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Friday, February 15, 2013

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 20

I think I translated this chapter months ago, but because I was soooo busy, I forgot to post it here.
Anyway, we're done editing chapter 18.5, 19 and 20, so look forward to those any time soon!
Someone will release it here.

And I already mentioned this a few times already, but I'll say it again:


Currently, the latest chapter is chapter 42, so we have about 22 chapters to go! We me being the only translator in the group, you can't expect fast release from us. I'll try my best to translate at least one chapter a week, but I can't promise anything...

Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 20


[Problematic matter, is always something,]

[that starts while I'm being oblivious about it.]


[一Hakuyou Country. // In the no trespassing area in the Inner Palace.]

Koudai: So一 // How's it going with those two recently一? // His Majesty and, Okisaki-sama一
SFX: scrub scrub scrub scrub
Elder: What一? // No need to say, of course一

Elder: It's LOVE! LOVE!
SFX: pshaaaww
Koudai: Kya- That's what I thought一
SFX: Pupu一

Yuurin: That's not it!! Elder! Koudai! // If you're going to be a hindrance to my cleaning job, please go away!
Elder: Kya一 So scary一
*Kya* *Kya*
Yuurin: ...... *annoying*


*What's with that game*
[一A few days ago, // since His Majesty's spy, Koudai appears in the Inner Palace,]
[turbulent days in my life as a part-timer continue.]
*He comes now and then while I'm cleaning*
*Hey hey, what are you doing?*

[一However, it seems like, I wasn't the only one, // who was on edge regarding human relationships.]

Heika: I'm so busy here, what kind of harassment is this? Those old foxes...!


SFX: jolt
Yuurin: The- // The Wolf King is going wild...!

SFX: tension tension tension
Yuurin: And he's in his work mode even though he's in Inner Palace...

Yuurin: Wh-... What happened..? *His Majesty...*
Rijun: 一 // Well, something troublesome happened in the palace... *sigh*

Yuurin: Something troublesome?
Rijun: 一... It's not something that will happen anytime soon but, // the voice wishing for the opening of the  Spring Banquet which has been put on halt these recent years is rising,

Rijun: and there are two names that the people wish to be entrusted as the banquet's organizer that come up. // They're in a dispute a bit.

Yuurin: Ooo... *in dispute...?*


Rijun: First, // one of them is currently the main figure of central government, Minister Ryuu.
Rijun: He's Ryuu Houen's father.

Rijun: And the other one is, the current head of a prestigious house which is said to have the longest history in the country, Minister Han. // You know this one right?
Yuurin: Kouju's father...

Rijun: Both of them are important figures in the royal palace, so it's hard to decide. *sigh*
Heika: ...In any case, an entertainment event a few months ahead is not an urgent business. // But, when I prioritize other matters and put it on hold,

Heika: Before I knew it, // the situation turned into 2 factions conflicting inside the palace...
*Ryuu Faction*
*Han Faction*
SFX: roar
SFX: roar
SFX: trouble trouble...
Yuurin: ...The struggle for the organizer position of the banquet turns like that...!?


Yuurin: I don't really understand the royal palace一...
Yuurin: Erm, Your Majesty, // I can at least hear your complaint.

SFX: soft
Haika: Yuurin...

Heika: 一I already want to stay inside the Inner Palace forever now.
*Gee, I hate those people*
Rijun: You definitely can't do that okay!? Yuurin-dono, stop him too!!
Yuurin: *Aah* He's stressed out...

Heika: 一
Heika: Thanks. // It's something that always happen, Yuurin doesn't have to worry about it.
SFX: smile

[一Seems like His Majesty doesn't have any intention to talk about it any further... *Even though he's so tense...*]


Yuurin: ...And it looks like he doing that drinking bout with Koudai at midnight again. // Did he complain there?
*You know, free booze is sure delicious!*

SFX: ...Mmm...
[That also somehow, // is frustrating...]

Kouju: Spring Banquet... I don't know about it too much either but, // I'm sure if you leave it in my father's hand it will be a wonderful event.
[Han Kouju]

[Sometimes, the two have a tea party.]
SFX: laugh
Yuurin: As I thought, you're partial to your dad.
Kouju: Oh my! // I was just speaking the truth.

Kouji: When it comes to elegant customs and events like that, // no one can rival our Han Family!

SFX: laugh laugh
Yuurin: So cute, she's sure her father’s daughter.


Kouju: *Seriously* If Okisaki-sama comes to my mansion, // I'm sure you'd understand it! // It's true!
Yuurin: That sounds wonderful.

Kouju: ! // That's right!

Kouju: I, if it's okay with you, // I'll ask my father about the Spring Banquet.
Kouju: I'm sure it will be useful to you.

Yuurin: 一Yes... right. // I would be grateful for that.
[一Me too, if I know about the contents of the banquet a bit,// maybe His Majesty will find it easy to talk about it...?]


[一However, this judgement of mine,  // took turn toward an unexpected direction.]
*Well then, until the next time we meet*

Ministers: 一 // This time, we heard that Okisaki-sama showed an interest about the Spring Banquet,

Minister Han: While it's presumptuous of us, // we've come as per your wish to explain about the matter.
[Head of Han Family; Han Shisei]
[Head of Ryuu Family;  Ryuu Gikou]


Shisei: I hope Okisaki-sama is having great time as usual.
Yuurin: ...Thank you for your kindness by coming here, Minister Han.
Gikou: 一Today, // it's an unexpected honor for me to be able to see you.
Yuurin: ...I often heard about your achievements, Minister Ryuu...
[Briefing by the *troublesome* Ministers...]

[Why did you]
[go and make promises on your own!]
SFX: glare

[No. I just,]
[thought it would be fine if I could hear about the matter from Kouju一]

Yuurin: How did this happen...
[一The people inside the vortex of the power struggle,]


[are lining up and thoroughly doing the explaining...]

Shisei: Since it's call the Spring Banquet, // it's not too much to say that it's an event to admire the flowers.
Shisei: While enjoying the swaying flowers illuminated by the light一

Gikou: Furthermore, it's a tradition to hold it by the riverside. // By floating the sake cups and set it adrift一...
[Both of them are smiling but,]

[the tension can be felt in the air...]
SFX: threatening atmosphere

Yuurin: It-... It's somewhat frightening... // I feel like I understand why His Majesty is so tense.
Yuurin: I hope it'll end soon...
Shisei: 一Oh my, Minister Ryuu. // It's not good to put it that way.


Shisei: It sounds as if you've already been entrusted with the responsibility for the job if you put it that way you know?

Gikou: ...I'm not someone who plots how to steal a march like you though.

[*Wait a sec-* They started to disagree!?]
SFX: Hiiii
Shisei: Oh my, that's unthinkable...
Gikou: -

Shisei: Well, since we're already here, // I would like to hear what the flower of the palace, the consort thinks.


SHisei: 一So what do you think, Okisaki-sama? // Who do you think is best to be entrusted with the banquet between us一

[*Hii一* Please don't turn the conversation to me一!!]
*I don't know!*

Rijun: 一Both of you, this time, that matter一

SFX: thud
Hieka: Climaxing at a place where I'm absent?


Heika: I thought I told you to wait until further notice.

Gikou: 一
Shisei: My my. // Would you like to hear the explanation together?

SFX: walks
Hieka: ...It's unnecessary if it's only about boring story continuing endlessly.

Heika: 一Or, is there anything else which can amuse me better than this?

Shisei: 一You're as intimate as usual.


Gikou: Seems like we'll incur his wrath if we don't return the consort soon.
Shisei: 一Please feel free to call us anytime, // Okisaki-sama.

Yuurin: Yes...
Heika: 一

Heika: 一... // Are you okay? Yuurin.

Yuurin: Eh // Ah

SFX: squeeze

SFX: step back
Yurin: Yes! // I'm fine-
Yuurin: Wolf King


Heika: 一I heard that those two are in extremely bad terms since a long time ago.

SFX: smile
Heika: Nothing good will come out from getting involved with them so you have to be careful.

[Ah. // He turned into the puppy.]
Yuurin: Ye- // Yes.

Yuurin: That's right.
SFX: tp tp
Yuurin: I was surprised a bit.
Heika: ......

Heika: 一

Rijun: 一Well then. // This won't do, Yuurin-dono.
Rijun: You have to restrain yourself from behaving thoughtlessly...!
*As I thought, a lecture...*


Rijun: The King's power relations are complicated.
Rijun: Even for us, // we do have some people we would like to avoid making enemies of from a trivial judgement mistake.

Rijun: You have to be really careful in dealing with them... // But look, making promises to meet them on your own, // what are you planning to do?
Yuurin: I'm sorry...... *I never thought it would turn out like that*

Yuurin: 一It's just, because His Majesty looks like he's having a hard time, // so I thought if only I know about the situation a bit一...
SFX: mumble mumble

Rijun: 一... // That's not really praiseworthy, Yuurin-dono.


Rijun: You're only a part-timer right?
Rijun: Other than accomplishing the job as you're told, you're not required to do anything else.

Rijun: Without knowing anything, without thinking anything. // You only have to stay inside the Inner Palace as the "consort".

Rijun: That's what a temporary bride is. // Make sure not to mistake your own role.

[That was,]


[he's saying not to get involved any further, //  by drawing a line.]
Yuurin: ...Somehow, I feel like, // I was scolded for real in a long while.

[Other than things that were told, ...I cannot try to know about it.]
Yuurin: ...Aah, I feel alienated again...

 Koudai: 一I never thought Okisaki-chan to charge into those scary pops.

Koudai: I was in a flap thinking about when she'll get bitten. *So scary*
Koudai: Doesn't she have wariness? That girl!


Heika: 一 // She won't come close to the Wolf King because she's scared of him.
Heika: I'm sure she'll be careful with those guys too next time.

Koudai: 一
Koudai: ...Hmm...

Koudai: Now thinking about it, the Wolf King was totally rejected right! // So that was her keeping her guard on! *I don't want to flirt*
 SFX: pause

Koudai: Oh?
Koudai: She's also working hard at her cleaning part-time job... I guess she wants to pay back her debt quickly and return home! *I see~*
Heika: 一
Koudai: Oooh!?

SFX: Brights up
Koudai: Now now, at times like this, for the time being let's drink!
Koudai: What's this? So fun!
Heika: You're always like that ever since you came back.
Koudai: Now now
Koudai: He's seriously feeling down, so amusing一 *pupu*


Koudai: So he doesn't like being afraid of and being hated? // That "Wolf King" huh?
Koudai: Tuck her away inside the inner palace, // and keep her far away from danger/

Heika: 一...

Koudai: *Haha* I wonder how long will that hold一...

*Here, I'll hear you out*
*No need. You're just having fun*

Yuurin: 一Your Majesty?


Yuurin: I heard that you won't come tonight.

Heika: 一I feel like I want to see the consort's face. // ...Or was I not allowed?

SFX: ba-thump
SFX: blush
Yuurin: Of course, // ...I'm happy, but...

Yuurin: I'm shaken again...

[...I wonder when will I be fine with him. // "The Wolf King".]

Heika: 一Can I have some water?
Heika: I went over the limit when I try to match up with Koudai.


Yuurin: Yes. //I'll get it ready immediately.

Yuurin: Did he drink with Koudai again?

[...Somehow he looks...]

SFX: ba-thump
[...He's still, // in the act?]
Yuurin: Usually, he'll just turn into the soft puppy. // Is it because he's drunk?

[Did he drink the sake a lot during the job? // Just how much does the act ingrained in his body, this person...]

SFX: clunk...

Yuurin: Err... We're alone right now, // please make yourself comfortable...?


Heika: Of course, certainly. // My consort is good at making me feel relaxed after all.

Yuurin: 一... // Thank you very much...

[He... // He won't return to normal...]

[Eh... Eeh一 Wh- // What should I do?
SFX: Ba-thump
SFX: twirl twirl
SFX: Ba-thump
SFX: Ba-thump
Yuurin: I'll be alone with the Wolf King!?
*It's weird putting it this way though*
[Somehow, I'm totally, // nervous...!]

Yuurin: ~... // Even so, I was really shocked during the afternoon!
Yurin: For Minister Hand and Minister Ryuu to be in really bad terms with each other like that.
Yuurin: Maybe he'll return back to normal if I talk.


Yuurin: You were right, it will be hard if you're being put between them. // To choose either of them, seriously一

Heika: ...Enough with that story. // It's not a problem you need to concern yourself with.

SFX: flinch

SFX: throb
[一The line was drawn again.]
Yuurin: *He's...* He's angry...?
SFX: throb
Yuurin: I... I,
Yuurin: So I don't have to know anything, not to think anything,

Yuurin: and just have stay in the Inner Place... // ...you mean?
SFX: throb

Heika: 一Aah. // That's right.


Yuurin: 一If I do so, I,
Yuurin: won't I keep on knowing nothing about you?

Yuurin: I also, // want to,

Yuurin: About you

Yuurin: ...What am I saying, to the , // drunk and acting "Wolf King"?

SFX: clank


[To think that being rejected is so painful]

Heika: You, who's afraid of "The Wolf King", ... want to know about me?
SFX: flinch

SFX: ba-thump
[一This act,]
[how long will it continue?]

Yuurin: -tsk



Heika: Don't pick a fight, // if you don't have resolution.


[Just now,]
SFX: tremble
[This person,]
[what did he do?]
SFX: tremble
SFX: stagger...

Yuurin: Bit-... // Just now, my nose,]

SFX: "chomp"
Yuurin: You bit...


SFX: Byaa一
SFX: Ha-
Heika: 一!!!

[I was bitten by the Wolf King一!!! *Gyaaaa*]
Heika: Ah- // Wait-
SFX: running away

Heika: So- // Sorry!
Yuurin: Get out! You idiot!!!
SFX: smack
Heika: That was a no good, I'm sorry!

Yuurin: You drunkard!! Go away!!
Servant: Your Majesty, is something wrong with the consort一
SFX: thud thud...
Heika: It's nothing. You guys can step back.
SFX: swoosh


Yuurin: I hate you!
Yuurin: I hate you the most, Wolf King!

Heika; ......

[Why did it turn out this way一!!!]

[一Thus, the night in the inner palace passed, // ...and the unusual things continue.]

Rijun: ...Did you approve it? // This?]
Heika: I did.
Rijun: Why!?
Heika: Don't ask.


Rijun: Aa... // why did she, out of all times, during this delicate period,
SFX: stagger...

Rijun: go to Han Kouju's mansion...!?
Heika: 一You're right.

Heika: She's always, // unpredictable.
SFX: Uuh Uuh

[一Wolf King's temporary bride, // ran away from home today.]

SFX: Clank clank

End of Chapter 20.

I know there are a lot of mistakes, I just to lazy to go over them, don't worry, we have proofreaders!^^
You can find raws at jCafe or you can make use of google.


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