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Saturday, June 2, 2012

When will the next chapter be out?... Information?

God gave us the ability to read, why won't you use it?

This post is dedicated to some clueless people out there about what the people behind the scene went through to give your favorite series dose.

1. Raws. Of course, the raws. You can start nothing if you don't have the raws. Where you can find the raws? Well, there are lots of sites but the raws for 07-Ghost and Ookami Heika no Hanayome here were provided by respective raw providers, and I believe I haven't erased links to the raws in some of the comment in this blog. You wan't it? Find it yourself. Raws for other series? Someone once said to me, if you know where to look, you'll find the raws in no time. She was right. So, the key here is, make an effort to find it yourself first and then bug other people if you still can't find it. Google really helped me a lot by the way. Utilize Google to the fullest! 

2. Cleaning. Do I need to explain this? Of course you'll have to clean the raws first, mainly erasing the original Japanese words before you can put the English translation on the it. Only idiots will think everything is automatically done. There are more that need to be done other than erasing the words, but I'll keep it simple here.

3. Translating. In 07-Ghost case, after I got the raws, I'll send them to my editors first, and then I will start on translating the chapter. I make sure the typesetters won't have to wait for me before they can get on their job. Is it hard? Hard is not the problem here. Time is. I don't need much time to get the translation done, but I do need time to sit down and get on with it. 

4. Proofreading. Wonderful people are behind me fixing the translations. Love them! Typesetters can continue their job without worries.

5. Typesetting. You got the cleans, you got the translations. You can start typeset. IE putting the words into the bubbles.

6. Quality Check. Check for fonts, color, size and some missing translations and misplacement. 

There you go. Now you get a glimpse of what happened behind the scene. Next, I want to talk about people. People. People. People. What do you think of scanlators? Some people or group who exist to bring your favorite series to you? Well, you got that 1/3 right. Well, for the other 2/3, scanlators are people, just like you. We have our own life going on, we have other hobbies we would like to spend our time on, and most importantly, we do no exist just to bring you the chapters! We certainly do not spend all our time editing the chapters. I think most of us here just started on the job when we feel like it. People, know this. WE are doing this out of fun. It is NOT our obligation to bring the chapter to you. 

This is a simple logic. You should be able to guess bits of it if you have a normally functional brain. However, when I visit some forums, namely mangafox forum, I was always left speechless about how ignorant some of the users are. 
"I wanna read the next chapter!" "I'm impatient!" "No updates for a million years!"
Seriously, I always wonder how old they are, the one who usually posted these kind of messages. I got mixed feeling when I read this kind of post. Pity, and annoyed. I pity them for their ignorance, and I'm annoyed on how they assumed they'll get the chapter whenever they want, or as if it's the reader who bring the chapters to them. I do not own the chapter myself. Oh, no wonder a lot of scanlators are pissed to some of the fans. Do not misunderstand me here. It's good to have some fellow fans to share the series with, we just don't like idiotic fan. Fanatic is okay. Think about what the idiotic here means. Well, with how you can easily get to read the manga out there, I guess you're so used to being a consumer that you think you'll get everything handed down to you on silver plates. It's the mangaka who created the series, we are just sharing some of our knowledges about the series with you. So be patient!

And finally, understanding and support. We'll get the work done faster if we are motivated enough to do it. And for that, you are priceless!

I usually write about when will the next chapter of 07-Ghost will be published in Japan in the translations I posted on this blog, so you can guess yourself about how long it will take for us to finish editing the chapter.


  1. Ah...you're not the only one who faces problems with this so called *fans* who think that scanlators owe them chapters when we are the ones who actually volunteer to do scanlations out of our own FREE time and enjoyment. We don't OWE anyone anything. Fans...whether they are new to mangadom or the minority bratty but noisy ignorant ones who clamour for free scanlations should be thankful they are getting anything at all. Really, it pisses me off just as much when these sort of people start making demands and then mouth off against scanlators when they can't get their "free" scanlation according to their time frame. Jeez, I just tell them to get a life and if you want them quick, heck go buy the magazine or tankoubons yourselves. It's one of the biggest reason I slowed down my involvement in scanlation, short of stopping. I rather read them myself and just share bits of snippets without people hassling me. :P

    Don't you ever wonder if these bunch of noisy fans ever spend real $$$ to buy the actual manga and support the manga industry? Leeching freely without putting a thought of support is really degrading the mangaka's work. Sigh!

  2. yeah, that was so annoying even for a fan like me. well, I dont know anything about  scanlator but I do knew about manga making progress, its so very not simple so I guess even the scanlators must have a hard time.

    when I visit the mangahere forum, almost all of the fans are give a demand, not a praise. its pissed me off. really.
    in the past, I am like them too, but I never yell for the next next and next. usually I go to forums just to know when the next and wait for the info =__=
    but since I dont have a lot patiently, since 3 years ago I decided to buy the magazines or the tankoubons. problems resolved and I never go to mangadomes forum too. 
    but... some of the manga in the mangadoms, are translated even the tittle was translate too, so I dont know the actual tittle and bcause of that i unable to find the series T-T

  3. I think you can google the Japanese title to find it. Baka-updates usually includes the title in more than 2 languages. 

  4. As for myself, I think you do a wonderful job. We got by so long without any team on Ookami-Heika, for example, and then you jump in, translate in like super-speed AND we even get scantrads. Wow. I really have nothing more to say. Plus, in not even three months, you've offered us with FOUR chapters ! Four ! After getting a chapter every, what ? six months ? ...how do I, or everyone for that matter, have any reason to complain ? To demand ?

    I don't know who complains, but I agree with you that there are too many. I am of the rare specie who buy what really interests me. I have 503 mangas, and really, my wallet cries every time, but for me, it's important. Same with CD and DVD, really. I download anime, because if I want French sub, I don't have any choice (I don't get why European DVD are incompatible with North American DVD players... boo !) If a CD interests me, I buy. If I can't, I save up. End of story.

    Anyway, just to say I agree with you. No rush, I am extremely grateful for the scantrads of Ookami-Heika. You can work on others things like the novels, I don't mind and I don't have the right to either. There are fans of those who await it and I have no right to prive them of that because I want the serie I'M fan of. Besides, I think you have a great system of rotating series. I get what I want, in a more than reasonable time, what more is there to hope ? Even if you slow down, it's sad, but normal. You are right, you are people. You are not paid, you have a life, studies, a job, other projects, whatever.

    So all in all, thank you for your hard work. I wish for you to continue, but I won't nag. I'll continue to say thanks every time a chapter comes out as I have before. Btw, sorry for asking about the raws. I'll try to find it myself, if not, I'll just contend myself with the chinese raws or scan-trands. I shouldn't have asked, I didn't know it would annoy you. So many thanks again for your dedication and for sharing your knowledge as someone who can understand Japanese. You are great, and please forgive the fans and just remember that some people really are grateful, even when they don't say it. That's all, really. I babbled, and all for this: Kansha suru yo !


  5. Oh, just forgot to say, did you read the 34th chapter of Ookami-Heika ? Found it yesterday, was so happy ! I guess the author took a break of a month, that'd explain why we get it just now. So happy ! I only understand about one fourth of it (and that is with my dictionnary), but I consider myself lucky to get this much. One day, I'll have those Japanese lessons ^_^'

  6. Well, I know how hard it was, because I try it once, and I gave up! Thank You for always giving us a new chapter of our favorite manga. Good Luck


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