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Thursday, November 29, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 90

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Spoiler images from Hyuuaya-san's blog here.

[The hopelessly intense, pure wish.]


Kapitel 90: The Never-ending Night 2

Ouka: Teito!! Leave here to me.
Ouka: Hurry and go!!

Kal: Is there any exits other than that door!?
Emperor: We can escape using the emergency elevator connected to the laboratory above!

Teito: Mikhael... Are you okay!?
[The noise is so terrible, I can't hear anything...!]


[Emergency elevator, running.]
[Detaching the unit code.]
SFX: rumble rumble rumble

Teito: !! // We can't leave Ouka!!

Kal: Do not waste Rosemanelle's determination!!
Kal: Your mission is to protect Pandora's Box!!

Teito: ...sk!!


Emperor: Ouka is my daughter! I'll sta-...
Kal: Your Majesty has to protect Teito's mother.

SFX: burst

SFX: throb
[Urgh... The noise again...]

SFX: woosh

SFX: woosh
SFX: woosh woosh
[This is...]
[The memory from before I was brainwashed by Ayanami...!?]


SFX: woosh woosh

Ayanami: ... // ...taste... -ke
Ayanami: ...Ragg... -line... right?
SFX: woosh

SFX: woosh


Ayanami: It tastes like... Raggs's bloodline right?


[What... was he talking about...]

Ayanami: As an entertainment,
Ayanami: I'll tell you a truth which will make you want to cover the memory with a lid... // The Raggs's King that I killed had sibling but,

Ayanami: To be more specific, it wasn't just two.


Ayanami: Krom,
Ayanami: Kreuz,
Ayanami: and,
Ayanami: Krowell.


Ayanami: That's right.

Ayanami: That is...


SFX: roar

SFX: roar
SFX: roar
Kal: What's wrong, Teito...?

Teito: Mom...
Teito: Did Dad... had... 3... siblings...?

Millea: Krom-sama's... siblings...?
Millea:   ...Yes.
Millea: If I'm not mistaken... he died... when he was young...


Nillea: The youngest brother... Krowell-sama... was...

Millea: really...
Millea: loved, preciously... so I heard...


Machine: Beep

Soldier: Hurry up and open it!! What are you doing!!
Soldier: It's... it's the error again!! We can't open it!!

Soldier: I hear it was a black monster but...
Soldier: Let me guess... // It must be a hacker who has barricade himself  inside right!?

Frau: ......
Frau: I just closed the door because you were too loud.


SFX: snap
SFX: snap // snap

Frau: It's hard to hold back. *It stuck*
Scythe: Gyoru...

Soldier: Gurh... This is not the time to be folding my arms at this kind of place... // Not to mention, there is no progerss in Roseamanelle-sama's search too...!!

Soldier: Roseamanelle-sama's disappearance and this barricade happened almost at the same time!
SFX: whoosh
Soldier: WHAT!? Hah, I guess...

Soldeir: It was you right!! You kidnapped Roseamanelle-sama and shut yourself in right!?
Frau: ...
Soldier: Open it!! There's no place for you to run!!


Soldier: If something happened to Roseamanelle-sama,
[A young girl kidnapper]
Soldier: Even if we have to sacrifice our lives, our whole military will eradicate you and your whole family and all your followers!!

Frau: Don't mess with me!! // I can't get out even if I want to!!!
SFX: Bam bam bam
Soldier: Gyaaaa
Frau: Bring the super S chief who locked me up here at once!!


SFX: stomp // stomp // stomp...

Scythe: ...Gyoru?


Scythe: Gyorurururu!!
Frau: Uwoh!! Stop struggling!!

Frau: ...Ah... It moved?

Frau: It's getting near...?


SFX: Thud
SFX: Thud

Katsuragi:  Well then...
Katsuragi: Time to go to where Teito-kun is.


[The ground is shaking... I feel like throwing up...]

[How could there be a ridiculous story like this.]
[For that guy to be within...]
[My precious family...]

Millea: Tia...she...? // What's... wrong...?
Teito: ...Mom... // It's okay... It's nothing...

[Aah... What a horrible dream.]


Machine: Beep

Scientist: ! // The emergency elevator from the lower research lab is arriving.

SFX: psshh

Kal: ...Geez... Making a face like you're gonna faint anytime.
SFX: dash
SFX: Gasp
Teito: !?

Scientist: Your Majesty...!? This is...
Kal: Let me go!! Saying me making a horrible face, it's not like you can see it!!
Kal: I know even if I can't see.
Emperor: My important guest. Let them through.


Kal: Seems like you've grown up a bit...
SFX: run run run run
teito: Let me go!! I can run by myself!!

Kal: Do you know where Zehel is?

Teito: Yes. // I checked it immediately after my memory returned so I know the general location.

SFX: Thunk
Kal: I see.


Kal: You go first.
SFX: roar roar roar
SFX: thud
Teito: !?

Kal: I was locked on just now.

Teito: Kal...?

SFX; roar roar
Kal: I firmly protected you for 10 years.
Kal: You have to live on.



SFX: gasp

Teito: Kal... It can't be...

Teito: Yours and my...


Teito: Did you change our soul numbers...!?

Katsuragi: !?



SFX: boom


Kal: I've been waiting for you, Landkarte.

Katsuragi: ...Ea.

[They were once friends who communicate through hearts. What the fated reunion brings is?

[To be continued next month.]

Well well well!
Finally! It was only for a few pages but it's still FRAU!!

And OMG!! Is Ayanami Teito's uncle?? Unexpected twist here! Never thought of that before!
I guess Hyuuga's part is over for now! 

And Kal! May the God be with you. *LOL* He's supposed to be the god!

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  1. OMG!! Thank you so much!! It was one of the greatest shock this year :) Ayanami is actually Teito's uncle...and he was really loved in the royal family. What went wrong?! ....I really wonder how will Teito confront Ayanami. I m really looking forward to kal and katsuragi and Ouka's confrontation with Ayanami! Glad to see Millea alive.

  2. The chapter was great !thank you for the translation=And if ayanami is teitos uncle then he killed his own brothers=i didnt expect this but i guess that what makes the manga interesting =Everything right now is just so interesting ^_^ i cant wait for the next one

  3. Hieuboy2004_SMALL JuryNovember 29, 2012 at 10:51 PM

    The second prince's name is Kreuz or Kroits? I mean he is Fea Kreuz, right?
    Kuroeru/Ayanami is Teito's uncle, huh? And he also was very loved by the family? Interesting. It's time for Ayanami's background story.
    The second prince is the vessel of Vetrag. The third prince is the reincarnation of Verloren. If Teito was Eve's reincarnation, this would be more hilarious than ever. LOL
    Ouka, please be okay. *pray*

  4. Ah! To much... inspiration!

  5. I think their name is Krom, kreuz and kroweil.
    well..... I`m bad at reading katakana thought, so maybe I am wrong...

    and what the hell is that family, the older one is guardian angel, the second is ghost and the younger is death god. Raggs is really a cursed family huh ? LOL

  6. This is really exciting!!!!!Now I can't study well waiting for the new chapter >.< I the chapter was so long.And apple-san I know your busy and again sorry for bugging you,but I can't stop thinking that you have forgotten about me(I hope not).I will be waiting for your reply tomorrow on yahoo

  7. wow.. that's surprise me!! ayanami is teito uncle? this is exciting! and what happen in next future chapter? teito is eve? well that's going to be fun seeing the author covering shounen ai to family love and care haha :D, so teito can build raggs kingdom with ayanami. together happily ever after, well thats what ayanami/verloren want when teito is eve I think...

  8. Hieuboy2004_SMALL JuryDecember 2, 2012 at 7:07 PM

    I really don't want that happen. I'm not an AyaTei fan and there are many fans who like other Teito or Ayanami's shippings. Surely they will not be happy if the mangaka let AyaTei happen.

  9. I don't like that pairing either, and I doubt it'll go that far, haha.

  10. yup! but I'm one of their fan haha! but really, ayanami purpose is finding eve it's going to be weird if the author create a new character =.= may be rather reincarnation of eve didn't show up at all than the author have to create a new chara (it's already near the climax :3) but what if the eve reincarnation is ouka? what do you think?

  11. im really exited about the next chapter .. Im looking forward to it..


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