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Sunday, October 28, 2012

We are saved! Kapitel 89!! All HAIL the fans!

Spoilers from Hyuuaya-san's blog.

This is one awesome chapter! Not that I've seen the real scans yet.
From what I read at there, it was confirmed that Katsuragi is Landkarte!

While saying that he doesn't hate Konatsu, Katsuragi tried to kill him! But!! No need to fear! Here comes the hero, Hyuuga-sama-sama!! *Kyaa*
It seems like, Hyuuga and Ayanami already knew that the traitor was Katsuragi. Using Relikt's power, Ayanami went back to the past and found out that only Katsuragi's past was unknown.
Hyuuga, fighting Katsuragi/Landkarte's teleportation ability received a heavy blow. Because Hyuuga gave an order to Konatsu to stay still, Konatsu couldn't help him but then here comes the real hero, Ayanami-sama!!!! To be more accurate,


It's time for the soul-linking!!

It turns out that Landkarte really likes the perfect Fea-sama, and because of that, he couldn't forgive Eve who taught Fea about feelings/emotions which made him less than perfect! Simply put, he was just jealous!

Jealousy! What a scary thing that is!

Then, in the middle of the fight, suddenly Hyuuga cut the link between him and Ayanami.
It looks like Hyuuga got one of the seed of the darkness-eating-flower from Labrador before, so to use the seed, he had to cut the link between him and Ayanami? >> This is my guess, this part is quite unclear to me.

I'm not really sure about how he used the seed however, Hyuuga failed to beat Katsuragi, and not to mention, he also lost his arm! Then, Konatsu also joined the attack, but from the beginning, it was impossible for Konatsu to help. Lucky Konatsu didn't die here!

On the other hand, back to where Teito group is, Teito found out that Mikhael is broken???
How is it possible for an ANGEL to be broken??

The shock, the revelation, the secret, the reason, the cause and everthing else.

All of it will be continued next month!!

There are quite a few things I don't understand, since I can't really read from the small pictures, such as Landkarte and Fea-sama. Fea? Fea Kruz? Teito's uncle?
But then, who is the 'Eve'?
The Chief of Heaven's daughter?? But if I'm not mistaken, the Ghosts were created after Verloren killed the said daughter. So this 'Eve' should be a different 'Eve' from the that 'Eve'!

So confusing!!

But! No fret! Good news here!!!

Ayu from the Brownie Post Ⅱ will be providing T&S with the scans soon, so we'll be doing Kapitel 89 as usual this month!! Thanks a lot!!

Look forward for the translation and the scans!!

In the mean time, feel free to discuss about what happened, or what do you think happened in this chapter from the spoilers above!


  1. I think 'that Eve' is Teito Klein. Vetrag met Teito when he was Fea Kruz. And he also loves the boy so much.
    Hyuuga cut the soul-link in order not to damage Aya-tan's body, right?
    Maybe the one who will defeat Landkarte in the future is Konatsu. LOL

  2. Oh thank God he's save. But...Hyuuga...*Cries*. Well, the question that still not answered:
    1.Where the hell is Frau in this mess. He lost so much update info now
    2. What happen to Teito now? I mean, the last thing I know, Ayanami is going to open the door. I kinda bit confuse of their position now
    Anyways, as you said, it's a great chapter, but not for Hyuuga T,T

  3. Awesome chapter!! Landkarte is really confusing, especially with hating Eve?...I am looking forward what Ayanami does. I am glad no one died. Thank you so much!

  4. Yes, I think I read somewhere about Teito being Eve... I'm not really sure about that though. I'll have to re-read the chapters again to understand where the rumor came from >.>

    From what Hyuuaya-san wrote, Hyuuga cut the link with Ayanami before he used the seed, so I figure that would be the case. Ayanami is like the dark matter itself right? So of course it would be dangerous for him to be around.

    Konatsu hogging the spotlight?? LOL.
    Yes, that would be wonderful if that really happens.
    But unfortunately, Konatsu is out of league for the fight this time. We'll just hope Aya-tan will do something to save Hyuuga's ass.

    Someone said Hyuuga died in this chapter, but it's not really confirmed yet! Let's wait for the raw first!!^^

  5. NOOO!! I refuse to believe that Hyuuga is dead!! He's not dead yet!! Not in this chapter! I'm not sure though, haha!

    Anyway, Frau is still in captive, held inside the barrier. The same goes with another two. He should make his appearance soon. I think. Hope so. Oh well, the knight will always save the princess in the nick of time. No need to fret too much about this fact, lol.

    In the last page, it looks like the Eye of Mikhael is unresponsive=broken? And that's where the cliffhanger is this month.
    We'll have to wait for the next chapter to know what happen next.
    Honestly, I think he just shut down himself for a reboot.
    Hopeful thinking.
    Oh well, Ouka is still there. And Ea too. They are not totally hopeless at the moment.

  6. No one died? Not yet, at the moment anyway.
    But Hyuuga seems to be spouting his last will in this chapter.

    I don't have a clear picture to figure what really happened, but I so hope he's not dead!!

    Yes, Landkarte hates Eve for teaching Fea about emotions.
    He said Fea here, and not Vertrag. This is also one confusing part in this chapter. I'll have to wait for the scans first before I can say anything more definitive here.

  7. I think one of the reasons was because Eve looked really similar to Teito - make him crossdress and he could pass off as Eve easily :x and then there was something with the scythe but I can't quite remember...

  8. Would you mind if I asked what was Ayanami's order to Hyuuga?
    I also hope Ayanami and Hyuuga will be reunited when Ayanami becomes Shinigami again.

  9. Sorry, I still don't have the real raws atm so I'm not really sure what happened in this chapter.

  10. 『先に行ってるよ
    Is it Hyuuga's last words? I'm curious to know what it means

  11. Hmm, I don't know for sure who said this but it does sound like what Hyuuga would say.
    "I'll go first. Once you've returned to being a reaper, come and play with me okay."
    Noooo!! If this really is what Hyuuga said, it means, Hyuuga is going to die!!!

  12. 『心に抱いた信念は、ただ、静かに――。』
    This is the quote from the cover, isn't it? I feel like that maybe Hyuuga's words, too but I don't understand what it says.
    If Hyuuga was going to die, I wish Ayanami could become a Shinigami. Then Hyuuga can continue to protect him like what he had promised. 'Alive and Dead' in 07-GHOST actually isn't a big matter to me. But still, those words are touching my heart.

  13. It says
    "The conviction I held in my heart, just quietly-"

    Damn, with this I'm 90% sure Hyuuga really is going to die!!

  14. Ayanami is going to be hurt a lot. Now that reminds me of Mikage and Teito.
    I hope we can meet Hyuuga again when Ayanami returns to be a reaper.


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