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Friday, October 5, 2012

[SUMMARY] Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Chapter 125

The 125th: Because I love you.

In this chapter, Sunako's childhood friend, Yuki-chan came for a visit from Hokkaido. She got a date with a guy named Daikichi with whom she got to know through a freshwater fish research site. Yuki-chan was so excited about her date, and so was Sunako. She thought Yuki-chan had finally found a guy who would accept everything about Yuki-chan, but apparently, Yuki-chan hid the fact that she's the granddaughter of a snow-woman who has unusual powers. Yuki-chan thought, as long as she can hid the fact that she's 'different' from normal people, everything will go fine. The guys weren't so optimistic about the outcome of Yuki-chan's relationship though, and when Kyouhei made a remark about how everything won't turn out so well, a blizzard hit the mansion.

The next day, wearing clothes prepared by Yuki, Yuki-chan went to her date at an amusement park. Sunako, who was following Yuki-chan from afar ended up crawling on the ground from being under the sun and was surrounded by a lot of people. On the other hand, Kyouhei, who was forced to follow the girls was happily enjoying himself, receiving bribes from the other three guys.

At the amusement park, when Yuki-chan entered the haunted house, Daikichi wanted to hold her hand when he saw her being frightened. Yuki-chan wanted to accept his hand, but because she knew she'll turn him into a block of ice, she was reluctant to do so. Sunako saved Yuki-chan from her pinch by taking Daikichi's hand. A combination of Sunako and a haunted house was so frightening which made Daikichi trembled in fear. In the end, Yuki-chan got out of the haunted house safely without exposing her secret. She did freeze a few other couples though. Yuki-chan  continued her date riding the roller-coaster, pirate ship, spinning cup, and many other others safely with Sunako's secretly aiding her from behind, making sure Yuki-chan won't freeze anyone in the public by diverting the crowds away from Yuki-chan. At one point, she even threw Kyouhei to a group of rabid fangirls in order to clear a packed attraction for Yuki-chan.

At the end of the date, Daikichi confessed to Yuki-chan, saying he liked her and wanted to continue their relationships. But, when Daikichi wanted to hold her hands, she smacked away his hands, which made him misunderstood her intentions, thinking that Yuki-chan didn't like him. Desperate, Yuki-chan mustered her courage and held his right hand. When Daikichi saw his hand which was frozen by Yuki-chan, he screamed "Monster!" and ran away. Yuki-chan cried and caused a blizzard soon after. Sunako immediately came after the incident and when she heard what had happened, she went after Daikichi, leaving Kyouhei to deal with Yuki-chan.

Sunako found Daikichi hiding in a building warming his hand in front of candles and started to 'lecture' him. She said, if he really loved Yuki-chan, he should be able to accept her everything. Hearing that, Daikichi said he didn't have the confidence to do so, which was heard by Yuki-chan. Apparently, Yuki-chan lied to Kyouhei saying she'll go to the toilet while in truth she went to find Daikichi. When a fire which happened earlier when Sunako came after Daikichi closing in, Yuki-chan used her snow power and saved them. Being near the heat wasn't good for Yuki-chan and when Daikichi saw what she did, he went to hug Yuki-chan and said he'll be a man who can accept her everything. Yuki-chan turned into a beautiful normal sized girl after the confession. After the happy ending, a blizzard hit them again when Yuki-chan cried from the happiness.

The end of chapter 125.

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