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Monday, May 28, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 84

Summary: The chapter starts with the past Raggs King. He was in some kind of a conference I think, and apparently, he has good reputation among the people. The Barsburg emperor looks grouchy here. Then, back to the present, the emperor ordered Ouka to kill Teito. Teito was so desperate, not knowing what to do. Suddenly he sees some flashbacks from when he was a child. His father, Raggs King was showing Teito the power of the eye. The eye of Mikhael can bring life to dead things. In the final clash between Ouka, Teito activates the Light of Mikhael and Ouka returns to normal. Ouka also realizes that she was a replica.


[May thou, will never lose the light.]


Kapitel.84 Replica 2

[If you hold out your hand, I'm sure, you'll be able to seize even the light-.]


Raggs King: In order to make freedom and peace in the world become something unshakeble,
Raggs King: It's essential to encourage the development of friendly relations between our countries. // Every human is blessed with reason and conscience...

[The olden days of Raggs King...]

People: What do you think of Raggs King ?
People: He has good eyes.

People: No, we don't know what's he thinking under the surface.
People: But, his speech is always fair. We can believe it.

*Not to mention, the food is delicious*
People: I went to Raggs for a trip. It is a good country.
SFX: shine shine


Barsburg Emperor: ...
SFX: clap clap clap



Teito: Don't fuck with me... The humans...
Teito: So, you've treated Ouka like a tool...!!

Barsburg Emperor: ...How annoying. // As I thought, I won't be satisfied by just confining you.
Barsburg Emperor: That gaze.

Barsburg Emperor: It's the spitting image of that guy...!!

Barsburg Emperor: Ouka, .. he is of Ragg descendant.
Barsburg Emperor: A rebel.


Barsburg Emperor: KILL HIM!!
SFX: whoosh!!

Teito: !!!


Teito: ...Ouka!!

Ouka: Ra
Ouka: gg
Ouka: s


Ouka: Everything
Ouka: from // Raggs
Ouka: has to be // killed!
SFX: threatening atmosphere

SFX: bzzt bzzt

Barsburg Emperor: Ouka!!
Barsburg Emperor: Do not harm the dummies!!


Teito: Ouka!!
Teito: Stop!!

[I have to wake her up.]

Teito: You were crying in the pool of blood at that time!! // Saying that you don't want to kill anymore...!!

[What should I do]

Teito: I had enough of that experience!!


[What should I do...!!]

SFX: fwoosh

Teito: !?

[This place is...!?]

Raggs King: That island doesn't seem well...


[That was... Father, dad, and me...]

Teito: Ah...

SFX: rumble rumble

Teito: The island... // is gone...


Raggs King: Every continent in this world has life, // and is floating in the sky.
SFX: fwoosh
Raggs King: But, it can't afford to keep floating forever.
Raggs King: It can't...

Raggs: It will float a lot until its life reaches the limit,
Raggs: and when it's tired, finally

Raggs: It will return to the ocean below.

SFX: woosh!!


SFX: Screech
Raggs King: And then, look carefully, Tiashe.

Raggs King: This is the Eye of Mikael's power.
SFX: lights

Raggs King: This light
SFX: szzt szzt


Raggs King: Can breath new life into the continent which had sunk.
SFX: szzt

Raggs King: Eventually, the day when you will also be relied on by the world will come.

Raggs King: You definitely cannot use the eye's power for dispute.


Raggs King: The light will shine with unlimited love upon everything equally,

Raggs: and will become the foundation stone to the cycle of nature life...

SFX: screech

Teito: Ouka...!!
Teito: The eye...


Teito: The eye's power

[Oh light,]

[Reach her]

Teito: doesn't exist for war!!


SFX: lights






Teito: Ouka!!

[10 years ago]

[I couldn't catch hold of her at that time.]


[That hand]



Voice: ...value, normal.

SFX: beep
SFX: beep
SFX: whoosh

Voice: Brainwaves, normal.


SFX: beep

Scientist: Doing research for continuous days on a 3 year old... // It's too early for actual combat.
SFX: beep

Oak: We have been at war with Raggs these past recent years.
Oak: The time is precious.
Scientist: ...But!!

Oak: Not only that the previous empress is dead, // the empress replica reproduction also ended with a failure.
SFX: beep
Oak: We can't stop here now.

SFX: Bzzt
Scientist: !?
Scientist: Something is wrong with the princess condition!!


Scientist: The life support device // is not working!!
SFX: beep
SFX: jolt
Scientist: The princess's heart has stopped!!
SFX: beep
Scientist: The resonance dropped to 3%!!

Oak: Continue with the reviving task!!

SFX: splash!!


Oak: Stitch that meat pieces and make the princess again!!
Scientist: That... That's absurd!!
Oak: You're a scientist right!! Do something!!

SFX: cough cough
Nanase: General Oak.

Nanase: Please come over here...

Oak: This is... The pricess's replica!!
Oak: So, you have been making progress this much...!!


Nanase: Currently, we have 47 bodies of replica we constructed from the princess's DNA.
Nanase: Please take a look here.
SFX: blop blop

Nanase: OR-0007... Resonance, 99.7%
Nanase: The closest life form to the princess.

Oak: Does it... move?

Nanase: As long as she's with the Eye of Raphael.

Oak: ...


Oak: Nanase. // The princess is alive.
Oak: Delete everything that happened in the laboratory from any records.

Oak: Make sure the emperor doesn't hear about this.



[Come here, OR-0007. From today, you are Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg.]


Ouka: How... could it be.
Ouka: I am,
Ouka: a replica...?

[The shocking truth that comes to light!!]

The next issue will be out in Japan by June 28th.

We still don't know who was the woman the emperor visited the other day, but yes, the real Ouka is dead. And I'm glad the horrible Oak is dead too! Seriously, doesn't he have any pity? Doing experiment till the body explodes!! The sly Oak told Nanase, to keep the secret, but obviously the emperor knew about the truth. Hmm... There are a lot more that need to be unveiled! The emperor really hates Teito's father! Could it be that the woman is Teito's mother??

So, what do you think about the chapter? ^^

PW: youreyes


  1. Kamilla KristensenMay 29, 2012 at 4:55 AM

    thank you very much for this! <3
    im loooking forward to se what will happen !

  2. Suzannaknowlton1May 29, 2012 at 4:56 AM

    totally unexpected! i thought for sure that ouka was not a replica. oh well, i guess i was wrong...

    where is ayanami? i demand to see him! 

  3. Thank you very much for translating it so early!! It's really sad that the real Ouka is dead. i wonder what the current Ouka feels about it... I am glad that Oak is dead too...how horrible to treat a 3 years old like that and hide her death too!
    I have a feeling that woman is Teito's mother. His hate seems really deep...
    I am looking forward to the next chapter~
    Again thank you very much!! You are awesome!

  4. Thank you for the new chapter! I was half-expecting Ouka to be a replica, but it's still really depressing to hear that the real one has died. I wonder what they'll do with the other replicas, if/when all of this resolves. ' -'

  5. thank you very much for the new chapter! :D

  6. Yes, no Aya-tan in this chapter, I'm quite disappointed! >.< 

  7. I don't think the replicas can move without the Eye of Raphael. It's not like the replicas are alive, they're just like a vessel, so, they will probably be disposed.

  8. It's kind of sad, though. If there were some way to give them life other than the Eye, then they'd be just like normal people, like the current Ouka replica. Other than the fact that they're all identical, I mean. 

    Thank you again so much for your translations and hard work! It makes my day when you update, and I love reading your theories after the translations.

  9. Pinkmoongoddess123June 1, 2012 at 8:39 AM

    Really? I thought that woman was Teito's mom too! That would explain why Ouka's dad was all "kill Teito son of Raggs" ;)
    The lines "that gaze" and "it's the spitting image of that guy"... I guess I'll just have to wait for the update so I can see what it's like :| 
    Thanks for working so hard :D!! We really appreciate it :)

    and what was that about "As I thought, I won't be satisfied by just confining you" ?

  10. The emperor gave an order to confine Teito in the previous chapter. But I guess, now with Teito causing mess all over the fort, I guess he won't be going soft against him anymore.^^

  11. thanks for translation.....

    i have been waiting for the chapter.....
    and, when manga chapter will be out??
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  12. Yes, we all have been waiting for the chapter, so please refrain yourself from asking for the dates. We all want to see the chapter too, so please be patient. Most people don't really appreciate this kind of question.

  13. and i have a question ?

    where we can get raw of  07 ghost ?

  14. I don't share the raws here.

  15. Thanks so much for this ^^.

  16. Oops, I'm sorry, I forgot to write the page number. Fixed. Anyway, I released Kapitel 84 scanlation for hours already. You can find it in the download folder. Password in the most recent post.

  17. ouka... don't tell me... ouka.. is a clone!?

  18. Would say thx but usless to me if can not download or read it please remove password or make so can read easly somewere or whats the point. ??

  19. Maybe you should be more considerate to the people who bring the chapter to you. The password was easy to find, so don't complain when you're too lazy to go look for it.

  20. Have you considered that I actually password-protected the files to make it only available to some people only? Like the people who actually read what I wrote, and won't ask question like when the next chapter will be out etc when I actually did mention when it will be out?

  21. Unfortunately, yes, she is a clone. The real one exploded during the experiment and of course, died.

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