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Monday, April 29, 2013

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 21

We haven't abandoned Ookami Heika no Hanayome yet!

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Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 21


[Inside the royal place, in the midst of a confrontation between Ryuu Family and Han Family,]

[The Wolf King's Bride made an informal visit to Han Kouju's private residence一]


[In other words, she ran away from home.]

Rijun: We should, // drag her back at once!
Rijun: Or fire her! // What's she thinking! That girl一!

Heika: The consort just went to her friend's house for fun. // It has nothing to do with the conflict between  those guys.

Rijun: Something like that... // Your Majesty, like I've asked, what happened一
SFX: sink
Heika: ...


Heika: The person herself already said that she'll return after she has calmed down. // ...It was my mistake this time.
Heika: Just leave her alone for a while.

*That's why I asked you what actually happened*
Rijun: ......uh

[That girlllll!!]
SFX: Kiii

SFX: shiver
Yuurin: !


Yuurin: Just now, // I feel like I heard Rijun-san's angry voice...

[I'm sure he's angry, of course... // Kouju come for a visit right on time,]
SFX: tremble tremble
[So I just went along with the course of events, writing a letter and rushed out...]
*It was a surprise that His Majesty allowed it...*
[Please come for a visit!]

Yuurin: Something like that happened, // I can't look at His Majesty's face properly!

[His Majesty was just drunk! // That was just "an act of the Wolf King". // After he returned to his normal self, His Majesty did apologize to me一, but,]
Heika: Sorry, // I really am sorry.
[He came once again to apologize in the morning.]

SFX: chomp


[Wolf King you IDIOT!]
[Normally, would you bite people just because you're annoyed一!!?]
*What kind of a drunken behavior was that一*
*Don't pick a fight if you're not prepared*

SFX: flail flail
SFX: ugyaa ugyaa
SFX: chomp
SFX: flail flail
SFX: Uwaah uwaah

[一Anyway, I have to calm down! // In this condition, it's definitely impossible to pull the married couple act!!]

SFX: kacha
[*Aaah* I'm sorry for abandoning the job!]


[I'll return once I've erased that memory一!!]
SFX: pon

Suigetsu: 一Here. // Drink this and calm down.
Suigetsu: ...Do you like sweet things?

SFX: smile

[Uh // Wah]
Yuurin: I was seen flailing around.
Yuurin: Ye- // yes...


Suigetsu: Well then, please try these snacks too.


[A very beautiful man一...]
Kouju: 一Suigetsu-niisama*!
TN: nii-sama - big brother
Kouju: So you're here today.

Kouju: Geez, here you go doing the servant work again一...
Suigetsu: It's more delicious if I pour it.
Kouju: That's true but...

Yuurin: I see! He's Kouju's brother!

[Amazing. // So Han family is a clan of beautiful people...]
SFX: Wow
Kouju: Okisaki-sama. // Let me introduce you.


Kouju: This is my oldest brother, Han Suigetsu.

Kouju: He's an official working at the royal palace, but // ...he has taken a leave at the moment.

[一A leave...// Is he sick...]
*Is it okay to pry?*
Yuurin: Oh my...

Suigetsu: ..."Okisaki-sama"?


Suigetsu: 一Of that, // king?
SFX: stare...
[Of course he would be surprised with this sudden visit...]

[I'm sorry, I just want a little time to calm down.]

Suigetsu: 一... // The one whom the retainers are always talking about, // the one that His Majesty said, "The truth is, I don't want to be apart from her even for a second."?

Kouju: That's right. // Other than that, he also said, "I don't see anyone else besides her", // and,

Kouju: "It was a big loss for me to not know this lovely existence until now", // and,
Kouju: "I don't want anyone else to know about the consort's loveliness", // and many many more.


Kouju: There's no one who doesn't know about it by now. // The consort who has His Majesty's love all by herself.

SFX: Eeep

[That person, exactly, // what was he spreading about outside一!!]
SFX: Blush

[Even though it's to avoid other marriage proposals, aren't you saying too much!? // You exaggerate it too much,  thinking it was something in the act一!!]
SFX: tremble tremble


Yuurin: *Bit-...* Biting me, among other things, "The Wolf King" is really too much...
SFX: Pofu Pofu
Yuurin: He's unbelievable.
Yuurin: I can't keep my cool.
Yuurin: Unbearable.
Kouju: 一

Kouju: Okisaki-sama... I don't know what happened in the Inner Palace but, // please, take your time at my residence.

Kouju: I'm sure sometimes, getting away, // and taking a breather for your heart is also necessary...

[Even though I asked for her help without explaining anything, // she sensed that I had a fight with His Majesty, and is being considerate to me...]
SFX: touched
*And feel free to stay for how many days you want...]

Yuurin: 一Um, I need to compose myself fast, // and return to my duty as a part-time consort...

Suigetsu: 一...


[一Royal Palace]

SFX: whisper
Minister: Minister Ryuu, // I would like to inform you something...

Minister: 一I heard that the consort is, // visiting the residence of Han Family's daughter.

Minister: Could this be that the Spring banquet is... Is there a recommendation from the consort...

Minister Ryuu: 一Oh?

Minister Ryuu: 一The same as always, // that consort always acts as she pleases.


Minister Ryuu: 一I wish she would, // think about her position a bit more...
Minister Han: 一Your Majesty.

Minister Han: How unusual of you to go out of your way and call for me.

Minister Han: 一You don't seem to be in a good mood. // Everyone is saying that the palace seems frozen today.
Heika: 一
SFX: smile


Minister Han: Is it about that matter concerning the consort? // It's a huge honor for me that she's so close to  my daughter... // Of course, I'll prepare the highest hospitality that I can offer一...

Heika: Minister Han. // I left my consort to your daughter to take care of.
Minister Han: 一

Heika: Everything given to the consort will return to me.
Heika: The happiness, and everything else as well.

Heika: ...Think about it, and serve her courteously, tell your daughter that. // That's all.
Minister Han: As you wish.
Minister Han: My my.


Minister Han: Looks like I've been given a warning. // Since this is a big opportunity, I would have liked to detain her but一...

Yuurin: 一Such a, // beautiful sound一...

Kouju: Suigetsu-niisama can play any kind of instruments.
Kouju: The one who taught me to play koto was Nii-sama as well.


[一He's really good at playing it...]

SFX: dazed
[I feel like it can even reach the heaven.]
Yuurin: ...It would be great if I can let His Majesty listen to this as well...

[*Ah* Practically, if he listens to this, his exhaustion might be healed...!]

*always tired*

Yuurin: *Erm,* 一I heard that you're under a leave right now but, // once you return working一


[Oh no, would I be scolded again with this?]

[A part-timer only needs to do what she's told to.]
Yuurin: 一


Kouju: 一Fufu. // That might be quite difficult.
Yuurin: Eh... Why?

SFX: smile
Suigetsu: 一I'm, // very afraid of His majesty.


Suigetsu: My body will freeze when that eyes gaze on me.
Suigetsu: And that person won't even allow me to escape一...
SFX: thump

[一"The cruel and ruthless Wolf King" that the people see...]


Suigetsu: A terrifying and cold-hearted king. // I don't know any other person like that besides him.

[一That was supposed to be an act but, // 一everyone really is scared of him.]

Yuurin: ...Someone like me,

[Even though I know about that person's true character...]

Suigetsu: That's why, I don't want, // to go near the royal palace. I can't go to work.

Yuurin: Eh...!? // Could it be, because of that, he一
Suigetsu: 一Besides,


Suigetsu: Truth be told,
Suigetsu: I don't want to work.

Yuurin: ...Ha? // ...No, working is not something you want to do or not...
Suigetsu: ...I don't want to wake up in the morning.

Yuurin: *no no no* Even if you say that with a sad face...

Kouju: Fufu, what a troublesome brother!
Yuurin: ......


[What... a... mysterious... person... *A noble is really hard to understand...*]

Koudai: Yahhoo一

Koudai: The security is so strict in a good house.
*Dai-chan appears!*

Yuurin: ! // Koudai! *What a phantom-like appearance...*

Koudai: Well then. // Okisaki-chan, you still don't want to come back?
Yuurin: 一
[I want to but...]

Koudai: I don't know what happened but, // it's just a bite, why don't you just forgive him.
SFX: poof
Yuurin: You did know it! *Gyaa*

Koudai: I don't know if it's something you need to get angry at. *So troublesome*
SFX: poof poof
SFX: flail flail
SFX: chomp
Yuurin: I'm not angry! I'm just waiting to calm down! *Kii*


[That time,]
[The drunken Wolf King was so scary.]
[I wanted to escape,]
[But I couldn't.]

[Like I'd lose myself]
SFX: thump
Yuurin: 一I'll calm down soon, /// and once I did, I'll properly return...

[Even though I always know what I should do.]
[Once the Wolf King is in front of me, I,]


[My heart,]
[won't listen to what I say.]

Koudai: You really are,
Koudai: unique and special, Okisaki-chan.

Yuurin: What do you mean?
SFX: grin
Koudan: Nothing? // It's fun, why don't you trouble him as much as you want? Something like that. *Puwahaha*

[What does he mean一...]



Yuurin: With that talent, I think you can make a living...
SFX: dazed
SFX: clap clap clap
*It's koto this time...*
Suigetsu: ...Your compliment is an honor for me.
*What a strange way to compliment*

[...Normally, saying "I don't want to work",]
[is something that definitely can't be forgiven, but,]

[...somehow, currently, his situation overlaps with mine 一...]
*The Wolf King is scary*
*Don't go to work*
Yuurin: Also, I'm... swallowed by this mysterious pace...

Suigetsu: 一Okisaki-sama, have you calmed down a bit?

Yuurin: Eh?
SFX: thump

Suigetsu: ...Didn't you have a fight with His Majesty? *You didn't come for a fun*
Yuurin: 一...Yes... *It's out...*


Suigetsu: You're incredible. To fight with with his Majesty... // Don't you afraid of that person?

Yuurin: 一

Yuurin: His Majesty is scary but, // he's not a horrible person who would persecute someone without a reason.

Yuurin: This time, I was in the wrong. // 一Suigetsu-san too, you shouldn't be afraid without knowing anything and don't go to work一...


[Even during a fight, wherever she is, //"The Consort" is always His majesty's ally一]
Suigetsu: 一In the beginning, // When I heard that you are "The Consort",

Suigetsu: 一I really couldn't connect you to His majesty that I know but, // ...now I understand a bit.

Suigetsu: You really like him.
Suigetsu: Even though that person is scary, and cold.
SFX: smile


Yuurin: *Eh...* Eh!? // We're talking about that!? No no no. It's not something I need to waver.
SFX: smile smile
["The Consort's" answer is already decided. In this situation,

Yuurin: 一Ye-
Yuurin: -s.
SFX: blush
Yuurin: I... // like,

Yuurin: him...
SFX: ba-thump


SFX: Poof
Suigetsu: ?

[Wait wait wait a sec!]

[I have to calm down quickly, // and return properly!

Koudai: 一 // Yo.
SFX: thud
Koudai: Your-
Koudai: Majesty-

SFX: fwoosh


Heika: Don't erase your presence and come close to me.

Koudai: Ro一ger...
Koudai: Scary- *He's totally in a bad temper一*

Koudai: It's peaceful over there. // Probably because it's the residence of that cutey, there doesn't seem to be any valuable information around.
SFX: spin spin

Koudai: *Anyway* Even it's Han-san, I don't think he'll make a problem in his own territory.

Heika: ...Don't slack on the watch.


Heika: It will be fine as long as "Wolf King's favorite" can accomplish her role as a shield however... Unnecessary attentions always follow around. // In any case, make sure Yuurin's safety your top priority.

Koudai: Alright, roger. *It'll be fine as long as I return to being her guard right*
Koudai: If you're going to protect her from shadow like that, why did you allow her to run away from home?

Heika: 一So, // how's Yuurin?
Koudai: Ah一 She's all fine, in high spirits. // That girl generally always in high spirits. *Even when she's angry, or sad*

Heika: ...I see...
Koudah: Ooh一 It's the bottom of the valley here!
Heika: 一Koudai, how long is the cooling period?
Koudai: *Hmm* Dunno.


Heika: If that so, // I don't care if she hates be, can't she just return to me...
[一While the King is anxiously waiting for the consort to come back, // the said person is,]

["Like the Wolf King"]

[That was just an act as the consort! An act! An act!]

[...is drowning herself into, // further confusion.]
SFX: chomp
SFX: like
SFX: Wolf
SFX: Chomp
Yuurin: *Iyaaaa* Stop twirling around inside my head一!!!
SFX: powa

The End of Chapter 21

Another funny chapter! Enjoy, and feel free to point out my mistakes! 


  1. thank you so much for translation :)

  2. I cannot thank you guys enough for translating this. I've been waiting ssoo long for an update. Been trying my hardest to understand the raws T^T I am just really happy that you've not yet abandoned this. Please, do not drop this!

    And, just as tagged, I think I noticed some things.

    at #25, did you mean " Aren't you afraid of that person? " instead of "Don't you afraid of that person?"

    at #31, should it be " . . . if she hates me " instead of " . . . if she hates be " ?

    Please forgive me if I've stepped on toes. >.<


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