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Saturday, October 6, 2012

[Summary] Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Chapter 126

The 126th: A pretty boy's disaster.

The chapter started with Sunako trying to escape from her responsibility for causing Kyouhei's current condition. Apparently, after Yuki-chan's date in the last chapter, they went back to the mansion, and the other 3 guys complained to Yuki-chan about how Sunako and Kyohei's relationship didn't improve at all. While the guys and Yuki-chan were discussing about the matter, Kyohei and Sunako were fighting at the back about Sunako's chocolate that Kyohei ate without her permission. During the 'discussion', Yuki-chan accidentally cast a spell on Kyouhei, which made him freeze. Even after pouring hot water on him, Kyouhei still didn't return to normal. When asked about what they should do with Kyouhei, Yuki-chan said the only way to return him to normal was for him to make a child with a woman he loves. In Yuki-chan's words, Kyohei needed to sleep with Sunako! Yuki-chan then returned to Hokkaido before Sunako could even explain about the misunderstanding regarding her relation with Kyouhei.

After Yuki-chan left, Sunako tried to escape from the mansion but she was caught by Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki. She feigned ignorance about Kyouhei's current situation but the guys won't let her get away from her responsibility, considering it was her best friend who froze Kyouhei. Refusing to make a child with him, Sunako tried to find other ways to warm him, but all of her efforts ended up with failure. During her last effort to solve Kyouhei's predicament, both of them fainted and when they woke up, they found out that they were on a bed together. Kyouhei, unable to bear the cold any longer almost yield to the said solution but he just couldn't do it! He ran away from home and went to the town. At the town, when the girls saw he cried begging to warm him, they happily surrounded him, but unfortunately, it was of no use because suddenly snowstorm hit them as they touched Kyouhei. Kyouhei ended up being sent home by the police officers soon after. Once he got home, he found out that Sunako won't freeze even if he touches her so he decided to take her. He tried to force himself on her again, but he just couldn't. Because she was very important to him. "A very important friend," so he says, a sentence which sent the other 3 guys falling. Hearing that, Sunako recalled memories of them being together doing lots of fun things and realized that it was definitely friendship.

Consequently, she decided to save Kyouhei for the sake of their 'frienship'. When they where staring at each other with Sunako's hand on Kyouhei's shoulder, the spell broke and Kyouhei returned to normal again!
They went out of the bedroom announcing their victory over the ridiculous notion of making child together.
The 3 guys were reduced to tears over the idiocy of the two, so oblivious to their feelings toward each other.
At the end of the chapter, Yuki-chan told the guys that she lied and just made up the whole making a child business.

A very funny chapter!! Poor Kyouhei in this chapter! But, in my opinion, Kyouhei actually started to realize his own feelings. A few hints were dropped across the series. The same goes with Sunako. We just have to wait for the moment when they'll be ready to face their own feelings. But this manga is a comedy manga, so serious development is hard to come by... Hayakawa-sensei! Hurry and do something about the idiot couple!!


  1. thank you much i am so excited with the next chapter. Aregatogozaimasu for the summary!!

  2. Sunako and Kyouhei! hurry up bakas and make a child xd

  3. how are you able to read the manga? the scanlations are so long before released :(

  4. Japanese is my 3rd language.
    I have no problem speaking, writing or reading Japanese. Writing summary here is just a practice for me.

  5. hahaha! this chapter is really funny! i wish i could read japanese too so i wouldn't have problems reading raw manga like you! ^_^


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