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Thursday, November 1, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 89

07-Ghost Kapitel 89

Thanks to Ayu from the Brownie Post Ⅱ, we safely got the raws and are working on the chapter at the moment.
Look forward to it soon!^^
And the snippets for this chapter should be up on TBP anytime!

[The conviction I held in my heart, just quietly-.]

Kapitel 89: The never-ending night.


Konatsu: Colonel... // Zehel dropped the chandelier...

Konatsu: You weren't at the hall, how do you know that...?

[The key to open Pandora's Box,]

Katsuragi: ...
Katsuragi: Konatsu-kun.

[There's only one left.]


Katsuragi: I don't hate a person with good perception like you, but...

[Just one more and my wish will be granted.]


SFX: whoosh
Katsuragi: I'm sorry.

SFX: clank

Konatsu: Major!!
Hyuuga: Hmmm, I knew it.


Katsuragi: ...Since when did you realize it?

Hyuuga: The ones who weren't at the masquerade were Kuro-tan, Haruse, // Konatsu and you.
Hyuuga: Using Relikt's ability, we retraced the past and found out that everyone else but you was innocent.

Hyuuga:  When I was called earlier, // I vaguely suspected it, but...

Katsuragi: *Sigh*
Katsuragi: So that means there's no need to pretend anymore.


SFX: slash

Katsuragi: Wonderful.
SFX: fwoom *sudden movement*
Katsuragi: So fast.

Hyuuga: I see... The teleportation ability...
Hyuuga: What a repugnant guy.


SFX: sizzle
Hyuuga: !

Konatsu: Major!!
Hyuuga: ...

Hyuuga: Konatsu... Do not interfere.
Hyuuga: It's an order.

SFX: fwiishh...
TN: he cut off his own arm


Ayanami: Hyuuga.
Ayanami: Change with me.

Hyuuga: !!
Hyuuga: *suddenly*

SFX: *slips in...*

Ayanami/Hyuuga: Katsuragi... // No, Landkarte...

SFX: fwish...
Ayanami/Hyuuga: With Vertrag's power, I'm holding on to half of yours, and the other guys' souls,
Ayanami/Hyuuga: and we are supposed to be sharing our consciousness...


Ayanami/Hyuuga: However, since this soul is not yours, // that means you have given me the soul of another person.

[Probably the soul of the real Katsuragi...]

Katsuragi: You got that right, Chief Ayanami.
Katsuragi: For us Seven Ghosts, toying with other people's souls is nothing.

SFX: Up until now, I've been hanging this soul here like it was mine, // and have been deceiving you guys after all.


Ayanami/Hyuuga: So you're trying to become me by getting ahold of the body?

SFX: Fufu
Katsuragi: No, Verloren. // I sincerely respect you from the bottom my heart.

Katsuragi: It's just, I... // want to see the perfect world that you were supposed to attain.

Katsuragi: However, it is impossible for the current you.
Katsuragi: You've come far too close to the humans.

Katsuragi: If only you didn't know love and hate,
Katsuragi: you could have remained perfect...

Katsuragi: Aah... If only you didn't meet the Chief of Heaven's daughter...
Katsuragi: ...No.


Katsuragi: Like hell I'm going to let you see her again!!

Ayanami/Hyuuga: fwish

SFX: fwoosh

Ayanami/Hyuuga: ...So, you're a *bug...!
TN: defect


Ayanami/Hyuuga: !
SFX: appears

SFX: slip

[A defect was found inside you.]
[Before long, not only your appearance, but your core too, will turn black like mud.]

Ayanami/Hyuuga: ...It happens when a reaper strays from the right path... // And,

["We'll administer a proper treatment tomorrow."]
["Until then, I forbid you from meeting anyone."]


Ayanami/Hyuuga: He said, because it will infect everyone and everything it touches...

["Chief! It's too severe."]
["He is intelligent. Such situation would never..."]
["No. You people don't know how terrifying that is."]

["It will surpass any kind of darkness existing above ground presently, and become a demon who will swallow everything."]
Katsuragi: Fufu...  Such thing doesn't matter to me. // I only have one wish.
SFX: roar

Katsuragi: If I can equip myself with your power, // I can change this world into a perfect thing...!!
Hyuuga: ...Just,
Hyuuga: because,
Hyuuga: I've been listening,
Hyuuga: silently for a while...
SFX: clench


SFX: slash
Hyuuga: That is what you called taking one’s place, Katsuragi-san!!


[Do not touch him. Change with me.]

Hyuuga: ......


Hyuuga: No. It looks like I've been infected.

[If you keep linking with me like this,]

Ayanami: ...
SFX: fsshh
[Even your real body won't get away safely.]

Hyuuga: I'll go first. // Once you've returned to being a reaper, come and play with me, okay.

["Which one do you prefer, right or left arm? Or should the legs come first?"]


Labrador: Whichever you like.
Hyuuga: It's boring, don't look at me with those kind of eyes, okay?

Labrador: Seems like there is other people who needs  Pandora's Box other besides you guys.

Labrador: He is trying to get inside you as well.

Labrador: He is no longer a human...
Hyuuga: ...
Labrador: He is a demon who possesses humans and bit-by-bit destroys and devours them from the inside.

Labrador: ...If you have this, you can protect your important person.
Hyuuga: What?
Labrador: A flower seed which eats away darkness.


[Aya-tan's command is ringing inside my head.]
[But I can't listen to that command.]

Hyuuga: I got you ☆

Katsuragi: ...For you to die in vain,
Katsuragi: it's so unlike you.

Hyuuga: Yup.
Hyuuga: It's so unlike me.
SFX: poof


Labrador: ...But remember, think carefully when you use this.
Labrador: Because it eats away darkness,
Labrador: you might be devoured together as well.

Hyuuga: There's no need for me to think.


Katsuragi : !!!

SFX: screech

SFX: rumble


SFX: rumble rumble rumble

Konatsu: Ma...jor...

Konatsu: ...!!
SFX : clupk

SFX: flow flow flow flow


SFX: slowly
SFX: smoothly

Katsuragi: So half of me is dead...
Katsuragi: The sensation is a little... off... // How impudent of you...

["It would be great if what you want is inside the Black Hawks, Konatsu."]


Katsuragi: !
SFX: creak

Konatsu: I'll kill you, even if we end up stabbing each other!!

Katsuragi: The current you can't kill me.
Katsuragi: But, I have changed my mind as well.

SFX: sudden
Katsuragi: I'll let you live for now.

SFX: clang


SFX: falls
Katsuragi: If... the time comes when the hatred you just embraced,
Katsuragi: stains your clear soul black, // I'll deal with you myself.

SFX: rips

Katsuragi: ...Well then.
SFX: slush


Katsuragi: Let's go and open the last lock of Pandora's Box.


Teito: Mom... // I'll definitely come back for you.

Teito: Kal. Please change everyone’s soul number here, except mine.
Teito: From now on, I'll meet up with Frau and the others, and get out of this fortress.

Kal: ...So you plan to be bait.
Teito: Rather than not knowing where he'll appear, // it's much easier to know he'll only appear in front of me.


[That guy will definitely,]
[appear in front of me once more...!!]

Ouka: Teito, your wings still haven’t recovered. Are you okay?
Teito: Eh? It's out? // The restoration hasn’t finished yet!?

SFX: Thud

Teito: Come to think of it, there's no feeling...

SFX: plink

Ouka: *Ayanami is closing in!!
TN: The person who's holding Verloren's soul.


Ouka: On the other side of the door, 30-meters ahead!!
Teito: !!

Ouka: Teito, // the mission , I...
Ouka: I'll fulfill the mission of resealing Verloren's soul!!

Teito: Ouka!! // Ayanami, I will...

Teito: !?


[The Eye of Mikhael isn't responding...?]
[Speaking of which, even though Ouka realized Ayanami's approach, I didn't sense it at all...]

[Master...!! The restoration of the fracture won’t start.]
[Because of the damage caused by Raphael, errors are occurring on all circuits.]


Teito: It can't be...
Teito: Mikhael... is broken...?

[The damaged Mikhael. Imminent danger is approaching from around the corner-!!]

After reading this chapter, I realized I made a mistake in the spoiler post before. Katsuragi actually was talking about Verloren, and not Fea Kreuz. I thought it was weird about how he attached Landkarte is to another ghost like him. But if it's Verloren, then it's all make sense! 

Still no Frau in this chapter, but Labrador was here, in Hyuuga's flashback! Seems like he already guessed about Landkarte! Awesome Lab!! 

Both Ayanami and Landkarte are approaching! But Mikhael is broken!! FRAU!! You really really have to come up soon!! 

PW: Valmet


  1. Is there any page that you haven't translated yet? http://ameblo.jp/hyuuaya/image-11390078621-12257179666.html. It seems that Ayanami is calling Hyuuga's name but I can really find it in your translation. I wonder what he commanded Hyuuga.
    Thanks so much for translating. Good job!

  2. Yes, there is a missing page! I did feel like something was missing but I didn't think much about it.While I'm waiting for a clear image from Ayu, I tried to translate that page using Hyuuaya-san's picture, but I can't really read the kanji in the middle panel. Do you know what was written in the bubble?

  3. I can't read it either. But it's something like Ayanami commanded Hyuuga not to touch Katsuragi/Landkarte or what 0.0. That's my guess, so I think we have to wait for the clear image.

  4. Fixed. There should be no missing translation now.

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    And michael. He is the most cool character for me >__<
    But in this chapter~ T__T
    Shouldn't rapahel is actually a "god of healer"? Can't she repair michael T___T

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