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Sunday, September 30, 2012

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 18

It has been a while since my last translation of this adorable manga. Sorry for being so slow. Anyway, this will be the last chapter of volume 4, minus the extra story. Find me another translator if you want faster release!^^
And of course, more editors will be a great help too.

Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 18


[And now, // the hectic Hot Spring Trip where I get drunk and fought,]

[There is only little left to do.]

Rijun: The departure will be on early morning tomorrow.

Rijun: A grand banquet will be held tonight, gathering everyone.

Rijun: It's an important banquet. // Make sure you don't get sick.

*Rabbit Bride*
*Wolf King*


Yuurin: A banquet... // That must be tiring...
Rijun: Well then, Your Majesty, // We'll have our meeting about the matter I told you yesterday after this.

Heika: ...

Yuurin: ?

Heika: Yuurin, enjoy your last hot spring okay.
SFX: clank
Yuurin: Yes.

[So His Majesty will be busy up to the last day...]


[Even though "Relaxing at the hot spring" was supposed to be the purpose of this trip. // It didn't go as I planned at all...]
*He did say he was glad coming here though...*

Yuurin: ...

[Not to mention, I don't know if I was hated by the court ladies in the imperial villa or what, they continue to ignore me.]
*They did do their job, but somehow they're so cold*
Yuurin: What a miserable person, I am...

SFX: stare...
Yuurin: Oh well, that aside, it's the last hot spring! // At least, I'll thoroughly enjoy it!
*Map of Imperial Villa's Hot Springs*

Yuurin: Hm?


[What is this 'X' mark...]
*I didn't realize it before*
Yuurin: ...It's not that I'll lose anything, I guess I'll try ask them.

Yuurin: Er, // What is this mark?

Court Ladies: -

Court Lady: It's a secret hot spring.
Yuurin: -
Yuurin: A secret hot spring?

Court Lady: It's a special hot spring, // and because you have to climb up the mountain a bit, it was excluded from the recommended hot spring list.

SFX: sparkle sparkle sparkle
Yuurin: ...Does it mean that it's actually available for use?

SFX:  sparkle sparkle sparkle
Court Lady: ...Yes.


[If that so, // I definitely have to go there...!!]

Yuurin: In a place like this... // It's small... Is there any court ladies here?
SFX: creak

SFX: bam

Court Lady: ...Did she go in?
SFX: rustle

Court Lady: Seriously, she's so conceited. // That consort.
SFX: clack clack
Court Lady: Up until now, how many court ladies serving His Majesty had been changed...

Court Lady: It's definitely that consort who complained. // She doesn't want anyone more beautiful that her near His Majesty.
Court Lady: Even though she was ignored, she acted as if nothing happened. // She's so shameless.


Court Lady: But if she's locked in a place like this, I'm sure even she will panic.
Court Lady: Please, take your time, Okisaki-sama.

Yuurin: -Wow, the bathtub here is located outside as it is...
SFX: looks around


SFX: splash

Heika: -Who's there? // I told you to leave me alone for a while-
SFX: thump

Yurin: I'm- // I'm sorr-


[You're kidding! Someone's here first-]

Heika: -
Heika: ...Yuurin?

Yuurin: -!!?
Yuurin: Eh!?
Yuurin: Wh-!!
Yuurin: Eeh!?

Heika: -...

Heika: What a bold peeping.


Heika: Or do you want to get in together with me?
Heika: I'm sorry! I'll leave immediately!
SFX: rattle rattle

Yuurin: !?
Yuurin: Why!? The door is locked!?
SFX: clack clack
SFX: bump bump
SFX: bam bam
Yuurin: What!? // What kind of trap is this!? *Gyaa*
Heika: ?

Heika: ...Yuurin. // Calm down a bit. *I'll go over there*
Yuurin: Gya-!!!

Heika: ...

SFX: bamm bam
Heika: Seems like, //something was left in front of the door.


Heika: This is bad.

Yuurin: You don't seem trouble at all, not one bit, Your Majesty. // Wh-... What should-
*We're locked*

Heika: Now now. // Either way, someone will come for me soon.
Heika: It's fine, // okay?

Yuurin: -Yes...
*I was so flustered...*

Heika: Thank god, // she has calmed down.

SFX; drip drip
SFX: Huh?
Yuurin: Your Majesty! You have to wipe properly or you'll feel chilly after the bath!!
*You'll catch a cold*


Heika: Seriously Your Majesty. // So your were conniving enjoying hot spring is a place like this. // Why don't you tell me...
*Since she has calmed down, at least, soaking the feat.*

Heika: It's not really that I was enjoying it... // It was just, saying it was the king's exclusive bath, it was too exaggerated, // that it was much easier to make some time and come here secretly...

*It's hopeless. This person just thinks it's much too troublesome...*
Heika: Seriously, I really don't agree with the Imperial Villa's spirit-

Heika: -By the way, // Yuurin.


Heika: Do you have something to say to me, // about the Imperial Villa?
Yuurin: -

SFX: ba-thump
SFX: giggle giggle
SFX: giggle...

[Could it be, // he found out that I was ignored by the court ladies...?]
Yuurin: Eh? // Is it better to tell him about this kind of thing?
Yuurin: I thought it was okay since it's not a big deal.

Yuurin: I'm being locked here right now is suspicious too though... // But, it's not as if it's already confirmed...
SFX: round
SFX: and-around

[Rather, if I tattle about it, // would he give out an order such as, "Everyone, please look after the consort properly."



[I don't like that...]
Yuurin: In truth, as a consort,
Yuurin: I'm just a useless part-timer...

Heika: -

Heika: So, you don't want, // to say it...
SFX: chill

Heika: Fine, // then.
SFX: splash

[Did he get mad just now?]


SFX: clank
Rijun: -Your Majesty. // I've come for you.

Rijun: Are you okay? // Somehow there are lots of things in front of the door-...

Heika: Thanks for your hard work.
Yuurin: ...Ah.

Rijun: What are you doing, // at this kind of place, Yuurin-dono?
*Hey!! What's going on?*


Heika: Rijun, // -do exactly as you've planned,
Heika: make the preparation for the banquet.
SFX: walks away

Rijun: -
Rijun: ...Haa...

Yuurin: -...?

Rijun: -But seriously you,
*deep sigh*
Rijun: What are you doing being bullied involuntarily by all yourself...
Yuurin: Wh-!

Yuurin: You knew!? // -Don't tell me, His Majesty too!?
Rijun: ...I reported about it to him.


Yuurin: -

Rijun: ...Oh well, if you were told that this is the consort, // it's nothing unusual if you want to throw one or two complaints.
SFX: pfft
Yuurin: ......-tsk
*Aren't you the one who hired me!*

Rijun: -But, the people in this Imperial Villa, // doesn't really know whose consort you are.
Rijun: What a bother.

Rijun: -Well then. // It's time for the job-briefing, Yuurin-dono.

SFX: inch backward...
Yuurin: !?

Rijun: For tonight's banquet,


Rijun: You will sit idly, // and smile.

Court Lady: Isn't that...
Court Lady: Eh?

Yuurin: -

Yuurin: What's this? What's this? What's this? *My head and neck is heavy* *How much is my total value1?*


[Rijun-san, what is he thinking?]
SFX: step step
[I don't really get it...]

[-Nevermind, anyway,]
[I'll just do as I'm told.]

[Your Majesty, // I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.]

Heika: -Aah. // Come to my side.


SFX: sits
Yuurin: - ...

[Eh!? // Silence!?]
[Even though he usually says something sweet more that necessary.]

[He's mad about earlier...?]
SFX: rustle
Yurin: *Be-... Because I didn't report about being ignored...?

[Or could it be that he can't find words to compliment me because it doesn't look good on me...!?]
*Huh? Right, smile, smile*

SFX: whisper
Court Lady: What's going on? // She's already gone when we went to get her near the time...


Court Lady: -It's not something we need to panic. // It's not like we'll know who did that.
Court Lady: Besides, that person is already enjoying the banquet. // ...It's okay.

Roseki: Oh well! What a beauty!

Yuurin: Lip service...
Roseki: I see, no wonder His Majesty never turns his eyes toward other women.

Heika: ...Aah. // She's my special consort.
SFX: thump


Heika: I'm soothed by her just being by my side. // My important-

SFX: thump
[-The usual sweet act is-]

Roseki: - // Well well, such a deep affection...

Heika: -However, that important consort,
Heika: ever since she came to this Imperial Villa // sometimes she helplessly showed a distress face.



SFX: Ba-thump

Heika: Is there, // someone who knows the reason here among you?

Heika: What happened here, // the consort just won't say anything even if I ask.

Heika: She just keep everything inside herself.

Heika: But, I, // don't have any intention,
Heika: to ignore even a small thing that hurts her.


Heika: Anyone here,
Heika: rings a bell about this?

[The "Wolf King" // is angry.]

SFX: thump
[You're kidding! Even though almost every court ladies in the Imperial Villa // are involved with me being ignored?]

[This is not something you'll just say, "mend your manners!"]

[If this isn't handled carefully, everyone's head will fly.]
Yuurin: Your Majesty!


Yuurin: It's not like that.
[What should I do?]
Yuurin: I,
Yuurin: I didn't become distress because of that.

[I have to stop him.]

SFX: thump
SFX: thump

Yuurin: I'm tired by the unfamiliar trip and different land,
Yuurin: -that I long for the Inner Palace.
Yuurin: You've brought me here because of my willful wish, so I just couldn't say it to you-

Yuurin: -...I thought it was only something trivial. // I'm sorry for hiding it from you.


Yuurin: Please-

Heika: - // Come to my side.

Yuurin: -Yes.
SFX: thump

Heika: You, // really have a gentle heart.


Heika: - Continue with the banquet. // ...It was just a joke at a drinking party.

Roseki: Yes!

SFX; tremble tremble

Heika: ...You don't have to be afraid like that.
Heika: I just want you to at least, // discuss with me.

Heika: Both your hair and your dress,

Heika: look really good on you.
SFX: blush


[Th-th-th-This Wolf King really is-!!!]
*Kiiiiiii- squeak*

Yuurin: -Then,
Yuurin: you mean originally, the 'plan' was for Rijun-san to stop His Majesty in the middle of it...?

Rijun: -This time,


Rijun: The purpose was to left an impression of the "Wolf King", // on the people in the Imperial Villa who just couldn't get out of the mood from the previous king's days.

Rijun: It's not like we'll really behead everyone.
*And I did tell you to hold your tongue.*

SFX: stagger...

[did something unnecessary again...!! *My loss for being afraid...*]
*now, now*
SFX; wobble

*I seriously panicked you know!*

Rijun: -...Oh well, the truth is, // I was kept on suspense a bit because His Majesty's act seriously getting real...


Rijun: It can't be, // right...?
*If you're acting, say you're acting!!*
*Sorry sorry*

[-After that,]

[there was a secret apology came to the consort's place,]
Roseki: I heard about what happened from the court ladies...
SFX: bow bow
Roseki: I really don't know what should I say to you Okisaki-sama...!
[While making a huge turnaround from being ignored, to being extremely appreciated,]
*That consort,*
*is strong...*

[I started making my way back to the Inner palace...]
SFX: clank
SFX: clank
[In a carriage going home.]
Yuurin: -...Somehow, // I feel that I'm more tired compared to before I came here...


Heika: I'm sure, // you'll have easier stay when you come here next time.
SFX: clank
Heika: I think I should come for a hot spring trip sometimes, // to relieve the consort's fatigue.

Yuurin: ......-sk
SFX: clank

SFX: clank
Yuurin: That tactic will probably won't go well!! *Damn it!*
Heika: Eh-?
[-Until the very end, it was the Wolf King and the consort's  // far from leisure's hot spring trip.

[4 frame Hot Spring]

*After the transformation.*

[This is me...]
[Unbelievable! *I'm shining!*]

[But, above all else, what I can't really believe is,]
SFX: thump

[The fact that it was Rijun-san who made my hair and did my make-up!]
SFX: glitter
*hmph! Oh well, I guess this should be enough*

Yuurin: Th- // That skill is for what!?
*She tried hard wearing the clothes herself.*


*After the Bath*

Yuurin: ......... // ...That you for your help that time...
*I heard that you carried me*
Houen: -Hmph

Houen: It's such a lamentable story to hear that someone who don't even know how to manage her own health is His Majesty's consort. // To cause trouble for His Majesty during his recuperation...!
*biting words*
*biting words*
*Can't retort...*

Houen: Listen! If you want to fully enjoy the hot spring, you should limit getting into the bath to only 3 times a day! For a hot bath, do not soak inside for a long time!
Houen: You also need to get out from the water midway to cool down your body.

Houen: And, if you don't feel well, immeditley decrease your bathing rfrequency! // You should at lease remembber all these!
*You ameteur*
SFX: shock
[Th-... This guy, he can't be a hot spring's connoisseur...!?]

This is a very raw translation, so please pardon the mistakes. Enjoy the chapter. 

PASSWORD: newyear

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