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Monday, December 31, 2012

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 91

Omatase! Here comes Kapitel 91! ❀
And Happy New Year!

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[The limited moment, the supreme relaxation一.]

Kapitel 91: The Never-ending Night 3


Landkarte: Ea...I'm curious.
SFX: shoom shoom
Landkarte: You were always boiling the water right on time when I came.

Ea: It's because you always brought along presents that made us choke, so tea is necessary.
*It's coffee today*
SFX: shift
Landkarte: Eh? So, you mean...

Landkarte: Even though you don't know when I'll come, you always boil water and wait for me? // Ea... I didn't know you were always looking forward to it... // You're so dishonest!
Ea: You got it wrong.

Ea: Unfortunately...
Ea: I've come to know about the timing when you'll come.


Landkarte: You know? Even though you're not Profe?
SFX: shoom shoom

Ea: Landkarte... When you move, you set the alignment on the soul number right? // The moment you set it, there is a slight vibration around this soul.

Landkarte: There's no vibration.
Ea: There is. // It's because you're on the side who's doing the locking, that's why you don't know.

Landkarte: Fufufu. I'm sure it's that. You sort of know when I'll come,
Landkarte: so your heart is getting excited.

Ea: Totally wrong.


Landkarte: I see.
Landkarte: So, that means you're Ea...

Landkarte: Former General Miroku's Begleiter, Kal Ien.

Landkarte: So we both were nearby. // You timed the time when I’d come,
Landkarte: and changed Teito-kun's soul number with your own soul number.


Landkarte: ...This is troublesome. It's you after all. I'm sure, just like 10 years ago, // you must have changed the soul number of every single related person.

Ea: That's not all.
Ea: You've run out of your luck by coming inside this Book of Hades.

Ea: If you were in the real world, you could have gathered plenty of human darkness, // and repairing your crumbling body would have been possible.

SFX: flow

Ea: There's no darkness here.
SFX: drips


Ea: You can only rot away in here.

Landkarte: ...I see.
Landkarte: This place is a space where anything other than the words you write doesn't exist. So that's why. // I feel uncomfortable being here.

SFX: screech

[Entering and exiting the Book of Hades all depends on Ea's will only...]

[I have to defeat Ea if I want to get out of here.]

SFX: slash


Landkarte: !

SFX: fwoosh

SFX: bam bam bam

Ea: What a bad way to say it. // It's the space where you freely stayed in the past.

SFX: fshh
[!? My body won't move.]


[This is...]
[The words of "restriction" and "purification"..!!]
Landkarte: !!

Ea: Don't move. It will only accelerate the rotten speed.

[I see... So, in the Book of Hades,]
[there's no one who can go against Ea's word...]


Ea: ...Although, I,
Ea: do not write the destination of your soul after you rot in the Book of Hades.

Landkarte: ...I don't have a destination...?
Landkarte: Not the underworld? Nor hell?

Ea: That's right... Your soul can never get out from the Book of Hades, for eternity.

Landkarte: ...I see.
Landkarte: I heard that my body and soul which have become bugs just now, // are something troublesome which will infect everything.


Landkarte: Isolating the source of the infection from both the human world and the heaven, // is the best way, that's what you're saying.

["When a death reaper strays from the right path,]
[a bug will occur."]

Ea: No...
Ea: You're not just a bug.

Ea: You've taken it with that body...
Ea: this world's fate of darkness一...

Ea: 13 years ago, you tried to purify the human souls around the world一...



Ea: What's wrong? Tired of playing around?
Landkarte: I'm not tired.

Landkarte: It's just... I purified 1000 human souls recently.
SFX: poof
Ea: You... You are working more than enough!!

Landkarte: And then... I thought I would like to confirm the result from that, so I turned around and looked back.

Landkarte: But... 640 souls of the people were corrupted again about the same level as before, // and 265 souls were corrupted about the half from before.
Landkarte: 95 souls were corrupted much more than before.


Ea: ...
Fest: It's because you especially try to purify the human with horrible corruption.

*Even though once is more than enough*
Frau: *You can only go so far. // For those who don't get better even after you cleanse twice, make a list. I'll cut and punish them.
*Wasn't it 3 times?*
TN: This is a Japanese proverb, literally it translates "You can only see the Buddha's face thrice". However, the actual meaning here is "You can only go so far". The conversation later related to the number you see the Buddha's face here, thrice, twice and once.

Landkarte: No.
Landkarte: I won't give up.

Ea: 一As the result, you,
Ea: you took upon yourself the darkness of those people whom you couldn't purify, in their stead.


Ea: Isn't that right?
Ea: Landkarte.

Ea: And when I started looking for you did I finally realize... // that you, at that time,

Ea: had taken over my darkness...

Ea: The small darkness, like a whisper, born from each and every human,

Ea: someday will become a huge heaving wave, which will weigh on your back...

Ea: Big enough that it will bring an impediment to your soul...


Ea: It's not your sin only.
Ea: For us who didn't notice that,
Ea: and for the people all over the world, we bear the equal sin.

Ea: Landkarte...
Ea: Let's put an end to this.

Ea: You've purified enough darkness.
Ea: All that left is, for me to purify your darkness in here forever. // That's why...

Ea: You don't have to suffer... anymore than this...


SFX: click

Landkarte: Ea. // You're soft.

Ea: !?

SFX: fwush


SFX: cough

Ea: Gah

SFX: tightening
Landkarte: Hmm...

Landkarte: Teito-kun's soul number is... 042761.
SFX: flows flows flows
[Damn it...! My memory is being rea-...]


Landkarte: I,
Landkarte: I do not wish for my own redemption.

Landkarte: What I wish for is...

SFX: glows

Ea: Gack...
Ea: ...-rte...
SFX: drag

Ea: Landkarte... // I'm sorry...
Ea: I couldn't...save... you...


SFX: fwoosh

Landkarte: Not by poison, // it would be great if you died by drowning as well.

Ea: ......... You...
SFX: cough
SFX: drip drop

Landkarte: Sorry for saying it after you were dead, but...
SFX: crunch crunch
Ea: It's very much regrettable too even if you say it before I died. // Don't talk about poison while we're eating.


Ea: ...Both poison, or drowning,
Ea: nothing changes about those being the sublime pain.

Lankarte: You're right... // However, it's just the way I died is probably a little bit unique.
Ea: ?

Landkarte: My cause of death was,
Landkarte: to be more specific, human sacrifice.

Ea: Human sacrifice... // to appease the flood disaster... a sacrifice...?

Landkarte: There are 3 large rivers in the 3rd district,
Landkarte: and in the past, for several times, those 3 rivers will overflow and flood at once, causing many people to die. // The long years of the embankment construction also was delayed because of the repeating flood.

Landkarte: During that time, that Crat Family received a prophecy.


["Give a human sacrifice to each river."]

Landkarte: However, the people's revolt were inevitable. // In order to set an example, someone from the God House was made to be one of the sacrifices.
Landkarte: And so, I, who had the most distant relation even within the hod house was chosen.

Landkarte: Solemn prayer was offered,
Landkarte: and like a god, I was worshiped by a lot of people.

Landkarte: But, that was just for appearance sake.


Lankarte: Fufu... It's a similar world to where Ea was before.
Ea: ...
Landkarte: Thinking about it now, I guess that was probably the original form of darkness.

Landkarte: While sinking into the river,

Landkarte: the pain caused by the huge amount of the water entering me instead of the breath, // and among other things, the dread caused by the body temperature being taken away,
Landkarte: I struggled when that bad feelings weigh upon me.

Landkarte: However, as I sank deeper and deeper into the water, // and as the light fades far away...


Landkarte: That bad feelings, were dissolved by the water, and disappeared.

[There's no hatred, or anything...]

Landkarte: There was nothing there, // and it was eternally quiet.
Landkarte: In the world where I've been freed from any kind of feelings一...

[What a...]


[What a perfect world.]


Ea: Landkarte... It's not that there's nothing...

Ea: That was, because you...


[I can't remember...]
[What did Ea say at that time...]

Landkarte: If you saw that, // I'm sure you would understand as well.
Landkarte: The fact that there is a perfect world, where there's neither love nor hate...



Ouka: Kuh... // Why...
Ouka: For me not to be able to win with Raphael's power...

Ayanami: It's because your body is inferior to the original by 0.03%.


Ouka: ...sk. // You, how come?
Ouka: Mother...

Ouka: I had my predecessor released the seal...

Ouka: Gugh...
SFX: Thud
SFX: Thud

Attendant: Ouka-sama!!


SFX: slides

[Even though my soul has already been painted black...]

Landkarte: Soul number 042761...
[My heart aches.]

SFX: thump thump
Landkarte: I won't let you get away this time, Teito-kun.


[He's coming...!!]

Teito: There's supposed to be some reactions from Frau coming from the floor below...
SFX: thud

SFX: thud thud thud
[There's still no reaction from Mikhael...!!]


[Is Ouka alright!?]
[And Kal...]





SFX: fwoosh


Frau: Bingo.

[Finally, the reunion一!!]

To be continued next month.


So, FRAU is back into the picture! 
Ayanami VS Ouka.
And Frau VS Landkarte.
Teito is on leave. Broken Mikhael=Useless Teito after all, LOL.

Interesting chapter right?

Password: reunion



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