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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Update! Version 2

When I read Ookami Heika no Hanayome chapter 12 on Batoto, I noticed 3 pages are kind of weird, I think I made a mistake with the page size, I'm not really sure, they were kinda blurry, so I fixed all 3 pages, and reuploaded the chapter into the download folder. Everyone who wants to have a nice collection, go ahead and download it again. Everyone who prefers to read online, I re-uploaded the new one on Batoto.
Sorry for the mistake.

While I'm here, I think I'll take this opportunity to explain about how this blog works. 

How to download the chapters? Well, I think if you are not illiterate, I think you can find the tabs above quite easily. Click on the tab, and you'll find the download link which will redirect you to my mediafire folder. That's all. Easy enough I think. That is, if you're willing the spend a few seconds of your precious time to navigate through the blog. 

My latest post on this blog after you get an update from Baka-updates, or LiveJournal, or Batoto or whatever will be about the releases. You can skip reading it, or you can go straight to the RELEASES tab on the left side of this blog. I believe my loyal and smart readers will find them without any problem. And even if you can't find the downloads, just drop a message somewhere. Someone will kindly tell you about it.

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