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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Volume 04 EXTRA (18.5)

An after story about what happened during His Majesty's stay at Yuurin's house! Poor poor Seishin!! With this chapter, I've finished translating volume 04. I'll be moving to volume 05 soon and once again, I'll say here, we are in desperate need for editors!! It's okay if you don't have experience, as long as you have an editing software, preferably photoshop because it will be easy for me to teach you what you don't know, time and dedication. Simple. Just leave me a message with your email here or click on the 'CONTACT US' tab above.

Ookami Heika no Hanayome v04 EXTRA


[This is Hakuyou Country. // A country governed by a ruthless and cruel Wolf King.]
[I, Tei Seishin, // am living at the downtown of Royal Capital, Kenrou.]

SFX: chirp chirp
SFX: chirp chirp

Seishin: - It sure is peaceful.
Seishin: As if the ruckus from before was a lie.


[That's right. I had a rough time, // when Yuurin-neesan came back for a while from her part-time job...]

*Please don't say anything weird to my brother okay?*

Ookami Heika no Hanayome Special


Yuurin: Let me introduce him to you again.
Yuurin: This is Rishou-san, he's merely my superior at my part-time job.

Heika: Please take care of me.

Seishin: -Thank you for always taking care of my sister...
Seishin: Nee-san, it was already suspicious when you emphasize it there...
[For that Nee-san who never had that kind of rumor floating around her,]


[It was surprising enough for her to bring home a male guest...]
Seishin: I wonder what's the truth...
Yuurin: So you see, // since he wants to go sight-seeing around here, it's better for him to stay over, // so is there any room available...

Seishin: I see, hmm, what should I do...

Heika: *Ah* If it's too much trouble, // I don't mind being together with Yuurin.

Yuurin: Rishou-sann!!!?
*Please read the situation*
Heika: Ahaha, of course it was just a joke.
Yuurin: Ahahahaha! Seriously, please stop making such a joke.


SFX: turn
SFX: turn away

Yuurin: It's not like that okay!?
Seishin: It's fine. I didn't hear anything!

Seishin: - // She did say he's not her lover but,
Seishin: So, they want to keep it under wrap, // for the time being?

*Listen here.*
*It seriously not what you think!*

[It's quite lonely but,]


[I guess, it's time for Neesan, // to think about her happiness as well...]

Heika: Ah.
Heika: So there's also a narrow road even in a place like this. // Does it function well?
[Second day of the break. Guiding around downtown.]

*Yuurin was at her friend's place*

Seishin: Ah, you can't go up ahead. // I heard that the vogue hoodlums are loitering around...
Seishin: Kigaku-san told me. *Be careful*

Seishin: He said he wants to go sight-seeing, but why does he's so anxious going to the back-alley. // What a strange person...

Heika: ......


Heika: *Hmm* ...So it's quite dangerous. // Are the guards located at various places useless?

Seishin: - It's too big, // I think they probably don't have enough hand to deal with everything...
Seishin: .........

Heika: - So they won't move, // if you don't give them *money, huh.
TN: money here means bribe

SFX: shudder
Seishin: - // Yes.

Heika: No matter who it is, everyone just think about the same thing.

[This person,]


[I wonder what kind of person he is.]
Seishin:  A maid's supervisor... // Usually, he must be a civil official right? *probably*

Heika: *Oh well* Well then, let's keep going.
SFX: excited excited
Seishin: ...Eehh!? // So you're going through the road after all!?
Heika: Since we already here.


[Quarrel at the back-alley]
*What the hell with you-*
*So they really are here*

[Quarrel at the shop]
*What did you do*
*Didn't you stumble all by yourself?*

[Quarrel with Kigaku-san]
*get out*

[What the hell is going on with this person!?]


[Making Nee-san mad]
*I have a weird face after all!*

[Why did you purposely cause problems!?]


[This kind of person,]


[Is my future brother-in-law...!!?]

[I tell you that's not it]

Seishin: This won't do... // I can't concentrate on studying...

SFX: thud

Heika: Oh
SFX: peek
Heika: Studying at this time?
Seishin: Wah!

Seishin: Ah. // Yes, I'm sorry, was I too loud?
Heika: It's fine.


Heika: You certainly attend a good school. // Are you aiming to be a government official?
SFX: flip flip

Seishin: Ah, // yes.
Seishin: I know that almost all candidates who passed the service examination come from the noble houses, // and it's hard for a commoner but...
*It's compulsory to pass if you want to be promoted*

Seishin: That is why, I think, someone who has a commoner's point of view, // has to be involved with the internal government.

Seishin: - Besides, // I want to repay Nee-san, // who has been working hard for me with some sort of form...


Heika: -

Sieshin: -?

Heika: I see. // No wonder Yuurin really loves you.

Heika: No, it's true, // that it's hard for a commoner to pass the exam.
Heika: But, it will be a different story if you have some personal connections.


Heika: Tei Seishin. // Do you want a connection?
SFX: smile

SFX: thump

Seishin: I- // I don't need it.
Seishin: I'll be scolded by Nee-san if I don't pass with my own strength.


Heika: Ahaha. // You got that right.
SFX: smile

Heika: *Yup* The current king prioritizes ability over academic. // As long as you have the required ability, your sosial status is not of concern. *The surrounding is favorable for the nobles though*

Heika: Good luck. // I'll be cheering for you.
SFX: pat
Seishin: -...

Seishin: Yes...
[The next day.]


[After he fought with Kigaku-san once more, // ...like a storm, those two returned to the royal palace.

*Go back alone!*
*What are you saying!*

[And Nee-san keeps denying it until the end...]

*It's not what you think okay*

Seishin: It's so peaceful...

Seishin: ...He was a very weird person, // but he doesn't seem like a bad person, // ...I guess.

[-Yup. Besides, // what matter the most is Nee-san's happiness.]

Seishin: Yes, sometimes, // being noisy like that also...]


[A violent sister]
[A free brother in law]

Seishin: ...No- // Well,
Seishin: it really is a a bit, // troublesome...
*distant look*

[Incidentally, after that, // with the guards replacement and the patrol reinforcement,]

[A small peace was brought over his surrounding, // but of course, there is no way for that boy to know the reason.]
SFX: warm
Heika: You brother was so cute.
Yuurin: Right!!? *Right? Right?*
*Extreme brother complex*



End of Volume Extra manga
Down town; after that.

[At the downtown, number one;]

Guy: Aniki- // Are you sure? Letting Yuurin go just like that.

Guy: Don't you think it's better to bring her back somehow...

*caught by a bad guy*

Kigaku: Shut up! Leave her alone.
Kigaku: I don't care anymore.

Guy: *Bu-* But, you worried about her so much before with her working at the palace...
SFX: snap
Kigaku: I did not worry about her!
Guy: No, I mean, you were concerned...


Kigaku: Oh well, we know she's fine by just looking at her.
Kigaku: If she had made her resolve, // it's better to let her cry once. That idiot woman.

Guy: Aniki...

Kigaku: However, you guys, do not leak rumors which will make it hard for her to come back home!
*After all she'll return crying a river*
*That brat sure caused lots of trouble*

SFX: teary teary
Guy: *Damn it...* Your love is deep, Aniki...!!
Kigaku: It's not love!!
[Didn't hear.]


[At down town, number two;]

Seishin: Speaking of which, // I got a letter form Nee-san after she returned to the royal palace.
Seishin: She sounds the same as usual.

Kigaku: Is that so... // ......

Kigaku: By the way, what did she say in the letter? // ...Did she write about that bastard?
Seishin: Wanna read it?

[Seishin, how are you? Nee-san is working hard here. Did you catch a cold? Do you eat properly? Do you have fun studying? Any repugnant guy at your school? If there is, Nee-san will go and give him some so don't forget to tell me. You are a gentle, considerate, smart, good and a nice kid after all, Nee-san always worries about you. And, I've always told you this, make sure father pay for his own debt somehow. If it's getting bad, remember to escape by yourself okay...]

*The same as usual*
Kigaku: She impressively wrote about you only...

[A brother complex right to the end.]


[At the palace.]

Yuurin: ! // Geez, Seisin! He didn't have to write about Kigaku in his status report!
[Dad and Kigaku-san are the same as usual over here.]
[She's exchanging letters by having the messenger who sent allowance home bringing the letters.]

Yuurin: That guy can only be healthy after all, what a waste of paper.

Yuurin: That money lender is too tenacious!
*Aah! I'm getting irritated just by remembering him*

Heika: ............ // Close friend...
Yuurin: !? // Your Majesty, how come you reach to that conclusion with what I said just now?

[It's the bride who doesn't really understand the puppy king's depression points.]

Down down, after. /  THE END


Tei Seishin

Yuurin's younger brother. An obedient and kind boy. A child who had a never ending hardship by being in between a father who likes gambling and a trouble-maker older sister.
He worries about her sister becoming a spinster more than the person herself but with the temporary return this time, seems like lots of other worries increased.
He is viewed as "A brother who always follows around her sister at the back" but he actually acts as a follower who prevenys trouble from getting worst.

PW: springbreak

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