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Friday, May 25, 2012

[SUMMARY] Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Chapter 122

The 122th: Love Sickness

Continuing from the last chapter. The guys were teasing Ranmaru about how he went and saved Ojou during the previous party and thought that Ranmaru had finally decided to settle down. Unfortunately, Ranmaru said he just went along with the situation at the party, and was about to go and play with the other girls when the other 3 guys decided they will 'fixed' Ranmaru's womanizer behaviour. Takenaga snatched away Ranmaru's handphone and snapped it into two right away when he was about to call his girlfriends, and the guys also watched Ranmaru's every move, making sure he won't sneak out of the house chasing skirts. At night, when Ranmaru complained about how lonely it was for him to sleep alone, Takenaga, Yuki and Kyohei slept with him on the same bed. One morning, Ranmaru who was totally driven into the corner started acting weird. He even hugged Kyohei from behind, saying he won't be picky and will choose whoever has the sex appeal. Coincidentally, Kyohei was playing with perfume earlier that day, adding the fuel to the fire. While Kyohei was crying saying how scary the situation is, Ranmaru suddenly picked up a girl's scent, and following the scent, he found Sunako. He was overjoyed with happiness, and went to hug her. He was beaten by Sunako but was saved by Takenaga and Yuki. The two guys then slapped him to make him return to his senses for he was hitting on Sunako, while Kyohei was shining with happiness thinking if Ranmaru succeed in shooting down Sunako, maybe she'll turn into a lady, and their long time dream of getting the free rent will come true. Sunako said that it was ridiculous, and the other guys also thought that Ranmaru would never play around with Sunako. But, they were proved to be wrong, for Ranmaru seriously targeting Sunako. He waited on Sunako at night, only to be beaten half dead by her, and said he would bring Sunako to heaven with him. Sunako was burning with anger, swearing to kill Ranmaru, which made the other 3 guys pray for Ranmaru to return to normal before Sunako kill him. Ranmaru continued his attacks on Sunako, by helping her carrying heavy boxes, preparing a tea with Sunako's favorite chocolate and lastly, presenting Sunako with a rare skeleton figurine, which finally broke down Sunako's defenses against him. Takenaga and Yuki who was closely following the development expressed their worries about Sunako's chastity, while Kyohei was craving for ice cream. After he was told off by the other two, Kyohei was sent to an errand to buy some snacks. On his way back home, he met Sunako who was properly dressed like a lady and sitting dreamily in the garden. Kyohei then asked her if she likes Ranmaru but Sunako denied, saying she only thinks of him as a good person. Kyohei then told her to be careful because she is a after all still a girl. When she replied to Kyohei's comment about her being a girl, Sunako started to be aware of Kyohei being a man. The realization made her wanted to get away from Kyohei, but when she stood up and was about to leave, she stumbled. Kyohei pulled her up, and Sunako couldn't help but to stare at Kyohei. They had their eyes on each other until Ranmaru showed up and invited Sunako to his room. Sunako readily agreed to follow Ranmaru and refused to listen to Kyohei when he tried to stop her. Kyohei gave up on stopping Sunako from going with Ranmaru and got back inside the mansion, only to be scolded by the other two. Kyohei only moved when Takenaga and Yuuki said how unfortunate it will be for Sunako if her first time is Ranmaru. Sunako was already being pushed down on the bed by Ranmaru when Kyohei came knocking on the door. When she heard Kyohei's voice, Sunako said it's hell on the other side of the door and asked Ranmaru to bring her to heaven. When he was ignored, Kyohei opened the door to Ranmaru's room, showering both occupants with his most glittering bright  light, interrupting the almost kiss between Sunako and Ranmaru. Receiving the full blast of Kyohei's brightness rendered Ranmaru immobile, and Kyohei grabbed Ranmaru's collar saying Sunako is not someone he can play with. In the end Ranmaru returned to his senses, and was surprised to find himself on bed with Sunako. The chapter ended with Sunako having a massive nosebleed from looking at Kyohei. Apparently, it has been quite a while since she had nosebleed when she see Kyohei.

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  1. Thaaank so much for this sumaries! I am waiting for news raws and can read this is awesome! After read that I want to see this chapter right now! haahha
    Really, thanks! Waiting the next! ^^

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  3. It wasn't deleted. I installed a new widget, and it takes some times to import all the old comments. Sorry for the inconvenience. ^^;

  4. Obrigada pelo resumo de Yamato!!Aqui no Brasil,esse mangá não é vendido e pelo blog que eu acompanho ele está paralisado.Valeu de coração e espero que você possa continuar resumindo para  uma simples mortal possa ler!!*-*

  5. Aaah! I can see it now hahahaha xP


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