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Saturday, September 29, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 88

Tada~ Bringing you my poor translation of our favorite 07-Ghost!!
I got the raws yesterday afternoon, thanks Phya for the raw but I just  didn't have the motivation to translate this yesterday, because of the long conversations, thus the delay. Sorry about that guys. Anyway, quite a few of mysteries will be revealed in this chapter, including some hints regarding the traitor, so enjoy the chapter!^^

Spoiler pictures from Hyuuaya-san's blog.


Kapitel 88: Landkarte

[The day when we still believe in the invisible bond-.]


Vertrag: Oh, you've woken up. Here is Barsburg Great Church.
Vertrag: Nice to meet you. I'm Vertrag.

Profe: Oh my! // This time's Ea is such a cute child.
Profe: I'm Profe. Pleased to meet you.

Relict: I'm Relict. Pleased to meet you.
Relict: ...However, you sure are young... // Are you sure you'll be fine managing the Book of Hades?


Zehel : Kids are energetic, I'm sure he'll be fine.
Zehel: I'm Zehel.
Profe: Too close too close. *He's scared of you*

Landkarte: Poor him, and he's so young.... Was he poisoned?
Zehel: You're also a brat!
Fest: So it was the successor conflict inside the Barsburg House...

Fest: Forgive me. It's not something you want to talk about right.
Fest: I'm Fest. // By the way, my cause of death is poisoned. Pleased to meet you.

Ea: ......


Profe: Landkarte. // You're the closest one to him in age so I'm sure it's easy to talk to him.
Profe: Please teach Ea various things okay.

Landkarte: I'm Landkarte. // My hobby is trying the food at various places.
Landkarte: My favorite word is *Meikyo-shisui. // My cause of death is drowning. Pleased to meet you. ♪
TN: Meikyo-shisui is a Japanese expression to know how our mind should be. Simply, it means clear and serene.

[My first impression of him was,]

Ea: ......... Ea.
Ea: My cause of death is, as you've already guessed, poisoned.

[Someone who lived his life enjoyably, the type of person that I'm not good with.]


[And he truly did become the type of person that I'm not really good dealing with.]

Landkarte: Ea! Ea!
Landkarte: Show me the Book of Hades please ♪

Ea: Get out you loafer! I'm not in the mood today.
*Do not sit on top of that*

*Do not follow me*
Landkarte: But, if you don't show the Book of Hades,
*And here I am bringing you a present properly*
Landkarte: you'll end up with an unfortunate ending by fostering this loafer.


Landkarte: ♪
Landkarte: ♪
Ea: Hey! // I just wrote it up there. Do not step on it!

Landkarte: Eeh!? It'll vanish!?
Ea: It will feels like it's being stepped, it's not pleasant.

Landkarte: I see, pardon me.

Ea: ...


[Huhu... Hahaha!!]

[it's too late. With this, my son will get an upper hand in his promotion...!!!]

Ea: ......!

Landkarte: Ea... You made eyes like you'll kill someone just now.
Landkarte: Was the person there the one who poisoned you?

SFX: cough cough
Landkarte: ...Bingo


[He said, "I know by just looking at your eyes."]

Ea: ...It has nothing to do with you.
Ea: Furthermore, it's already...

Ea: For me who already died once,
Ea: it's not of my concern.

Landkarte: Really?
Ea: A shinigami, // dragging along his past life will only interfere with his work.

Landkarte: It's okay to be dragging it.
Landkarte: It's a natural feeling for a human. // The other reapers, each one of them was holding troubles and was purified too after all.


SFX: shoom

Landkarte: If you forcibly put a lid on the hatred,
Ea: Wh-...
Landkarte: It will never be able to be purified and will be left deep inside you. If that so, it's better to...

Landkarte: fully open the lid and spit it out until you're satisfied.
Ea: As if I can do that!!
Landkarte: It's okay, just as the light tower's guard is sleeping.
SFX: snores

Landkarte: Relaxation is important.
Ea: ...


Ea: ...I wonder why did I become a reaper.

Ea: I naturally inherited the ability and the knowledge to use it when I was reincarnated but,
Ea: my foundation didn't change at all.

Ea: I intently watched the romance play from the narrow corner in fortress, // and for all my life, I only know of that world.
Ea: I was only a human who lived desperately there.

Landkarte: You don't have the qualification to be a reaper with such hatred.
Landkarte: And yet...

Landkarte: Isn't that because you're much more sensitive than anyone else to human's pain...
Landkarte: that you were chosen to be God's servant to manage the destination of the people as a reaper who guides human?


Ea: ......

Landkarte: Under these lights, the humans are attached to something, // and are desperately living for the sake of feeling secured that they are superior to the others.
Landkarte: But once they're dead, // there are plenty of people who regrets thinking, "Ah, I should have treasured something different more."

Landkarte: Even though it was too late to realize that after they were dead...
Ea: Humans are fools.
*My ears hurt*

Landkarte: I called the cause who made the humans into such a foolish being, // "impurities."
Landkarte: Attachment, vanity, // hatred... emotions other than love and hate.


Landkarte: I'm persuading lots of people to throw away such feelings.
Landkarte: No matter how much impurities are overflowing in this world, // I'm thinking that someday,

Landkarte: I want to make a pure world without hatred, just like you.

[Even though I've become a reaper, it's not like my heart has become stronger.]

Ea: ...You really are optimistic.
Landkarte: Fufu. // But I'm powerless alone myself. I need your power.

[It's just, for the first time, I've recognized an existence called comrade.]


Wolfram: ...Everyone, please take Millea with you and leave this place.

Wolfram: I've broken my promise with the warmonger not to tell others about this. // I'm sure I'll pay for this once he comes.

Kal: ...Rather, this is a good opportunity. I've been chasing after him for many years.
Kal: In order to destroy him.

[That black shadow,]
[was also the one who stood behind the pope...]
[And, the one at the ball before...]


Teito: Kal, you said that he is your brother...
Teito: He can't be... the remaining ghost...

Kal: He's Landkarte.

Teito: Landkarte... // He was supposed to be the one who helped bring me and Father to the God Houses...

Teito: Why did he...

Kal: Ten years ago...
Kal: After he took you and Vertrag away from the floating island H-8, // the remaining ghosts returned to the church once...


Relict: Zehel isn't here. He already went back?
Fest: From the beginning, he had Landkarte sent him home.
Ea: As usual, what a busy guy.

Fest: He has lots of underlings after all. // He must have it hard doing both the reaper and the sky pirate.
*I guess I'll be staying up all night...*
Profe: Ea... Do you have some time?

Profe: The incident where the Pope tried to open the Pandora's Box which led to the war this time...
Profe: This might be the longest stretch for you.

Ea: ...? You mean, it can't be solved immediately...?

Profe: There's something... I need to check up a bit...


Profe: Hey Relict, can you help me trace back the pope's past once more? // Back to about 2 years before the betrayal.

Relict: Wasn't the incident was the pope's individual act...?

Profr: He did commit the crime by himself but, // ...but some chance, there could be someone who had been instigating him for long time before.
Profe: Repeatingly whispering behind him like a shadow...

Profe: Eventually, it made him believed that he thought all of it by himself...
Profe: Somehow, I have that kind of image...

Ghosts: ...!!

Relict: It takes a lot to see everything during those 2 years. Let's see in fast forward mode.

SFX: swoosh

Profe: ...! Stop!

Relict: Here? // ...I don't see anything besides the pope though...

Profe: No... There is...!!


Pope: I'm powerless...

Shadow: No, pope... // As long as you have Verloren's power, you'll be furnished with the wisdom of the world.
Shadow: Once you have that, you can save a lot of people with it.

Relict: Black shadow...? Wars...?
Ea: No... that was...

Ea: ...Landkarte...?



Relict: This is bad!! We have to let Vertrag know immediately...!!

SFX: shosh


Landkarte: Too bad I was found out.

Landkarte: Oh...?
Landkarte: Ea...?


Landkarte: Seems like you are the only one I failed to kill.


Landkarte: Ea...?
SFX: thud
SFX: thud
Landkarte: Where are you?

Ea: Landkarte...
SFX: slides...
Ea: Why...!!

Ea: You...
Ea: You...

Ea: Didn't you wish for peace so much...!!


Landkarte: Fufufu... Yes...I did wish for this plan to run smoothly.
SFX: thud
SFX: thud
Landkarte: I want to swept away all impurities from this world.

Landkarte: At first, // I wanted to make a pure world filled only with love.

Landkarte: However,
Landkarte: I just couldn't do it.

Landkarte: Love and hatred were just emotions from two sides of the same coin, but the humans couldn't cut them loose from themselves. // This world continues to be defiled with this foolish play of love and hate.
Landkarte: ...Even the Verloren couldn't escape from the play of love and hate...

Landkard: And so,
Landkarte: I reached upon one conclusion.
SFX: thunk


Landkarte: If I can't erase either love or hate,
Landkarte: I'll just erase both of them.

Landkarte: By doing do, // I'm sure peace will be brought upon this world.
Landkarte: Just like,
Landkarte: welcoming death at the eternal bottom of sea where lights will never // reach upon...

Ea: What a ridiculous idealistic thought.

Landkarte: No, it's possible for me if I have Verloren's power.


Landkarte: Because, unlike Verloren, I don't have love or hate inside me.
Landkarte: I can paint this world with pure darkness.

Ea: Don't mess with me...

Landkarte: Ea... // I have taken quite a liking to you.
Landkarte: Not to mention, your power, holding the Book of Hades is quite fascinating.

Landkarte: So, what do you think?
Landkarte: If you agree to work with me, I'll help you.


Landkarte: Ea...?

Landkarte: Did he escape?
Landkarte: It can't be helped.
SFX: whoosh
Landkarte: But, no matter how far you run...

Landkarte: As long as I know your soul number,
Landkarte: You can never escape from my teleportation power.

SFX: vanish

SFX: fwoosh

Landkarte: !!?


[What's going on?]
[This number is definitely Ea's...!!]

[It can't be...]
[Did he overwrite his own soul number in the Book of Hades...!?]

Landkarte: DAMN YOU... EA!!!


Konatsu: Colonel Katsuragi!!

Konatsu: The water is overflowing you know?
Katsuragi: Oh.

Konatsu: It's unusual for you to be absentminded.
SFX: drip drip
Katsuragi: Forgive me. I was thinking about something...

Konatsu: Ayanami-sama is calling. // Wait for him at the Chief's room.
Katsuragi: Roger.


Katsuragi: I heard that the one who's targeting the Pandora's Box appeared at the ball. // Can you tell me what kind of person he was?
SFX: thud
Katsuragi: I wasn't at the scene after all.
SFX: thud

Konatsu: I don't know the details but...
Konatsu: He looked like something like a black shadow.

Konatsu: He might be one of the remaining ghost, Landkarte, and // he probably was trying to get his hand on the Pandora's Box all by himself after falling out with his comrades.
Konatsu: We're still searching for him but currently, we have lost his track.

Katsuragi: One of the ghost huh. It's troublesome.
Katsuragi: Then, how about Chief Ayanami?


Konatsu: After talking indifferently about this matter with Lieutenant as usual, // he left his seat...
Konatsu: He doesn't show up since then.
Katsuragi: ...Seems like the Chief has his own thinking.

Ayanami: That black shadow knew that there was only one key left to the Pandora's Box.
Hyuuga: Really? // Aya-tan talked about the key to the Black Hawk only right?

Ayanami: That's right.
Ayanami: There's a traitor inside Black hawk.

Konatsu: ...


katsuragi: By the way, is Teito-kun inside the maintenance room?
Konatsu:  Yes, because Zehel made a contact with Teito-kun, // he was sent there for a check up to see if there is malfunction with the brainwash.

Katsuragi: Zehel...
Katsuragi: Aah, he was the one who dropped the chandelier right.

Konatsu: ?

Katsuragi : Currently, there are 5 ghosts exist... // Fest and Profe are inside the prison... Zehel is also kept inside the barrier so,
Katsuragi: the one left is Landkarte and...

Katsuragi: the last one...
Katsuragi: I wonder where Ea is.


Konatsu: Err... Colonel...
Konatsu: The chandelier was dropped by Zehel...

Konatsu: You wasn't at the hall, how did you now that...?

[It can't be, the traitor is...!?]

Did you enjoy this chapter? So what do you think? Well, we all know Ea is Karu from the last chapter so, who wants to bet on Katsuragi being Landkarte??

PW: good@luck

To be continued next month. Check the bottom of the last picture for the date.


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