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Thursday, January 31, 2013

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 92

It's 07-Ghost time of the month again!!
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Kapitel 92: The Never-Ending Night 4

SFX: rumble rumble

Teito: !? // The floor suddenly collapsed...

Frau: !!!

[Finally一 The reunion!!]


Frau: Teito!!

Teito: Frau!!


Frau: grabs

SFX: grab
Landkarte: I won't let you get away.

Teito: Gurgh...
[This guy is, from the Black Hawks...]




Landkarte: ...You too, // you're similar to me, so obstinate.
Frau: You are...

Landkarte: Even though I put Verloren's scythe in you, to see that you're still alive...
SFX: drips


Teito: Frau!!
Frau: Urgh...

[This guy is, //  the true identity of, // the black shadow, that deceived the Pope and the emperor, // and the one who attacked Ouka...]

[And, 10 years ago,]
[the one who helped bring me and Father to the God Houses一...]


Landkarte: With this, now you've obtained Fest's ticket.]
Vertrag: Thank you, Landkarte.
Landkarte: While you work on getting the ticket in the 4th district, I'll go and take a look at the situation at the church.

[However, Landkarte didn't return, even after we waited for a week.]
[On top of that,]

[The war is getting worse...!?]
[What's going on...!?]

Vertrag: Why didn't Landkarte come back... // With every port is restricted, no ship is sailing...

Teito: Father!! Dad is...!!


SFX: crack

SFX: bzz bzz

SFX: blank
Teito: !?

Teito: ...Uwaaa!!
Vertrag: Prince...!?

Teito: ...getting... closer... near...
SFX: tremble tremble tremble

Teito: ...ea-...lo-... -ren's...


SFX: appears



SFX: bang bang bang

Vertrag: What the-...
Vertrag: That was...

SFX: wobble...

Vertrag: Verloren's scythe!!


Frau: Give it back.


Frau: That was Verloren-sama's body.
Frau: I found it.


Vertrag: Isn't it supposed to be sleeping in the church...
Vertrag: How come this boy is holding it!?

SFX: bam bam bam

SFX: burst

Teito: Father!!


SFX: clang

Vertrag: ...Quick-
Vertrag: Get away from here!!

Teito: Fa-... // ...uh

Landkarte: I've been looking for you.
Vertrag: !
Landkarte: Vertrag, so, you were here.


Landkarte: Because Ea had his way, //and changed your soul numbers, I had trouble finding you.
Vertrag: Landkarte!!

Landkarte: But, if it's this scythe,
Landkaetr: I figure, it would lead me to where the Pandora's box is, // and I was right.
SFX: floats

Vertrag: ...!? You... are the one who... into this boy...!?
Vertrag: Why did you do that...!!

Landkarte: Fufu... In order to change to word into something pure.
SFX: clink
Landkarte: Verloren's power is necessary.


Vertrag: !!

Vertrag: ...It can't be... that you instigated the pope...
Vertrag: So everything is a conspiracy...

Vertrag: And the one who hindered the negotiation for ceasefire... Was it you...!?

Landkarte: No. I'm not that deeply involved.
Landkarte: From the beginning, the top brass in the Barsburg's army want the war, // so one way or another, they would have push forward for it.

Landkarte: During these past thousand years, // due to the recoil caused by the continuous sealing of Verloren,
Landkarte: the world's balance was shattered,
Landarte: and the darkness inside the human heart keeps growing.


Landkarte: No matter... // No matter how I admonish them toward the right path, the people don't change,
Landkarte: and like an epidemic, it keeps spreading.

Landkarte: the gear that started to go wild will no longer stop.

Landkarte: Well then, Tiashe-kun, // This is bad.
Landkarte: Your dad will die like this.

Landkarte: But, don't worry.
Landkarte: You can save him if you use Verloren's power inside you.


Landkarte: You should release the seal as soon as possible.
Tiashe: ...... // Release the seal...?

Vertrag: Prince!! No!!
Vertrag: If you release the seal, not only Raggs, // but even the world will be destroyed!!

Landkarte: ...No, it won't. // Every bit of sadness and pain will be gone from this world,
Landkarte: and true peace will come.

Landkarte: Now then, Tiashe-kun.
Tiashe: ...
Landkarte: release the seal.


Tiashe: ...No!! Important promise!!

Tiashe: The baton of life of Ak-kun and Kaa-kun and Maru-kun and everyone!! // I'll run till the end.

Landkarte: ...That's not good.
SFX: oozes
Landkarte: You, // can you stand the pain when your dad died?

Tiashe: Da...d...
SFX: hic
Tiashe: Dad...
SFX: hic


SFX: slash
Tiashe: !

Landkarte: What...!?

Frau: The body won't move as I want... *Stop bullying him...*


Landkarte: I can't be... There's still some consciousness left...!?
SFX: lands
Landkarte: So his soul isn't completely being devoured!!

Zehel: This damn kid,
SFX: Fwoosh

SFX: collapse
Zehel: He's not someone who can be crushed so easily.


Vertrag: Zehel!!

Landkarte: ...uh
Landkarte: I should have finished you off together with the others before.

Zehel: Vertrag, everyone except Ea and me was killed by him.
Vertrag: Everyone was...!?

Zehel: On top of that, I detected that Verloren's scythe was activated, // and when I come chasing it, see what happened...
Zehel: ...This kid did something stupid...


Vertrag: Let's return... to the church once.

Zehel: No... I don't have time anymore.

SFX: roar roar ror
Zehel: I'll control this guy* with my power.
TN: scythe


Zehel: Take care of that brat.
Vertrag: Zehel!!

SFX: clink

Landkarte: ...Damn you.
Landkarte: Since it turned out like this, I'll grab the body...

SFX: flash


SFX: kreeaan

Vertrag: Urgh...
SFX: Fwoosh

[一That guy,]


[The main culprit, who put Verloren's scythe inside Frau,]
[and Verloren's body inside me.]
[And also the one who initiated Raggs War一...]
Teito: ...You are...


Teito: Landkarte...!!
Teito: So, you are, // the main source of everything...!!

Lanldrte: So you've remembered it, Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs.
SFX: beep

Teito: What are you planning to do by opening the Pandora's box!!
Teito: Kal who tried to stop you... // What happened to Ea who was your friend!?

Landkarte: ...I no longer,
Landkarte: Nothing will reach me anymore.
SFX: crack crack


Vertrag: The impurities in this world, // are far,
Vertrag: too much.

Landkarte: Take a look inside of me.
Teito: !!
Lankarte: You should feel like releasing Verloren!!


Landkarte: The humans whose carrying these impurities,
Landkarte: as if there's any worth protecting them!!

[Kill you]
[Curse you]
[Kill you]
[Curse you]
[Kill you]
[Curse you]
[Kill you]


[What the hell with this body...!!]
Teito: Gack
SFX: fssshhh
[It's a mass of minus feelings...!!]

Landkarte: Now then,
[I'll be crushed!!]
[Together with me, let's purify the world.]

[This is no longer Seven Ghost...]
[Is there nothing left of Landkarte's original part?]

SFX: realize


SFX: lights
SFX: flickering
[!? // ...That is...]

[SFX: Thump thump
[A heart...!?]

[It's responding to the pain in this body...]

[Could it be that, Landarte's "core" is still left in here?]
SFX: lights
Landkarte: !?


Landkarte: What the-...!? What is that light!?
SFX: clink

Landkarte: STOP!! Don't point it toward me!!

SFX: Clink
Teito: Remember it, Landkarte!! You're still in here right!?
Teito : The truth is, you wanted to save everyone right!?


Teito: Do not avert your eyes!!
Teito: Even Ea's word, the truth is, they reached you!!


Frau: It's the repentance time.



[The thing they catch hold of is一...?]

To be continued next month.

So! Frau is out of the cage! GO GO FRAU!!
And we got a piece of chibi-FRAU too!! So cute!!
He tried to resist the scythe! Without Zehel's power! 
As expected from Frau!! 
Now, what will happen next month??
PW: waffles


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