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Monday, April 29, 2013

[TRANSLATION] 07-Ghost: Kapitel 95

Okay, and here is KAPITEL 95!
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Teito: It can't be...
Teito: This is... Frau...!?

Kapitel 95: Door

Teito: Frau became one with the scythe...!?

Woman: That's right... // In order to protect you, he's standing sentinel here.
Woman: Because he challenged Verloren with his mortal body, his flesh was destroyed but, // by becoming one with the scythe, he's hanging alive.


Teito: How could he be...
Teito: Then, Frau is...
Woman: And, this throne, even now still need a soul for resurrection...
Woman: If this continues, his soul will end up being used.
[So my soul was fine because of this...!!]

Woman: He has chosen to become Verloren.

Woman: I'm afraid, he did so,
Woman: in order to be cut down by you on purpose.


Teito: Frau!!
Teito: Stop this foolish act!!

Woman: It's impossible for anyone else to pull out the scythe other than it's owner.
SFX: tug tug
Woman: You have no other choice other than persuade his heart from the inside.

Teito: Inside...
Teito: That's right, if I get into Frau's deep psyche of mind...

Woman: His will is so strong,
Woman: that he rejects all kind of information from the outside.
SFX: fwoosh


Woman: Good Luck...

SFX: roar
Teito: !

[!? What's this? This door...]
[Is Frau on the other side of this...?]

SFX: pull...
Teito: Dammit... It won't open...!!



Teito: !?
Teito: Uwoah

SFX: falls

Teito: Ouch...

Frau: Cough


Teito: Frau!! Thank God, so you were here!!
Teito: Wake up!! // Hurry and get away from that throne!!

SFX: Grabs
Teito: !
Frau: Who the hell are you...

Teito: Eh... Small...
Frau: ...

Frau: Did you know? A stowaway will be sentenced to death by hanging.
Frau: You have some nerve embarking on this Aegis warship. // And, what do you mean by small?


[This place is...]

SFX: roaring sound

Teito: Eh!? Wait-... Frau!?
SFX: struggle struggle
Frau: I'll spare you from hanging sentence so get lost quickly.

Teito: Wai-...

Frau: You're lucky. We're right above the river in the 3rd district  right now.
SFX: let go


Teito: Gyaaaa// aa... // Gwoah
SFX: thump

[com-... complete rejection]

[He also doesn't remember me...]
[Most likely, he doesn't remember about the scythe either...]
[Persuade him... What should I do...]


Teito: Frau!!
SFX: scratch scratch...

Frau: Gyaaaa! What the hell with you!!

SFX: whack
Gido: So noisy, damn brat!!

Frau: Gi-Gi-Gi-Gido Gido!!
Frau: The brat that I should have thrown away from this ship came out of the bookshelf!!!


Gido: ......
Gido: I see. So you saw a nightmare. I get it I get it! You don't have to report every little thing to me okay.
SFX: konk


SFX: slam
Teito: Zehel!! If this continues, Frau will...

SFX: swoosh

Teito: Eh?
[He slipped through me...?]
SFX: Thud Thud
[He didn't see me...?]


[I see, this is,]

[a video of Frau's past...]
[I'm watching it right now...!!]

SFX: bending


[I see...]
[Everytime I was rejected, I will return back in front of this door...]

[But, the small Frau could see me.]
[That wasn't just a video of the past, it's the real Frau.]

SFX: Hyuu
[I'll do something!!]


[What kind of person he was? Frau's God?]

Gido: Isn't Frau is getting good at flying the ship?
Woman: That child is a fast-learner.


Gido: He's a talented person I set my eyes on after all.

[...I don't remember anymore.]

Frau: Oi.


Frau: You... what are you?
Teito: !!
Frau: Why are you talking with Gido so casually?

Frau: That guy, he's not an old guy where a brat like you can easily approach.

Teito: No... Seems like, I can't be seen by other people other that Frau.
Teito: It's not like I was talking about something...

Teito: ...
SFX: realized
Frau: ?


Teito: Could it be... He's jealous?
SFX: pissed

Teito: He was praising you saying your flying technique is good.

Teito: ...Can I talk to you a bit more? // I also have some interest in ships...

Frau: *Sigh*... // You're over-familiar.
Frau: We're busy. Get lost quickly.

SFX: grab


Teito: Wait, Frau.
Teito: You don't have time...!!

Teito: Please, listen to me...

Teito: !!
SFX: doom


Teito: Damn...
[I was repelled!]
SFX: slide

[This is bad... If I forcefully drag him,]
[he'll retreat further inside...]

[Don't panic. Carefully...]
SFX: creak
[as if I'm synchronizing with Frau's breath...]

Teito: Ah.


Frau: You again!! Why are you coming in as you please!!
SFX: wham
Teito: Waah! Sorr-... Gwah!

[This door is too random... What should I do? If I try any further than this, fixing the relation between us will be...

Teito: Ouch... What a thick book...

Teito: Language book!? F-... Frau is reading a serious book...!!
SFX: grabs
Frau: You... // You really are a rude guy.

SFX: ton
Frau: Even if I look like this, I have mastered 4 national languages you know.


Teito: 4 national languages... You're amazing...
Frau: This is only a beginning.

Frau: Gido... // has almost no language he can't speak.
Frau: He's interacting with people from various countries.

Frau: ...I have to study as much as that,
Frau: or I can't take part in important business deal.

[Frau... looks much more like an adult,]
[when he was a child...]


[Trying to be acknowledge,]
[he's pushing his limits with all he got... I guess...]

Teito: ! // "Leaving your footsteps in the sky, star and heart一..."
Teito: This is... Raggs' song.

Frau: You...
Frau: You can speak Raggs language!?


Teito: Ye-... Yeah, relatively speaking.
Frau: Can you tell me about this grammar?

Teito: This is... It's the past tense for supposition. "~It would be great if"

Frau: What about this one then?
Teito: "Even if~ it's a blessing" It's a negation sentence.
Frau: The meaning of this word?
Teito: "Belnirose" It's a small red rose. // Speaking of which, it can only be seen in Raggs.
Frau: You... You're unexpectedly good...

Frau: ...Then, can you translate this sentence?


Teito: ... // "As long as We is inside of thou, // We will be with thou一"
Teito: ...It's a verse from the bible...

Frau: ...Is that so...

["I'll dedicate the 7th chapter from the 3rd volume of Barsburg scripture to you"]
["As long as We is inside of you一...]
Teito: ...uh


Teito: Frau... // Don't you feel sort of nostalgic?
SFX: stare
*too close*
Frau: Ha? I read this book for the first time today you know?

Teito: But, it could be that somewhere,
Teito: did you ever talk about it with somebody?

Frau: ...?

Voice: Do you want,
Voice: Power...?


Voice: the power to tear everything down to pieces,
Voice: and to devour everything...!
Teito: !!
SFX: ringing

Teito: Raggs is...
Teito: Barsburg army...
Teito: Pandora... Box...


Teito: ...Raggs will... declaration of war...
SFX: zzzt zzt zzt
Teito: Barsburg army has collided with...
Teito:  ...The situation of war has worsened...

Gido: This is an order.
Gido: You'll will send this to the church in 7th district.

Frau: ...Don't bullshit with me!! Are you trying to let only me escape!?
Frau: Of course I'll go with you!!


Gido: I'm just going to secure the route for Raggs refugees to pass.
Gido: There's no place for you to butt in.

Gido: Bring this ear cuffs with you. // They'll know that you're doing my errand with that.

Soldier: Fuhahaha. // No matter how many times you change the route for the refugees ship, it's just a useless struggle when you're facing our big  fleet!!

Army: Captain!! Aegis has appeared!!
Captain: Hpmh!! So it finally shows up!! // I will definitely sing a requiem for you today!!


SFX: bang bang bang bang
SFX: boom

Frau: Hurry up!!
SFX: thud thud

SFX: push...
SFX: clank...

Frau: Heh! // There's no way this great me would easily give up!!
SFX: clank

[Gido that bastard... It's so obvious that the more dangerous the situation is, ]
[the more he wouldn't make fun of me!!]


Teito: ......
SFX: jolt

Frau: Wh-Wh-Wh-Why did you come in as well!!

Teito: This fleet...
Teito: Those guys... Their goal isn't just to capture the refugees...

Teito: They've been targeting this Aegis since the beginning...!!
SFX: Boom boom boom

Frau: !! // You mean, Gido knew that...

Magdalene: !


Magdalene: Frau!?

Magdalene: What are you doing!? Aren't you supposed to already be gone to the church...!!
SFX: grab
Frau: Magdalene!

Frau: We're comrade!! I,
Frau: either it's being left behind or being abandoned, I totally hate it!!

Captain: Fire!!
SFX: Fwoosh


Teito: Take cover!!

Frau: !!!



SFX: bam bam bam bam

Teito: ...Ugh

Teito: FRAU!!

[Can he save Frau一!? Appearing with colored cover in the next issue!!

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