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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Finally Together... And Goodbye

Hi, I’m AM001, and this time I will  be the one presenting you the goods you were all waiting for!
First, we are sorry that this month's chapter was a bit late (the season is not the best and I was a bit delayed uploading it too) but it’s finally here, with the moment everyone (at least the BIG part of you) was waiting for.
These last chapters were intense in revelations and story twists, and I’m sure many more are coming up next month, this chapter however, is equally sad and happy. If you want to understand my cryptic wording, keep reading!

As you probably guessed, this chapter gives us what we so wanted: Teito and Frau getting together and the final confrontation between Ea and Landkart. Unfortunately we have to say good bye to one of them... we saw it coming but still, its hard for those who wanted the end of the battle to be different...

Oh, we also didn't get to see much of Ouka's and Ayanami's fight, but I’m sure the plot will come back to them soon enough... at least to share a bit if light to a mystery finally revealed! (And no, not gonna be more specific, I’m sure everyone who read the translation knows or suspects what I’m talking about, but on a principle, I’m not going to share more spoilers) ;D

In honor of the top two favorite characters the Kapitel 91 password is: reunion
You already know where to find the link! ;D
Please remember to not share the scans.
We will share it ourselves in Batoto. Go (only) there for the online version.
Good readings and until next time!
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