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Monday, October 15, 2012

*SOBS* No 07-Ghost this month?

My dear readers, apparently Phya won't be able to provide me with Kapitel 89 this month, so unless another saint appears with the Japanese raws, no 07-G from Tiramisu & Strawberry for you guys this time.

I don't have other raw providers, nor do I have extra time looking for one, so if you can or know somebody else who could help us with our need, please, do help us!

It would be great if we can find another provider before 28th this month!

And Phya, have a nice vacation!!
See you next month!^^

Password for our latest release can be found in this post.


  1. " No.. way..." I breathed in shock, " ... Impossible..."

    My hand trembled as I typed, " W-why...?!"

  2. If you like, I'd like to help you to be the typesetter :")
    I'm sorry that's all I can do :(
    I really want to help you though..
    Contact me if you need help :D

  3. http://ameblo.jp/hyuuaya/entry-11390078621.html
    I hope you will still translate this *sobs*
    Hyuuga died... *sobs*

  4. hello, phya here >.<
    I`m glad we have another raws provider here, and sorry I made you worried..... *bows*


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