: Urgh...

Labrador: ...stor.


Labrador: Castor! Hang in there!!

Castor: ...Labrador! // ...Could it be that you were devoured by Ayanami as well?
Castor: This place is inside Ayanami's stomach...?

Labrador: Castor, we haven't been eaten yet.
Labrador: This place is better than his belly, but the situation isn't that great I guess.

Kuroyuri: Saying here is better than Ayanami-sama's stomach and such,
Kuroyuri: Cease the idle talk!


Katsuragi: How's the comfort?
Is it comfortable?
Katsuragi: It’s Ayanami-sama’s special prison exclusively for the Ghosts.

Castor: Prison ...?
*Here, your glasses*
Castor: Aren't I.., supposed to have been absorbed by Ayanami already...

Castor: We’ve probably...been spitted out.

Castor: ...!


Castor: ...Which means, our guess wasn't wrong.

Labrador: In order to accept immense power, an equally powerful vessel is imperative.

Labrador: Ayanami has already absorbed Vertrag, Relikt and half of Castor's ability, but // his current vessel is that of a human... A considerable load should be burdening him right now.

Castor: Because he is not in a state where his power is being sealed like Teito-kun. // Even if he absorbs the power from all seven of us, if he doesn't have strength equal to Verloren's real body, there's a possibility that his body won't be able to endure the intensity and break down...
Labrador: You're right.

Castor: ...If that so, don't we also have means to make Ayanami self-destruct by purposely letting him absorb us...
Labrador: Ah, Castor is thinking about something very dangerous right now
*Stop it*
Frau: Do not run wild all by yourself okay, you damn glasses.


Castor: So, when he tried to absorb the remaining half of me, he reached his limit and spit us out, right? // It was a chance to make him self-destruct. What a regrettable thing we did.
Labrador: It's a blessing in disguise. *To be able to spit us out*
*He only hurt, right?*

Labrador: ...
Labrador: I want him to somehow spit out the other two as well.

Kuroyuri: You're noisy, mumbling things for nonstop!!
You're noisy, mumbling things nonstop!!
Kuroyuri: Do you want to die!?
Castor: Oops

Castor: ...Oh?
Labrador: Did you realize it too, Castor?


Labrador: He targeted you first Castor, probably because he wanted to save him. // Because he's running out out time.

Kuroyuri: ...!!

Castor: I see.
Castor: With Fest's left arm he snatched away from me, // Ayanami did first-aid treatment on him who was on the verge of dying.
[Haruse's heart that almost got separated from his body]
[Life energy]
Castor: By sending your life energy to him, his body barely moves...

Castor: But,


Castor: Without the ability of my right arm, you can't connect his heart which had been showered with and separated by Mikhael’s light to his body
Castor: If he stays this way, his heart will die... and eventually, so will his body. // After all, humans can’t live without the heart or the body.

Kuroyuri: Is that a threat!? Do.. Do not look down on me!!
Kuroyuri: Saying things like you'll return Haruse to his normal state if I let you go, do you think I'll succumb to such a deal!?

Castor: From the beginning, I didn’t have any intentions to make a deal.
SFX: fwish

[The doll's string...!!]
Kuroyuri: !?


Kuroyuri: Haruse!!
Castor: ...
Kuroyuri: Bastard!! Let Haruse go!!

Castor: Step aside. Are you going to let  him die?
Kuroyuri: !?

Castor: Oh well, // If he hadn’t tried to protect you, I would have left him alone just like this though.



Castor : He... doesn't laugh anymore, right?
Castor: Because he's in a state much like a doll... Even so, // he tried to protect you by using himself as a shield, without any hesitation...

Castor: If I'm shown such a strong bond like this,
Castor: How can I afford not to join you two?

SFX: tap



Haruse: ...... // Kuroyuri-sama? I... what did I...
Haruse: I feel like I just woke up from a dream

Kuroyuri: ...Ha-
Kuroyuri: Haruse...

Haruse: Yes

Kuroyuri: ..................sk


Kuroyuri: Haruse...!!

Katsuragi: There's a limit on how nice you can be. // Even if you do something like this, it's not like your circumstances will change.

Labrador: You too,
Labrador: It looks like you guessed that Castor would probably help him, and so you were observing from the sidelines though?

Katsuragi: Leave that aside, let's have tea. The pudding is about to be ready, I guess. // Strawberry pudding for Lieutenant Colonel Kuroyuri and Haruse-kun.
Katsurage: You guys will be fine with green tea pudding right./?
Castor/Labrador: ...


Castor: Now, what should we do...
Labrador: We can't make a move carelessly . // These 3 people only have half of their souls. Ayanami is holding the other halves. // Because they're sharing their thoughts, our movements will always be going directly to Ayanami...

Castor: I would hate such a superior.
*Won’t one’s private thoughts be completely visible?*
Labrador: I think there are on and off switch though.
I think there is a on and off switch though.

Castor: But it is effective at preventing betrayal.
SFX: thud
SFX: thud


[On the other hand, about three hours earlier before Castor woke up-...]

Teito: Anyway, let's find Ouka's location!!

Teito: ...! There's a reaction.

SFX: voom

Teito: Fortress underground level 67, ...the laboratory!!

Teito: Thank god! // If it's there, we can pass even with my card!!

[As expected from my master. You're quick at learning how to control information processing.]

SFX: pause
SFX: scuttle

Teito: Uwah, a person!!
Soldier: ?


[Usually, Raphael who is targeted by various countries will be like me, she's supposed to be dispatching signals which will jam detection from outside.]
[If I can for search for her right now, it means she's probably undergoing maintenance in the laboratory. If it was activated, it will be a pain in the ass.]

Mikhael: ...No.
Mikhael: This is a chance to wreck the maintenance.

SFX: Beep
SFX: Beep

Nanase: Currently, her condition seems to have stabilized, but her pulse is becoming quite weak.
SFX: beep


Nanase: I'm sorry... By suppressing the progress of the disease, we somehow manage to maintain her condition but,
Nanase: The antibody for the root of the disease has not yet been made...

Emperor: Nanase...
Emperor: It's okay, to stay like this...


[Why did you choose that guy...]


SFX: beep
SFX: beep
SFX: beep

Prof: Teito-kun is not here yet? // We have to do re-maintenance on him fast or...

Prof: Even though it was to repel the enemy,
Prof: If we easily activate it inside the fortress like that, we’ll be court-martialed.


Prof: Thanks to the special shield we installed on this fortress, // it's over with the impact only at level 10...
Prof: More importantly, thank god Raphael wasn't triggered by Mikhael's activation.
Prof: It's the result of daily maintenance, right.


People: !!? What's happening!!
People: Switch over to energy for emergency use!!

Woman: The circuit connecting the princess has been cut!!
Man: Hurry with the re-connecting!!

Woman: ... // Eh...?


Prof: The princess disappeared...!!?

SFX: kachunk

Teito: Ouka, hang in there!!
Ouka: Urgh...

Teito: Ouka!!
Ouka: ... Teito...?


Ouka: ...sk // Teito!!
Ouka: You, did you recover your memories!?

Teito: Thank you, Ouka.
Teito: I've made you worry.

Ouka: ...
People: State of emergency!!

People: Lock all laboratory doors!!

Ouka: I... should be undergoing maintenance... // What's happening here?
Teito: I'll explain later. // Anyway...


Teito: You shouldn't undergo any maintenance anymore
Teito: You'll keep being hurt.

Ouka: Teito...?
Ouka: What are you suddenly saying...

Teito: !?

Teito: What... This groan-like sound
Teito: ...


Ouka: It's over there... Calling...
Teito: !

Teito: Ouka.
Teito: That way is opposite of the exit.

Teito: Wah
SFX: clunk

SFX: thud


SFX: roooaaar


Teito: This...
Teito: is...

Emperor: The dolls which support our empire's future.


Ouka: ...Father!
Teito: The Emperor...!!

Ouka: Doll...!? What do you mean // These are not dolls!!
Teito: Moreover,

Teito: They look just like Ouka...

Emperor: That's right.
Emperor: They're totally identical life-forms, reconstructed by analyzing Ouka's details.


Ouka: ...These are,
Ouka: me...!?

Emperor: With the Eye of Raphael's power, // we won the war, a lot of citizens gaineds profits, and so our Empire has flourished to this extentd.
Emperor: However, the eye handlers
Emperer: with repeating war, overused the power // and for every generation, they soon become useless. This is their weakness.

Emperor: And then comes the *Replica Project
TN: A project to manufacture multiple handlers


Ouka: What have you done... That's why...
Ouka: Mother passed away early...

Emperor: By conducting experiments over and over for years on the previous eye's handlers, // we finally succeeded.

Emperor: As long as I have this,
Emperor: You are no longer needed anymore, Ouka.


Emperor: Your last job is to kill that Raggs' descendant.

Ouka: Ra
Ouka: gg
Ouka: s

[The shocking command from the father. The path Ouka and Raphael will choose is...?]

The next installment will be out by May 28th.
I would probably be very happy, and probably motivated to get the work done fast if you tell me what you think about this chapter! ❤❤
Feel free to point out my mistakes!

I wonder who the Emperor visited in such a hurry... Ouka's mother? Somehow I think that the current Ouka is a replica too...
Password for download: gettingbusy


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