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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

UPDATE on 07-G

Happy New Year!

Holiday season, everybody has plans, delay in 07-G.

More sad news; Demona's computer broke, so now we lost our only redrawer for 07-Ghost.
Anyone who has the skill can contact me for help. We could use another redrawer for 07-G in case of emergency like this.
Everybody is doing their best at the moment, but don't expect K91 to be released anytime soon.

Leave a message here or contact me using the contact form above if you have the skill and time.



  1. -sniffle-
    (redrawing, huh. Sorry, I can't do it...)
    I hope that Demona's computer gets fixed soon (waah, it must be painful for your computer to break).
    Thanks for letting us know~!

  2. Um... what does a re-drawer do exactly? I'm an artist, so maybe I can help.

  3. That would be great. Some text and sfxs are written on the tones/picture, so when you erase those, blank/white parts will be left, which needs to be redrawn to make the page looks natural.
    Hmm, I hope that make sense.
    It would be great if you can help.^^

  4. A paint tool such as Sai is good for redrawing (as is a sketching tablet you can directly connect to your computer).

  5. I have that program :)

  6. I see, I think I can help., but of you want you can test me first.

  7. Oh, thank you very much. But seems like the problem is pretty much solved, so until next time. Please help us again if we encountered the same trouble later!^^ Seems like I have enough members, except translators in our little family! ^^

  8. Apple,please tell me some pages that are needed to be cleaned I might be able to help.My skill has improved since when I had the PhotoShop Cs6


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