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Monday, May 7, 2012

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 14

The last day of the holiday finally here! The couple had to go back to the palace, but not without some trouble for the day!! ^^
Enjoy the chapter!

Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 14


[A holiday]
[Something that pass fast,]
[and in a blink of an eye, the last day comes.]

Yuurin: I was told to definitely return today.

Seishin: I see... // Your work is quite hard.

[Kigaku; Aniki. A 20 years old whom sometimes called Aniki even by the older guys.]



[With this, I'll be separated for a while from my family and friends...]

*by the way*
SFX: wrrrr
*escaped after making others paying the debt for him...!*
Yuurin: In the end, I didn't get the chance to meet dad...
Seishin: ...Because he knew he'll be told off like hell // he just doesn't have the courage to come home, I think...

Seishin: ...I'll tell him, so // Nee-san, don't worry too much.
*the timing this time is quite bad*

[What a good kid..!?]
Yuurin: I'm sorry for causing you troubles... // Onee-chan will earn the income properly again...
*Nee-san, the kitchen knife is dangerous*


Yuurin: *'kay* Renew the determination, and let's face the job from tomorrow...!
*I'll do it okay. The allowance (Seishin's tuition) and paying the debt...!!*
[Fifty-fifty now.]
SFX: clench
Yuurin: But, before that, first, // I have to bring His Majesty back to the palace, it's the first priority.

Heika: ...I don't wanna go back...

Yuurin: I have a feeling he'll say that...

[During the holiday, he seemed like he was having fun all times after all...]

Yuurin : Ah // There he is.
Yuurin : *Err* -Ri...


Heika: -

Heika: I've entrusted that matter to the Prime Minister.

SFX: ba-thump

Heika: More importantly, after my return, // report to me about the current maintenance of public order...

SFX: rustle
Yuurin: -...


Heika: -
Heika: That's all, go back.

Officer: Yes.

Yuurin: *Ah...* Just now...
*Is it okay...*
Heika: An errand from Rijun *in the premises, sorry*

Heika: An emergency matter, and // ...he gave me a reminder to return properly today.
Heika: How did he know- *I don't want to go back*
Yuurin: As expected from Rijun-san
[Of course I know]

Yuurin: ...That... Surprised me...
Yuurin: I didn't expect the Wolf King to be here... *kinda weird to put it this way*
SFX: ba-thump
SFX: ba-thump

[A cold air that was so out in the downtown]


[Once we return to the palace,]
[It's the life with that "Wolf King" again...]
*Yuurin's home-made lunch? Yay-*

Underling: -Got it? // Well, follow the plan.
Underling: ...Let's go.


Heika: -Hm? // Where's Yuurin?
Seishin: Ah
Seishin: I'm sorry // She hurriedly went off saying she'll go shopping just now...

Seishin: I guess she forgot to buy something.

Underling: Kigaku-san.
Underling: Can you come here for a sec? // About Yuurin,


Kigaku: - // Did you have some information about Yuurin's part-time?

Underling: No, that... // I have the guys below digging it up but,
Underling: It seems like they have done something on their own accord...

Kigaku: -?


Kigaku: Why did you bring the person herself!
SFX: rage
Yuurin: *Wait a sec* Where's the radish special sale!!



Yuurin: What are you guys planning!
*And here I thought I can add one more dish for the lunch*
[Generally acquainted with Kigaku's underlings in the neighborhood]
Underling: No

SFX: Grrrr
Underling: Because, when we're check it out, we found out that Yuurin will go back today // We figure, if we don't do this, you won't come here...

Underling: Aniki! I think it's better if you say it once for all here. // If you let it this way, Yuurin will be taken by that rich bastard.
Kigaku: !?

Underling: We think, what you two lack are,
Underling: the time to calm down and the conversation.


Yuurin/Kigaku: *!?* What are you talking about, // ? , huh?

Heika: Yuurin, she's late. // I'll go and search for her for a bit.
SFX: rattle
Seishin: Ah, // Then, me too...

Heika: -No,
Heika: I'm fine by myself.

Heika: I leave it to you to watch the house.
SFX: shudder


Seishin: -...
SFX: Ba-thump
Seishin: He was smiling, but... it was scary...
SFX: Ba-thump
Seishin: ?
Seishin: ?

Underling: That's because Aniki, you have always been concerned about Yuurin...

Underling: You also get along well, so we figure you'll be together someday-
Yuurin: Wh-

Kigaku: Don't say something stupid. // I'm just looking out for her because she's an idiot and a blockhead!
Yuurin: It's not a joke saying I get along well with this money-lender rascal!!
*Take it back*


Kigaku: *Tsk* This time too, // This fellow was deceived by a man of unknown identity, it can't be helped so I,
*They get along well right...*
Yuurin: Wh-
Yuurin: No one asked you to *and I wasn't deceived*

Yuurin: Furthermore, I told you many times don't say any kind of things about that person...


Kigaku: -Oi, listen here, // A noble will not take on a downtown girl seriously okay?

Kigaku: You, // you better open your eyes for a bit.


[What, what]

Kigaku: Geez, why did you pick that kind of guy

Yuurin: -Even I,

Yuurin: Even I know that I'm just being played around!!
Kigaku: !!?


[Always messing up with me joking]
[...making fun of me]
*weird face*
*So cute*
[I don't know what he's thinking at all]

Kigaku: You...
Kigaku: It can't be.
Kigaku: Are you for real?
*After you deny all about it*


Kigaku: ~~~If you know it you better waste no time and cut all ties! // This idiot!
*What's this. Seriously, bloodshed...?*
Yuurin: You have nothing to do with this.

[When I thought I got close to him, // in an instant he'll be far away.]

[Even so,]


Yuurin: If that's your only business, I'll go home now. // Step aside, you guys!


Kigaku: -Oi, I haven't finished talking yet-
[Even so,]

Yuurin: I'm late- I'm sure he's waiting for me...

Yuurin: Ah, Yuurin, // thank good, here's the right place.

Yuurin: -



Yuurin: *Your...* What are you doing in a place like this!?
Heika: What... you ask, // looking for Yuurin?
Heika: When I went around asking the people in the neighborhood, // There's an information saying, "She was with Kigaku-kun's underling",

Heika: So I got along with a guy who seems to know the place, // and have him guide me here
*smile smile smile*
Underling: I'm sorry Aniki...!
SFX: tremble

Kigaku: Aren't you threatening him with all what you got there! // Let him go!!
Heika: Thanks for the guide.
[Your Majesty...]


Heika: So, // can you give Yuurin back to me?

Kigaku: ...This fellow,

Kigaku: will stop working part-time job at your place! // That means, you can go back to your nest alone.
Yuurin: Huh!? // What's with you! Doing things as you like!
Kigaku: You shut up!

Heika: ...Is that true? // Yuurin
Yuurin: ...


[That kind of, // lonely face]

Yuurin: That's not true *Please don't believe it*
Yuurin: In the first place, if I quit this part-time, I won't be able to pay back the debt-

Yuurin: Ack

Kigaku: .........sk // What kind of terrible mess you're in!!
*Being played*

Kigaku: Ah, geez! How much? I'll get it ready...
SFX: gyan gyan *quarrel*
Yuurin: Shut up, shut up // I will never borrow from your place.
Kigaku: Don't be selfish!


Kigaku: What a scum...! // Yuurin is a kid in my turf.

Kigaku: Don't do things as you like!
*worked up*
Yuurin: You too, why are you conveniently // treating even me like your underlings!!
*Let me go*

Heika: ...You really get along well...
Yuurin: No we're not.

Heika: ...Important family, // Childhood friend who worries about you.

Heika: The downtown in which you have lots of friends,

Heika: is for sure Yuurin's rightful // place.


Heika: But,
Heika: Forgive me.

Kigaku: !?
SFX: whish
Heika: Yuurin.


Heika: Come.
SFX: picks up


Yuurin: sk
Heika: Sorry, // but I don't have any intention to leave you here.

SFX: run
Underling: Ah, wait! // Let Yuurin go!


Kigaku: *Aah* Stop it, you guys! // Yuurin will be in danger like that *She'll fall*

Yuurin: Kigaku!


Yuurin: Both the part-time and the debt are just how things turned out but,

Yuurin: I decided it myself to do it properly.

Yuurin: That's why, // Don't get weirdly worry about me and get in my way okay.
Yuurin: You idiot!
SFX: swoosh swoosh

Kigaku: ~ // Ah, geez!
Kigaku: You're the idiot.


Yuurin: - // I'm really sorry... // Up until the last day, to be like this...
SFX: stagger
SFX: stagger
*the time is already...*
Heika: It was fun for me to be able to hype up with them.
Yuurin: -...

Heika: -Yuurin, // Is the holiday fun?

Heika: Returning to the palace, // do come to hate it?

Yuurin: -...


Yuurin: What are you saying! // You work well after you rest well!

[In the downtown]

[I have a lot of important things, but]

[I can no longer // leave this person alone.]

Yuurin: Look, // we'll hurry and go back.
Heika: Okay.


[-With this, // we run through the busy holiday]
[and return to the nostalgic daily life]
*Come back again okay*
*Do your best with your study*

Rijun: Welcome back, my dearest Your Majesty.
Rijun: The few days we were apart... // It seems like my heart was shredded to pieces for longing to see you so much...

Rijun: -The documents that I pour my heart writing them up during that time, // you'll accept them, // right?
*a mountain of work*
Heika: ...

Heika: ...Oh well, I did enjoy the holiday, // I guess I'll work hard now...
*That's a great attitude*


Heika: If it's in the Inner Palace,
Heika: I can monopolize the consort too.

[The start is, the usual]
[harmony days with the Wolf King.]

Yuurin: This...
Yuurin: This person...!!

[The day after that]
Kigaku: I will never approve that kind of guy.
Kigaku: ...So, // when will Yuurin come back home next time?
Seishin: *I...* I don't know...
Seishin: Kigaku-san really is like our "father"...

PW: villainheika

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