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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Damn you cliffhanger!!


Okay, I thought I was someone who won't go "The wait is killing me, I want the chapter now!", until yesterday, when I bought my copy of the latest Hakushaku to Yousei light novel. I didn't sleep last night to finish reading the story, and it was 100 times wonderful than any volumes so far! I'm stopping myself from giving you guys any unwanted spoiler, but ohh! I have to wait another 3 or 4 months for the next installment! You guys should be grateful you can read the chaps without having to wait half a year to know what happen next, but, well, that's the difference between LN and manga >.<

Lydia! What will you do???

UPDATE: 07-Ghost Kapitel 82 added to the folder~ Password: sakura
SPOILER ahead: So, so, so, if you've read my translation, you must know that Randkalt is the traitor! And Castor! Do you think he'll die? I don't want him dead T.T

On the editing side, some members received damages doing this chapter; Abi was haunted by sleeve monster/ghost because of a certain page-redrawing Teito's sleeve! And I was disturbed by the suffixs ghoul! *shudder* What a scary chapter! A word of encouragement for Abigail would be wonderful! Thanks to other members as well!^^ Love you all!!❦

Early sakura at my school! I took the picture at night, and with the moon up on the sky, it was eerily beautiful!!^^

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for picking up 07-Ghost! I love this manga and was so disappointed when scanlations seemed to dry up...and then you guys appeared! :D

    Really, you're doing a wonderful job. Thanks so much!

    -- 07-Ghost fan.


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