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Saturday, May 19, 2012

[SUMMARY] Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Queen of Pirates.

The guys and Sunako were watching television about a discovery regarding a pirate's jewel named Queen of Pirates. While they were getting excited about the jewel, they found out that the jewel was bid at an auction and was presented to their beloved Auntie. They were surprised, but Takenaga told them to stop talking about Auntie because according to their previous experiences, Auntie will come home whenever they talk about her. And as a matter of fact, Auntie did return, and said she was getting bored, not finding a good man, and that she'll stay at the mansion for a while. Sunako was dragged to the salon, shopping and was having a hellish time when a guy appeared and saved Auntie when she's about to fall down the stairs at a theater. To cut it short, Auntie fell in love at first sight with the guy. She was sighing at home, and when the guys urged her to get married immediately and get out of the mansion, she dropped the rent bomb, which makes the boys sweat again. But this time, she threatened to quadruple the rent for Kyouhei only for failing to turn Sunako into a lady. Then suddenly, the guy came to the mansion and said he said he wanted to see her again. They had a little talk, and the guy said he came from an island. Sunako got all excited when she found out that the guy came from a pirate island. The talk turn into about pirate, and Kyouhei asked Auntie to show them the treasured jewel. Unfortunately for them, Auntie said she had already kept it away for safekeeping and will only get it out when she got married. Hearing that, the guy immediately  proposed to Auntie but he didn't get a good reply. Auntie needed more time to think so the guy had no choice but to leave the mansion. After the guy left, the 4 handsome guys started their little comment session, saying the guy seemed like he doesn't have money and that's the reason Auntie said no to the proposal. When Ranmaru said she'll probably never see him again, Auntie said with a sad face that she would hate it if she can't see him again. When Kyouhei and Sunako heard that, they went after the guy, whom they called Sparrow and told him not to give up. They gave him an advice to present Auntie with a huge flower bouquet, reserve a restaurant, give her a ring and hold a big ceremony. When the guy said he doesn't have much money, Sunako and Kyohei solved the problem by working hard bargaining for the flowers, restaurant and the place for the wedding. When they were deciding about where they should hold the wedding, Sparrow suggested a hotel by the beach and by working as models for the bride and groom of a photo shoot, Kyouhei and Sunako managed to acquire the place. When all is set, Sparrow proposed to Auntie again and she finally said yes. On the day of the wedding, Auntie brought out the jewel and asked Sparrow to put it on on her. Unfortunately for Auntie, when Sparrow got hold of the jewel, he laughed an exposed his plan to get the jewellery from Auntie and escaped from the window into a boat waiting outside. Watching the whole incident unfolded in front of them, Sunako and Kyouhei transformed into a pirate and chased after Sparrow. They managed to catch after Sparrow's boat, jumped onto it and defeated the whole crew. Desperate, Sparrow told them he needed the jewel to protect his island. He was almost beaten to death by Sunako, when Auntie came and said it's enough. Auntie then threw away the jewel into the sea, and told Sparrow, whose real name is Takekichi to use his own body this time to find the jewel and protect his island. Takekichi jumped into the sea after being rejected by Auntie after he said if only he had met Auntie in a different way. Auntie got over the incident quickly and getting ready to find a new love, dragged away Sunako with her.

Just a random summary. Hope you'll enjoy it.


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