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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And here is the S-Chief!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to K-81!

The lovely image on this post is our dear bad guy: Ayanami! He's just so handsome without his cap (I wish I could burn it, but knowing him, he would just find a new one). *sign* I guess this is one of the few images we will get of him without it.

You must be surprised why there's a new post of 07-Ghost, so to make a short story shorter:
We decided to make a re-scanlation of the first chatpers we released (79 and 81), since back then it was only Apple working on them (now we have more staff and all).
You know whre to find the link!

Password is: redone
I know, its not very creative but I ran out of ideas (it just happens when I need them most, lool).
Remember: chapter is available online in Batoto, and only in Batoto.

Play nice until the new time!


  1. Thank you!

    - ThorongilAnime

  2. The password isn't working for me :(

  3. Did you tried the version that has the 'v2' after the 81? The Kapitels 81 have different passwords each so you might have tried the original version.
    If it keeps not working tell me and I will see what kind of problem it can be.

  4. You're welcome!
    Stay tuned for the new one!


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