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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Replica 2... It's a dark world! But don't worry, the light of Mikhael will illuminate your path!

DO NOT UPLOAD THE CHAPTER ANYWHERE ELSE! I've added Kapitel 84 to the 07-Ghost folder and I've decided to password-protected all files in the folder. You can find password for old releases in the translation posts. As for the new ones, from now on, you can check the recent posts, use the search box or just click on the password tag and I'm sure, if you're smart, you'll find it. This is Teito and Ouka btw ➔

Also, Phya said, she can scan 07-Ghost Children for me if I need it, so I've been considering to do it while waiting for the next chapter. Raise your hand if you wanna help! Although, I do have enough  people right now. But having another helping hand won't be hurt I think. ^^

07-Ghost Children; Collection of side stories from the manga 07-Ghost:

• Aspiration
Konatsu's past.

• Begleiter
Ayanami get's a new beglieter, Yukinami, but is unwilling to accept him because he still remembers Yukikaze.

• One Day, I Saw the Sky
Mikage and Teito special chapter.

• Platonic Café
Special of how Haruse met Kuroyuri and became his Beglieter.

• Speedster
Special about when Frau was younger and entered a Hawkzile race.

• Godfather
Special involving Frau and Teito.

And I almost forgot, download password for Kapitel 84: youreyes

I've already mentioned this many times, and I'll say it again here, 07-Ghost is published in Zero-Sum Magazine which will be out in Japan on 28th every month so please, don't ask for a new chapter just because you've waited for 20 days! Singinglupines also repeated the same thing twice already in the chatbox above. We have already caught up to the latest chapter! Read this post if you want to know why you can't read the chapter as soon as possible... Dedicated to some clueless  people. 
And I don't usually share the raws on this blog. I do post some pages of the chapter in the translation post though. So, please don't ask me for the raws! 

So, 07-Ghost fans, we'll meet again next month then... Hopefully.

Ookami Heika no Hanayome Special Chapter and chapter 14 will be coming soon.


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