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Saturday, May 19, 2012

[TRANSLATION] Ookami Heika no Hanayome Chapter 15

It has been a while since my last update. Hi everyone!
I'm starting to get busy and busy lately. Not that I have any schedule for anything I've been doing here. I started a marathon, watching The Big Bang Theory early last week. That was one funny show. You all should watch it. Sherlock is far better though. Not that I should compare them, lol.
Just sharing my favorite TV shows. Anyway, enjoy the chapter. Let's hope the scans will be done soon!


[Hakuyou Country // In Han Family's mansion's *corner*]

Touka: -Next is,
SFX: click click tum tum
Touka: add the dried mushroom~

Houju: Touka, // you there?

[Tei Seishin; a 13 year old, going full speed studying to take the exam for a long time.]


Touka: My my, may I help you? // Miss Kouju.
Touka: I'm mixing the medicine right now, so my hands are tied...
SFX: plop

Kouju: I'm in a hurry too! // Hey, the vitamin you made for me when I had a fever before!
Kouju: Do you have it right now?

Touka: ? Are you feeling bad?
SFX: szzt
Kouju: No, not me.

Kouju: ...Seems like, His Majesty and the consort, // both of them got sick,
Kouju: and for the last few days haven't shown themselves in the palace.


Kouju: That's why, for the visit...
SFX: pop pop
Touka: *Ah* I see~
Touka: That medicine, I think I have it enough for one person right now. // The small bottle on the table over there-

Kouju: This one right! // Thanks, Touka!
SFX: thud thud thud
SFX: ooze
Touka: *Yup* Have a nice trip.

Touka: - // Now, I'm done with the first stage-

SFX: stretch
Touka: Hn?

Touka: The vitamin that Young Miss supposed to have taken away is, // here...?
*?* *My my?*


SFX: rattle rattle
Touka: And that is gone...

Touka: -Uwah
Touka: ...this is bad.

Yuurin: Han Family's special vitamin?
Yuurin: Looks expensive-

Kouju: Yes. // I want Okisaki-sama to get better quickly...


Yuurin: -Thank you. Sorry for making you worry Kouju...
Kouju: Okisaki-sama...

[Even if I say so, the truth is]
[I'm fine because I only went home for the holiday...]

Yuurin: Aah, so cute...
*She's completely attached to me...
SFX: fluffy fluffy

[I, Tei Yuurin,]

[ended my secret return to home, // and is living the normal life of a part-timer.]
[By the way, the Wolf King is,]


[worn-out // with the works after the day-off.]
*dead tired*

Yuurin: - // You don't seem good, Your Majesty...
*what happened...*

Heika: No... I'm fine. // It's just, the Prime Minister found out that I sneaked out outside, // so he dumped a lot of works on me...

Heika: He's much more merciless than Rijun...
*He won't even give me time to rest my brain...*
*more than Rijun-san!?*


Yuurin: Poor him... Not to mention, he originally hates desk work...
SFX: dizzy dizzy exhausted

Yuurin: ! // That's right.

SFX: rustle rustle
Yuurin: Your Majesty, here!

Yuurin: It's something I got from someone, // but I heard that it's a medicine to cheer you up!
*strong nourishment*
*good for work fatigue too*

SFX: shove

Heika: - // I don't like medicine very much...
Yuurin: What? You're saying things like a kid.

Yuurin: Anyway, just take it for now.


Heika: ... // Thanks.

[I'm, // just a part-timer acting like a consort, but]

*Pretend to faint when you can't go on anymore*
*They'll make a huge fuss over it*
Yuurin: If I can, even just for a little, // I want to be useful.

Yuurin: Yes, because I don't know about difficult works // at least, his health care...



[Things, // just won't go easily.]

Kouju: Okisaki-sama!
SFX: bam

Yuurin: Kouju, what happened? // You didn't have plan to come today...

Kouju: I'm really sorry. // I, what have I done.
Kouju: I really didn't mean to do it...
SFX: Waa

Yuurin: !? // Calm down, what happened?
Kouju: The- // The medicine I gave you yesterday,
*Err, to tell you the truth*


Kouju: Seems like, it's not a vitamin,
Kouju: but a love potion...!

Yuurin: !?
Yuurin: Love... // Love...?
*is something like that exists!?*
SFX: sobs
Kouju: Yes. // According to our doctor,
*Oh dear*
*Now I've done it*

Kouju: It's to attract the opposite gender nearby, // and to mediate the fighting couples...
*It was to earn extra money-*
Kouju: That... That kind of rude thing // to give it to the consort in happy marriage...


Kouju: How mad His Majesty will be at me...!!
*What did you plan to do with my consort!*
SFX: tremble tremble tremble
Yuurin: Aaah // His Majesty has become a trauma for her!!

SFX: tears
Yuurin: Do- Don't cry // It's okay, he won't get mad at you.
SFX: sob sob
Yuurin: *Err* And I haven't drank it yet.

Kouju: Really?
SFX: relief
Kouju: Thank goodness...

Kouju: If that so, please throw away that medicine as it is...!
Yuurin: -


[What should I do...]
Yuurin: I only said that to sooth her but, // I, // gave that thing to His Majesty...

*Love potion...*
SFX: hss

[No no no, anyway, calm down]
[and calmly deal with it!]


[According to how he was yesterday, // I'm sure His Majesty didn't drink it!!]
*This kind of thing*
*usually tastes bad*

Heika: The medicine from yesterday?

Yuurin: Yes.
Yuurin: Err... did you drink it...?
Yuurin: Uuh...
SFX: ba-thump
SFX: ba-thump

Heika: -

Heika: I didn't.

[As I thought!]
Yuurin: You see,


Yuurin: to tell you the truth, that was a mistake...! // Seems like there isn't much effect at all!
[Sorry, Your Majesty! // I lied a bit but,]

[As long I get it back into my hand and dispose it, // I won't have to tell him about Kouju's mistake]
SFX: shake shake
Yuurin: That's why, can you give it back to me...
[Moreover, I can also,]

[erase the fact that I gave His Majesty a love potion...!]
*so embarrassing*
Heika: -Sorry // I gave it to someone today.

Yuurin: Eh!?
Yuurin: Eh!? / Eh-!?
Yuurin: To // to who!?

Heika: ?
Heika; *Ho-...* To Houen...
Sfx: crack


Heika: Well, he was over-worked, he got a blow too because of me skipping the works, // poor him, so I can't help but...
SFX: stagger stagger
*are you okay?*
*it's nothing to worry about*
Heika: Oh well, he was really happy // I don't think he'll care even if there is no effect-
SFX: dizzy

[Of all things, Ryuu Houen...!!]
SFX: disappointed
Heika: ?
*So you're still in the Inner Place*

Heika: Elder.
Elder: Yaya, Your Majesty! // may I help you?


Heika: - About the medicine, // I asked you to examine yesterday
SFX: whoosh
Heika: You said,"no doubt it's a vitamin", right?

[Gave it to Houen after it has been confirmed]
Heika: Still, I hate medicine after all.
Heika: You can have it.

Elder: *Oh* The one presented by the consort? // Yes, I did say so.
Elder: A certain type of, // vitamin
SFX: shines

Elder: A certain type of, // vitamin.

Elder: Well well, // Seems like there's nothing the old people needs to worry about.
*Kya- Kya-*
Heika: Clearly tell me about it.

Elder: ...A heart-throbbing love medicine... // Well, to put it simply, it's an aphrodisiac. *She's such a resourceful girl*



Yuurin: Your Majesty, Your Majesty, // to maintain your health, it's good to drink radish and ginger broth everyday.

Yuurin: And staying up late is your great enemy! // It's getting colder so you should be careful to keep yourself warm.
[Implementing the healthy life.]

Heika: Yuurin is?
Heika: On me?

[Thought in suspension.]
SFX: shining
*A heir soon*
*I wanna see the heir's face*
Heika: -...?


[By mistake...]

Heika: -...

Yuurin: I want you to give it back to me.


*The long while*

Houen: *Huh* What an illogical story. // Why should I return something that was given to me by His Majesty to you?

Yuurin: ! // You, you couldn't have already drank-
Houen: Do not take me as an idiot!!

Houen: I received it directly from His Majesty you know. // Like hell I would easily have it on my lip!


Houen: I had it courteously carried away to avoid any scratch, // and strictly kept it at my house for safekeeping!
Yuurin : That was questionable too!?

Houen: The extremely busy His Majesty! // The fact that he was considerate about my health, his subordinate is the important thing here!
*I heard it's full with nutrient. Do you need it?(The taste probably terrible)

Houen: Because it was the proof of his consideration, I don't have any intention to give it away to other people no matter what the reason is! // And in the first place, I don't have time to mingle with you! Now excuse me! *hmph*
*No, you,*
*it was forced on you you know!?*
SFX: Damn...


[The same as usual, what a stubborn guy...!?]
SFX: weak...
Yuurin: All that left is, to pray so that he won't drink that medicine by worshipping and revering it... *Is that possible?*

SFX: shing, hmm

Yuurin: Aah, geez // It didn't go well at all...

Heika: - // You look tired, Yuurin.
Heika: Do you need this?


Yuurin: Eh

SFX: reach
SFX: lifts

Yuurin: Your Majesty, that is...!!
Heika: I had something else given to Houen and got him to return this one to me.
*He went back to his home to get this*
*That bastard*

Yuurin:  Err, that, give it back to...

Heika: ...What are you going to do with it by having this back? // I don't think it's necessary for acting spouses.


Yuurin: Your Majesty // Could it be, the contents // you know about it?
Heika: ...

[Ugyaa- SO embarrassing-!!]
Yuurin: Yo- // You got it wrong! This is all a mistake!!

Yuurin: I don't have any intention to make you drink the love potion at all.
Yuurin: Not a little bit!
Yuurin: None at all! // Believe me-
SFX: stab stab stab
SFX: Uwaaaaaa


Yuurin: It really is only a mistake...

Heika: Hmm?
SFX: pon
SFX: gulp
Heika: !?

Yuurin: Wh-
Yuurin: Wh-
SFX: swallow


Heika: -So, // If it wasn't for me,
Heika: did you plan to use it on someone else?

SFX: ba-thump
Yuurin: ...!? Of- // Of course not.

[Why did you drink it-!?]
SFX: touches

Yuurin: *to* To use love potion, it's outrageous.
*closes in*
Yuurin: Using it to get your feelings answered,


Yuurin: It's definitely wrong.

Heika: Right.

Yuurin: ?
SFX: trot trot

SFX: creak
SFX: falling
Yuurin: Ah

Yuurin: *Just now* The contents...!!
Heika: I didn't drink it *I just pretended to open it before*


Heika: It's fine if you don't use it. // It's a boring story, trying to make things easy by using this kind of  thing.

Heika: -Unpredictable,

Heika: and because it won't go as you wish at all,
Heika: which makes it fun.

SFX: ba-thump


Heika: So, the one who gave you this is, //Han Kouju?
Yuurin: Ack
*It was exposed in no time...*
Heika: That family never does anything decent.
Yuurin: Wait- // It really is an accident...!! *Please don't get angry!!*

Yuurin: Fun?
Yuurin: Is that really is? // Well, a medicine is a no-no but,

[It won't turn out as you wish at all]
[If I fell in love with someone I can never have]


[That must be, // painful-...]

Heika: Hmmm // This is Han Family's real vitamin?
Yuurin: Yes. // She gave me a lot as an apology...

[I called a big favor and had a lot of it made.]
*lost weight*
Yuurin: If I knew this, I would have told the truth from the beginning...

Yuurin: That is why, Your Majesty! // This time it's really supposed to be good for health.
*Drink it all you want*
*It already has been checked by Elder*


[I should redeem myself quickly here..!]
SFX: laughs
Heika: -You should have it Yuurin. // If you're happy, so am I.
Yuurin: !?

[-Everything isn't]

[going quite as I wish, so it seems.]

*That was simply*
*because you hate medicine right!?*
SFX: smile smile

[In passing, the number one person whom this matter should be kept a secret.]

Rijun: Yuurin-dono.
Rijun: A certain old man was saying something disturbing like, "lovey-dovey with medicine" to me.
Yuurin: What are you talking about?


[Touka-chan's one word memo]
Touka: By the way, Kouju-ojousama, have never,
Touka: taken a sip of this vitamin even if it was brought to her.
*Because it doesn't look tasty*
*But everyone was saying it was effective*

His Majesty clearly pissed when Yuurin denied with all her heart that she's not going to use the potion on him! Oow, the love is in the air~!

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