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Thursday, April 4, 2013

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost Kapitel 94

I graduated from university last week, ans started working this week! Sorry for this late update! 
I'll add some of the pictures later. And I know there's lot of grammar mistakes and weird phrases.
Don't worry, our capable proofreaders will do their job. Or you can also point out my mistakes here.^^


[Teito who was captured by Verloren...]

[Am I...]
[still alive...?]

[My body, // is moving...]

SFX: slides

SFX: bonk
Teito: Uwah


Teito: !? // Why am I naked!?

Teito: ...and, where is this place...?

Kapitel 94: Something that exists at the end of darkness


[What is this place...]
Teito: My clothes...
SFX: whip

[Why is it so silent like this...?]
SFX: konk konk
[Even though the seal on the Eye was released...]

[Why is it, like that time,]

[Verloren didn't target and come to attack me...?]


SFX: woosh

[A girl...?]
SFX: swoosh
Teito: Ah...

[This is Landkarte's core...]

SFX: touches...
[It's cold like an ice...]

SFX: fwooosh
[I will be pulled in...!!]


SFX: roar

[The 9th Sphere of Hell]

TN: xx is the mysterious person talking in this chapter

xx: ...-te... // Landkarte...
xx: Landkarte.
SFX: slowly


[...-Land-... // -karte...]
[What a nostalgic sound...]
[That's right... // I feel like, that's how I was called in the past...]

xx: So, you were here for a long time, enough for you to forget your own name...
xx: The flow of time is unstable here.

xx: No matter how many decades have passed in here, it was only a blink of an eye outside.
xx: Let's go now.

[...Go? Where?]
[...I don't have any place I can go to anymore.]


xx: There's someone waiting for you.
SFX: cracks

SFX: shines
[...someone... waiting?]

SFX: cracks

xx: The last word he left,
xx: was always with you.


[Where are you going? Your hand is going to burn. Let me go.]

xx: No.
xx: In this hell, you will get lost if you let go of the hand.

[It's so painful, I can't walk anymore.]

[Furthermore... I don't want to go that way.]


[I myself, have long given up on wishing for the light.]

xx: Really? // Turn around and take a look behind you.

SFX: whooosh

[This is...]


[The darkness inside of me.]

[They're chasing after me.]

SFX: pulls
[If I keep going on like this,]

[and if they follow me until they reach that light, can they be purified?]

xx: Fufu. // As I thought, you're not someone who should stay in hell forever.


[I was supposed to only punish the sins and save the people,]

[but before I knew it, I forgot to forgive the sinful ones...]

xx: You became like that because, // you even laid your hands on the sin of the people who were supposed to go to hell.
xx: That's why you were swallowed in.

[Was it wrong for me trying to purify the world...?]

xx: It's true that the sin is something evil.
xx: But, it's also an important task for the person in order to grow up in life.


xx: Love and hate are prepared for that.
xx: For example... // People grow up from love, which make them try to forgive other people whom they hate.

xx: Human were created that way since the beginning.
xx: Moreover,
xx: the world is much more wonderful like that.

[Love and hate... is part of the human... is that what you're saying...?]

[That's why,]
[I couldn't cut them off...]
xx: What you can do is to admonish them until they reform themselves, // and watch over them.


xx: People can walk ahead even if they only have that.

xx: Even if, // they'll die just like that and go to the hell,
xx: Your word will become the light to that person one day.

["Let's end this already..."]

["I'll purify your darkness here forever."]
["I'm sorry. I couldn't save you..."]

[He... forgave me...]


[Even if I fell into the hell, he tried to protect me by my side.]

["Come back"]

xx: You, trying to carry all sins on your shoulder,
xx: is just like a parent who can't let go of his child no matter how much time has passed.


xx: You're too kind.
xx: Landkarte.

[What in the world, is she...]

SFX: fwoosh
Landkarte: !?


SFX:  dom dom dom

SFX: dom
Teito: This way, Landkarte!!


SFX: dom dom dom dom
[This place is... the river where I lost my life...]
Teito: Damn it... I thought it was an exit, but everything is river...
SFX: dom
SFX: roaring sound

Landkarte: I thought I was with a girl... Am I mistaken...
Teito: I'll push you into the river if you continue!!
Landkarte: Why... do you try to save me?
Landkarte: I'm the reason your country was destroyed.

Teito: Aah.
Teito: I can't forgive you...


Teito: But when I get inside of you,
Teito: When I get in touch with things like pain or faith, // I can't just hate you.

Teito: Someone like you who is a fool, and a straightforward person...
Teito: I have someone like that among my friends...

[A friend who tried to save me,]
[and died in my stead...]

Landkarte: But you...
Teito: I already have it enough!!
Teito: The chain of hatred!!


Teito: As for Verloren, I'll bring him to the heaven, and settle things with the chief!!
Teito: That's why, you will cooperate with me!! // After that you'll reflect on yourself and apologize to my father and the others over there!!

Teito:  *Your friend!!
TN: Ea
Teito: Do not make him sad any more than this!!
[I will no longer drown into the bottom of the water.]

Landkarte: ...Ea...

SFX: doom
Teito: !?


SFX: roaring sound

[Landkarte... It's not that there's nothing.]

[That was, because you一...]


Ea: You're late.

Teito: Kal...? His bandage came off...

Landkarte: Thanks to Teito-kun and you, //I managed to come here.


Landkarte: Thank you... for saving me...
Landkarte: Your words became the light for me.

Ea: Going on rampage, you moron.

Landkarte: ...Even though I climbed up this high,
Landkarte: This place is like the deep bottom of the river, so quiet... // So it was here... The perfect world where there was nothing just like that time...

Ea: Landkarte, it's not like nothing exists here...


Ea: There is light here.
Ea: The light where you yourself carry.

Landkarte: ...That's right.
Landkarte: You said the same thing too at that time right...


[When I sank into the river, and became the sacrifice, accepting the curses of the people throughout my body,]
[I arrived at an endless, perfect world where there's nothing.]
[And he said this to me, who was fascinated by that world,]

Ea: Landkarte... // It's not like there's nothing...
Ea: That was because, when you died, // you forgave and accept everything that you were able to reach that place.

Ea: From that moment, there's light inside of you,
Ea: and that light should reach every nook and cranny of the river. // Thanks to you, no talk about flood disaster was heard at the third district these past years一...


Ea: Your "forgiveness" is the most powerful.

Ea: ... It's almost time.

SFX: fwoosh


Landkarte: ...These feathers are...
Landkarte: ....How can it be possible... //  for me to be forgiven...

Ea: It's the will of the Chief. I didn't write anything.

Ea: Seems like our destination is the same. // Go and get the severe scolding from the Chief.

Landkarte: ......


Landkarte: Teito-kun, show me your arm...
Teito: !
SFX: sst...

Teito: Thank you...
SFX: fshhh

Ea: Teito, thank you.
Ea: The light inside of you, // became a chance to save Landkarte.

Teito: ...But, that light...
Teito: wasn't it the light coming from Verloren's seal being released...


Ea: No...  ironically,
Ea: it looks like that powerful light had been sealed together with Verloren this whole time.

Ea: I see, so the last hope was packed inside, together,
Ea: with the bothersome Pandora's box...

Ea: Do something and escape from inside of Verloren. // That light should work on him as well.


Teito: Kal...

SFX: swoosh...


Teito: Farewell...
Teito: Ea... Landkarte....

[The girl from before...]
SFX: walking by...


[I wonder why.]

[Even though I'm supposed to see her for the first time,]
[I feel close to her.]

[Like I've met her somewhere before一...]


[She'll disappear again!!]
Teito: Wa-... Wait!

SFX: stagger

[What happened...? The scenery changed...

Teito: boah
SFX:  thud whump


Teito: ...uh, where is this place...?
SFX: gets up

[A girl... and,]
[...that is...]

[Frau's scythe...!!]
[why does it stuck there!?]

Woman: This place is Verloren's core.
Woman: Verloren will be completely revived if the soul was absorbed by this throne.


[She talked...!!]
SFX: bathump

Teito: ...So, this means... // Frau blocked the revival by thrusting the scythe here...
Woman: That's right.

[...? But...]
[Where is Frau himself...?]

[Didn't they say that the scythe can't be separated from Frau's body...]
[So why is it that there's only the scythe here...]

Teito: Frau!!
Teito: Where are you!?


[I told you right?]
[I'll do something...!!]

SFX: ba-thump


Teito: It can't be...

Teito: This is Frau...?

[Towards Frau's feeling, Teito is一!?]

To be continued next month.


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