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Sunday, December 9, 2012

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 19

First of all, I would like to say thank you and welcome to T&S new members, La Bionda and Lucyvanbelt06! With them joining our editor rank, I hope maybe we could at least make a release every month, but then... I hope my unpredictable schedule won't hinder you guys from getting your fix of this manga every month! Currently, there are 40 chapters already published in Japan, I know we're quite behind the schedule, but what can we do? We only have one translator, which is me, so it would be great if someone out there is interested in joining me translating this manga! And I know there are a lot of mistakes in the translation, so feel free to point them out! Or you can join us as a proofreader! Either way I don't mind.^^
Okay, enough with the talk, doki-doki jump to read chapter 19's translation!

Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 19


[Hakuyou Country // Inner Palace.]

[After we, the acting couple came back from our trip, // we returned to our usual lives.]

[Yes, // our usual,]

Heika: From tomorrow, I'll be spending all my time with work at the palace for a while. // It doesn't seem like I'll be able to bring you to the office.
Yuurin: Oh, my... But...


Heika: It will be hard on me as well during the time when I'm separated from you. // ...I'll return to the Inner Palace by night.
Heika: Be good and wait for me.

Yuurin: Yes... // Your Majesty...

[一...It really is, // as usual.]
[This part-time job is so embarrassing!!]
Heika: You're still not used to it, Yuurin.


[Acting ends]
Yuurin: I'm sorry... It's still awkward for me...
Heika: No, as for me, I think it's fine for you to stay that way though.

[Even though it is my job to act as a close couple,]
[acting is still not my forte.]
SFX: sigh

[But, if possible, I want to be useful to His Majesty...]
*Not to mention, the hot spring plan was a great failure...*
Yuurin: I wonder if I should try my best on this...
SFX: worry worry

SFX: smile
Heika: 一If that's so, // wanna try a special training?

SFX: thump
*Special training?*


Heika: Ah, // It's okay not to force yourself. *It was just a joke, a joke*

Yuurin: 一Seriously, // I wonder how can this person switch so easily.

Yuurin: No matter how much time passed, His Majesty is still a mystery...

[Like how that suddenly appears, // in our daily lives.]

Koudai: Heh~
Koudai: Seems like, // the story about His Majesty hiring a consort is true.


Koudai: I thought it was some kind of a joke!

SFX: startled
Yuurin: !? // Eh!?

[Who!? // When did he get into the room!?]
SFX: clank
Heika: ...Koudai.

Heika: Won't you please normally enter the room? // She will be surprised.

Koudai: Haha // Awesome! You really look like a couple!
SFX: thud


Koudai: 一After finishing my given mission, // Koudai, is now back!
SFX: thud

SFX: shine
Koudai: For the time being, give me some food.

[What is he!?]

Yuurin: 一Your Majesty's, // spy?]

Heika: Yes. // For about a year, I sent him to the rural areas for surveillance. // I called him back this time.

SFX: munch munch
[Spy... is...]


Koudai: That's right. // The Wolf King's brilliant servant who works behind the scenes.

Koudai: Uwah! I'm so COOL! // Ah, feel free to call me Dai-chan okay, Okisaki-chan!
*...A bright spy...*

[一His Majesty is talking in his "puppy" mode means, // he's someone who knows that "The Wolf King" is an act, right...]

Koudai: 一 // Even so, this is unexpected.
Koudai: I thought, according to "The Wolf King's" taste, he would hire a sexy beauty-


SFX: walks
Heika: Please don't say some random things with just your imaginations okay, Koudai?
SFX: grab
SFX: squeeze
Koudai: Imagination! It was just an imagination!

Heika: Since you've finished your greeting, why don't we go to the room over there for a bit?
Koudai: I don't have any ulterior motives. *Believe me*
Heika: No, don't we have a lot we need to talk about too, yes?

Heika: See you later, Yuurin. // I'll leave it to you to take care of the place from tomorrow.
Yuurin: Yes...
Yuurin: ...Somehow, that kind of His Majesty is unusual...


Yuurin: They must be very close...!
SFX: Wow-

Elder: Oh yes.
Elder: The spy who came back yesterday, yes. // That must be the guy who has been following His Majesty since before he ascended the throne. // He sometimes came to extort snacks.
SFX: crunch crunch
Yuurin: 一 I see...

[Is it better for me to get along with him as well? // He is one of the few people who knows about the situation.]

Koudai: Ooh? // Gossiping about me?


SFX: poke out
Koudai: As for me, I prefer to hear about your story, Okisaki-chan.

Yuurin: Geh
SFX: dangle
Koudai: Ooo~ps, don't scream, okay. *endure it, endure*

Koudai: Ah, Gramps Chou, what's that? Is it delicious!?
Elder: I won't give you any.
Koudai: Stingy!
SFX: crunch crunch
SFX: crunch crunch

Koudai: And so, how did you ensnare His Majesty!?
*You're incredible*
*Hyuu~ Hyuu~*
Yuurin: I did not.

Koudai: ? // Then, how did you knock him down?
*Go~ Go~*
Yuurin: I did not knock him down.


Yuurin: I'm just a part-timer! // I'm only acting as husband and wife with His Majesty!
*Geez, cut it out*

Koudai: You mean, you guys were not an item?
*Boo Boo*
Yuurin: Yes, yes!
*Elder, you're noisy*
SFX: Nod nod

Koudai: ...Really.

Koudai: Gee, // I was holding on my hopes because he keeps on hiring only one person.


Koudai: As I thought, you're no good as well.

Koudai: I see His Majesty is still the same as usual too. // How boring.

Koudai: Oh well, fine then. // See you again, Okisaki-chan!


[What the hell is with that guy!?]
Yuurin: What does he mean by 'no good'? // What's with 'boring' huh?

Heika: Aah...
Heika: Please don't mind about Koudai too much okay? // I don't know what he said but,
Heika: from the beginning, he does have problems with his speech and conduct.

Yuurin: - // You guys are close.
Heika: 一Well, I can be at ease with him, we have known each other for years after all.


[一He has known him longer than me, // knows a lot pf things, // and he's probably trusted too.]
Yuurin: It's not something I can freely give a piece of my mind...
Heika: Do you have anything else you're troubled with in the Inner Palace?

Yuurin: I'm okay. Compared to the Imperial Villa, it's definitely much more easier to be here! // Besides, since it has been a while for me working hard at cleaning, I'm replenished to the fullest!
Heika: Please come and take a look if you have time!
*It's all polished, bright and all shiny now*


Yuurin: What?


Heika: Nothing. // If you're having a great time,
Heika: I guess I shouldn't spare you the labour work.
Heika: That's what I was thinking.

SFX: bathump

Heika: Ah. // ...Eh?
Heika: Err...


Heika: As I thought, you're still not used to it.

Yuurin: ! // Pl-Please, don't do it, geez! // Unlike Your Majesty, I can't just suddenly get into the act!
Heika: I see.
Rijun: Your Majesty.

Heika: Aah, right away. // 一Yuurin, I have to hear Koudai's report for a bit from now.
Yuurin: Eh?

Heika: I couldn't find time during the day. // ...Sorry I couldn't stay too much here.
Yuurin: No, please. // Good luck at your work!


[He seems like he has it tough.]
[...Speaking about something that I could do at the Inner Palace, // it's either cleaning, or waiting only.]

SFX: thump
Yuurin: ...I wonder if, // I should do a special training...

[No no, it's definitely embarrassing.]

[一For the time being, tomorrow, // I'll prepare delicious tea and snacks, and wait for him! *Yup*]



[The next day]
Yuurin: Eh? // Today too?
Rijun: At any rate, it is a year worth of report after all.

[The day after the next day]
Yuurin: 一Again?
Rijun: It drags.

[Plus, the day after that]
Yuurin: Is it...?
Rijun: It was tedious for me as well.

[Since then, I never thought I would be completely neglected...!!!]
Yuurin: Government affairs during the day, reports meeting at night, // he doesn't come here at all...!!
SFX: anxious anxious anxious anxious

Yuurin: No no, I understand.
Yuurin: It's his job after all, job! *It can't be helped*


Koudai: And you know, // because His Majesty seems like he about to snap from being surrounded by those old foxes,
Koudai: it turned into a drinking party from the middle of it yesterday-
Elder: Ooo-
[一He's playing around-]

Koudai: Why are you so mad like that, Okisaki-chan?


Koudai: Look, // if you don't smile and welcome him, won't you get hated by His Majesty 一?
Yuurin: I did not meet him these past few days!
SFX: Hmph

[He said "Wait for me".]

Yuurin: Because it looks like His Majesty is having more fun talking with his friend.
[The part-time consort has no right to complain, but, // in the end,]

[I couldn't get in between.]
Koudai: Friend?
SFX: astonished


Koudai: I'm not friends with His Majesty you know?
Koudai: Rather, even if I'm asked to, // I would never be friends with that kind of person.

Koudai: Ah, // it's almost time.
Kouai: See you一

[What, // was that?]


Yuurin: Hey you! // Wait there!
SFX: totter totter
Koudai: EEHHH!? // Why are you following me, Okisaki-chan!

SFX: glare
Yuurin: 一How dare you impudently...



Yuurin: His Majesty looked happy with your return you know!? // For that, you...

Yuurin: In the first place, after you show off your good relations with him that no one can get in between, // what the hell with "not friends" thing huh? *So what am I then? Getting mad all by myself?*

Yuurin: Anyway,


Yuurin: Stop saying hurtful things, // about His Majesty // okay-...

SFX: shaky
SFX: clack

SFX: stagger

Koudai: Oh-
Koudai: my my-

Yuurin: Eeh!?
Koudai: Awesome-



Koudai: Nice //timing!

Heika: 一!!



Heika: Just when I thought I saw an illusion which should never be seen on the top of the roof,
Heika: ...are you the real one?

Heika: -Oh well, not that it matters.
Heika: What are you doing, my consort?
SFX: hugs
Yuurin: 一



Heika: ...Is this a genuine illusion?
*I'm hugged back*
SFX: hugs
Yuurin: ......This is just a special training!

[I was mad at him, but,]

Heika: That's such a good idea.
Yuurin: It's no good. It's still embarrassing.

[I guess it doesn't really matter for me too.]

SFX: creep creep

Heika: So. // Where are you trying to go, Koudai?

Koudai: *Hi there* The fact that she's one unpredictable girl, // I totally get that now.
*Thank god it was not a really high roof*


Koudai: 一Ah. // I chased away the rats that were loitering around the outer wall. // As usual, you have lots of enemies.

Heika: They're probably watching the consort. // ...Continue guarding her.

Koudai: Without her knowing about it right? Roger!

Koudai: 一By the way, Your Majesty, do you want to be friends with me?
Heika: ?
Heika: Not at all. I don't want to.

Koudai: Right? // I'm your tool after all.


Koudai: Okisaki-chan who knows nothing, // and The Wolf King who hides everything.
Koudai: The two of them, // are probably much more interesting than what I thought.

[一And so,]
Koudai: Reports from me is over, so I'll return His Majesty to you. // Feel free to flirt as much as you want.
Yuurin: Wh-
[A personnel was added to my daily life at The Inner Palace.]


Yuurin: *What are you saying?* It's not as if I'm wishing for that!! // Rather, I don't want to!!
Yuurin: So embarassing
SFX: Kiii
Koudai: Okisaki-chan, // I think His Majesty is hurt this time.
Yuurin: Huh!? How could that be!?

[I seems like our mutual understanding, // is so far away.]
Heika: ......

Rijun: I never thought the day, //  when I would have to tell the consort(part-time) "you can't climb the roof" would come...
*Haaa* *long sigh*
Yuurin: I'm sorry...

[End of Chapter 19]

Introducing a new character, Koudai! 
Love the last part where Rijun-san was giving his usual lecture to Yuurin!

PW: easter


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