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Thursday, March 29, 2012

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome: Volume 03 EXTRA (13.5)

Cute chapter! Love Rijun for being the knowledgeable mother-in-law! ❦
Ookami Heika no Hanayome Special


SFX: shiny
Yuurin: Alright! It's all sparkling now!
Yuurin: Cleaning really is // wash away my heart.

[I // Tei Yuurin, currently,]
[working part time as Wolf King's temporary bride, // and also,]
[as the Inner Palace's cleaning woman.]
Yuurin: Here I go.
Yuurin: Heave
SFX: wobbly wobbly

SFX: stagger
Yuurin: It sure is tiring to stay in the half-rising posture all times. // I'll take a break after I throw away the water,
SFX: stagger stagger

SFX: drop

Yuurin: I guess...
SFX: slipped


Yuurin: Guwoah

Yuurin: Ooouuchh

SFX: clang
SFX: rolls
Yuurin: Aa~h, // Now I've done-

Yuurin: it...

Rijun: -...
SFX: drip drip


Rijun: Seriously...
SFX: wooble...
Rijun: That's... some nerve, // you have...

Yuurin: I'm // I'm sorry!


[King, Haku Reishou]
Heika: You splashed water on Rijun?
Heika: Ahaha, // I would love to see that.

Yuurin: It's not a joke. // I thought my heart has stopped!

Yuurin: After that, he keeps prickling me saying sarcasm...
SFX: wipe wipe

*In the first place*
*Aren't you lack of composure?*
*And why was it that your spontaneous scream is "Guwoah"? As a woman, what do you think about that*


Yuurin: *Aaaah* He's angry right...? // What should I do, if he cuts my salary...
SFX: tremble tremble
Heika: -

SFX: laugh
Heika: It's okay, you don't need to worry about it. // Rijun is,

Heika: relentless and sarcastic but...
Yuurin: ............
Heika: -...


Rijun: Speaking of which,
Rijun: You was... at that time right...
*grumble grumble grumble*

Heika: -... Even grudges from years back, // he keeps on saying them endlessly-...
Heika: Eh, hmm...
[That wasn't a follow up....]
Yuurin: Your Majesty... // That's not okay at all...

[A few days later]

Elder: Hey you
SFX: munch munch munch
Elder: Did you do something bad to the glass guy?
[Witness No.1; Inner Palace Manager, Elder Chou.]
SFX: munch


Yuurin: Eh
SFX: scrub scrub

Elder: I was asked about your working attitude.

*Do you have something you want to say*

Yuurin: Eeh?
*Could it be, it's the probity check to cut the salary...?*

Elder: Oh well! // I'm kind after all!
Elder: I gave you a lot of praises!
*Don't worry!*
Yuurin: Elder...

Elder: When I said that I'll have nothing to say more if you bear the heir, // he made such a nasty face!
Yuurin: Please do not say something unnecessary.
*Are you harassing me?*


Elder: Seems like, he has been going around asking the other people too you know?
[Witness No.2; The Consort's personal lady-in-waiting]
Maid: Yes, I was asked. // He asked if we have some troubles regarding Okisaki-sama.

Maid: Of course, I said there's nothing.
Yuurin: I... I see...

Yuurin: -Well, // but,
Yuurin: I think it's better if you clearly say it if you have any complain...

Maid: -

[I feel sorry for them for taking care of me without knowing that I was just a part-timer...]

Maid: Well then, // please let us dress you up more.
Maid: The make-up, // dress, // with far more flashy ones...!
[We don't have enough taking care of you...]
SFX: turn
Yuurin: *I'm sorry* It's enough as I am right now...!!
Yuurin: My commoner heart hurts...!


[Witness No.3; Temporary Aide, Ryuu Houen.]
Houen: He did ask me about it but, // I don't have any obligation to report about the answer to you.
[What did you say, you rascal-!! *I'm sure you said a lot about me...!!]

[Rijun-san is going all-out investigating me...!]
*I see I see*
SFX: flap flap flap
[This probably won't be about salary cut anymore...!]


[Fired...!? Am I fired...!?]
SFX: Gan
Yuurin: I, // I don't have any means to pay off the debt if I'm forced to quit this job...!?

Rijun: Thanks for your hard work. // I'll be intruding you here.
SFX: Thud thud

[He's here-!]
SFX: scroll scroll

[The final verdict!?]
Yuurin: Err... Is there something...


Rijun: Please continue working as usual.

Yuurin: -Emm... The other day, about me splashing the water on you, // I'm really sorry...

Rijun: Enough with the chatter.
SFX: strict
Yuurin: Yes sir!

SFX: clench clench

Rijun: -I see, // As expected, excellent performance.

SFX: write write
Rijun: Thoroughly clean even the edges...


Rijun: ...Seems like you're in bad mood, Your Majesty.

Heika: ...Without my permission, you bullied her too much. // She's totally dejected yesterday.
*It's only water in a bucket*
*I'm doomed...*

Rijun: ? // I didn't bully her or something.
*That's disgraceful...*
SFX: scroll scroll
SFX: stare

Rijun: More importantly, Your Majesty, I told you about it the other day, // I want you to approve the matter about Yuurin-dono's salary raise...


Heika: Salary raise?
*Did we talk about such thing?*
*We did*
Rijun: Yes. // Her employment period has become quite long,

Rijun: She does have some faults but, // she is hardworking and passionate about her work, a capable person.

Rijun: So that I won't make biased decision, after confirming the opinions from people around her, // she's good at cleaning, she has good personality, and she has guts, // ...etc, generally, she received high valuation.
Rijun: For the sake of her increasing ambition after this as well-


Heika: - // I thought you were quite harsh on Yuurin but,

Rijun: ...Even now, I still totally don't get, // about the reason Your Majesty has taken an interest in her.

Rijun: However, it's a different story with the achievement's evaluation.

Heika: Aah, // That's right.
Heika: You're that kind of person.

Rijun: ...Seriously,


Yuurin: Are you okay!?
Yuurin: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
SFX: drip drip

Rijun: Even I, // aware that she's a good person.

[The next day]
Yuurin: Salary //raise?
SFX: flabbergasted

Rijun: Yes, that's why-
Yuurin: Wh...


Yuurin: What kind of a trap, // is that...!?
SFX: tremble tremble
*A plan to make me happy and then push me into hell...!?*
Rijun: You really do have some nerve aren't you...

[After all that, Tei Yuurin, // is happily working part-time today as well.]
[In the passing]

Heika: Speaking of which, // I was asked too, about Yuurin.
Heika: When I said that you're funny and cute, // he said, "That's not working attitude".
*So it was an assessment*


End of volume EXTRA
Okisaki-sama Special Lecture.

[Yuurin who fell into the pond the other day.]
*Chapter 11*

Yuurin: ha'kchoo

Yuurin: Aah, this is not good~ // Even though it's not midwinter...
SFX: sniff sniff
*my nose is...*
Rijun: Yuurin-dono!! What's that, it's vulgar!! // A consort(temporary) should endure something such as a sneeze!
Yuurin: Eeh-

Rijun: Even so, when you can't hold in any longer, it's like this!

Rijun: -Quiver your shoulder...
Rijun: Achoo
SFX: fluffy
Yuurin: Oo... // Oooh!!
*Amazing! The flowers are flying!!*
[Lost to the mother-in-law in term of loveliness]


[After the bloody special training.]
*This is also a job*
Yuurin: -
Yuurin: Achoo

Heika: -

Heika: That's a girl-like sneeze.
SFX: gentle
SFX: smile smile smile
Yuurrin: Big success!?
SFX: surprise

[Am... Am I finally]
Yuurin: Fufu, men are simple.
[become a woman who can say something like that...!?]
Rijun: That's a misunderstanding.
[With that level...]


Yuurin: But, it doesn't really get well-... *geez*
[Her room]
SFX: sniff sniff

Yuurin: A
SFX: itchy itchy
Yuurin: Ach...


Yuurin: Oh no, I accidentally went all way.
SFX: sniff sniff
*Rather, that sneeze was really piling up the stress*
Heika: -

[What's that...!!]
SFX: tightens
*I've never seen such a sneeze before...*

[Somehow it was much more well-received.]
Rijun: !?

PW: kawaii-achoo

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  1. lol I was wondering what was that second bonus (the sneezing one). Funny ! And, uh, isn't there a part missing in page 15 when Rijun thinks ? After the "Rijun: Even I, // aware that she's a good person." You know, when there's a vein popping ? He says "wazai demo nai mono wo // itsumade mo okotteiru mono desu ka" and after that there's some small text besides that I can't all read 'cause there's no furigana. Anyway thank you again for the hard work. I look forward to when chapter 12 will be worked on and even more when he'll be done of course ^_^
    Keep up the good work

    PS: I'm practicing reading japanese (not always understanding but oh well) and was wondering if I too could have the raw of volume 4. Always more fun to read something you like, ne ? My adress is cerebi@live.ca. If you don't want or can't because thecnically they're Ba-banana's, I guess I'll stick to what I have. Thanks a lot !


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