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Sunday, May 20, 2012

[TRANSLATION] Landreaall Act.4

Scanlated chapters so far.

This is one of my favorite series recently. Too bad the scanlation side doesn't go too far. I'll be translating this manga from time to time. But don't ask for the scanlation. I don't have people to work on this series at the moment. So, if you're interested, and have some time to spend, leave me a message and I'll get to you. This is a very long series. The latest chapter is Act.110. It will get more much more interesting later.^^

Landreaall Act.4 One Wing


Ion: Geez, what's with her!?

Ion: There's no one we can have a proper talk with.
Ion: Argh

Ion: The one with the sesame seeds... // is delicious!
*Don't hold them with both hands, you monkey...*


DX: Being a head of a country is piling up a lot of stress on her.
Ion: Onii, you,

Ion: don't have enough self-awareness, you're soft.
Rokkou: Exactly, Ion-sama...
DX: Rokkou.


Rokkou: It's nothing.
DX: About what?

DX: Can you find anything?

Rokkou: No.

Rokkou: I won't be able to protect you two.
DX: She was quite mad after all.

Ion: Don't make Rokkou do dangerous things!
Ion: Why don't you ask about the Holy Dragon yourself!
DX: You...


DX: If you're going to wave the manjuu...
DX: I'll give you mine too so stuff it into your chest.

Ion: Rokkou, you too, don't sneak around, it's okay to stay with us! // Here, eat this.
Rokkou: Yes...

DX: Do not leave Ion's side. // Keep an eye on her to prevent her from upsetting lots of people.
Rokkou: Yes.
Ion: It's Onii who makes me mad~!!

Ion: Rokkou always listens to whatever Onii-chan says!
SFX: shriek
Rokkou: Yes.

Lady: I'm looking for someone.


Officer: A person like you came here by yourself...!?
Lady: He should have stopped by, here.

Officer: I'm just this duchy's local government official, about Atrunia internal affair... // after all, this substitute work at the embassy was quite sudden too.

Lady: Two people, a male and a female, their names are...
Officer: Err, well... // In this duchy, there are a lot of people entering the country to pay homage at the Holy Peak.

Officer: We can't afford to check up every travelers in details... // For a substitute like me, it's beyond my power to deal with that kind of thing...
Officer: Eerr...
Lady: What's with this old man's problem?
Lady: So, I can consider they're concealing their identities.


Lady: That means, you have no idea about a young male and female who had visited this embassy.
Officer: No, that is... // I probably can find something if I check the registry book... Do you want me to?

Lady: ...
Lady: You see... // The substitute ambassador-dono

Lady: I understand your feeling wanting to get over talking to me as soon as possible,
Lady: I'm also the same as you! // I don't have any intention to blame you for your ignorance and negligence okay?
Guy: Er... No, it's not like that.


Lady: If you're sitting on that chair, just say "yes" or "no" to my questions and we will be over with it.
Lady: Did 2 young Atrunian ever visit that chair?

Guy: N-...
Guy: No...

Lady: Seriously... Why the hell did the duchy use that useless... // -Rather, he seemed scared too.
Guard: Ah, as I thought.


Guard: Looking at you, I guess you got no where with him.
Guard: Ah, watch you mouth.

Lady: ...You're familiar with what happened inside?

Guard: Every Atrunian who comes out from here makes that face.
Lady: That face huh...

Guard: Useless! That kind of face.
Lady: Ahaha

Guard: Why don't you stop approaching every woman everytime you see one, it's disgraceful.
Guard: Everyone will approach anyone if they see they're in trouble, it's kindness.
Lady: Why is it that a duchy officer becomes the representative in Atrunia Embassy?

Guard: I can't say anything about that because it seems like it was intentional from the duchy's side... If it's an emergency, you can try directly visit the ambassador who is under a house arrest in her  house.
Guard: She'll hear you out.

Lady: The Atrunian ambassador to that proxy. // Did DX-sama and the others visit her too? They could probably have made a contact.
Lady: Right...

Lady: I'll do that. Thank you.
Guard: Cross two roads and turn left, it's the house with a big flower bed at the end of the road.
Guard: However, please return to your lodge before night time.

Guard: The insolent fellas come out at night targeting the travelers. // You can't rely on the duchy's soldiers. Especially the ones with the tassel, they're just bragging around.
Lady: Ooo...


Lady: I did hear about the strain between the main country's soldiers and the duchy's personal guards but, // almost all of it was about the main country's guard.

Guard: Vatican's personal guard is serving the Holy Dragon at the Holy Peak, so to speak, we're also very well acquainted with the indigenous self-defence force. // The soldiers from the main country only use the main country's King authority as a shield, treating the personal guards as bumpkins.

Guard: The locals will probably side with the personal guards.
Lady: Haha

Tassel: The kids from yesterday. // They'll get what they deserve once we find them...
Tassel: So you still haven't found them.

Guard: Even so, after the substitute ambassador takes over, a lot of the tassel guys have been going in and out...
Guard: Look there, talking about it.

Tassel: Gate guard! // You're not slacking off aren't you!
Guard: I was just showing the way to a traveler.


Tassel: Ooh

Tassel: Want us to guide you around?
Lady: Thank you. But it's fine, I'm just going nearby.

SFX: step step


Lady: That was one face with a rotting nature.

Lady: Helebors!
SFX: chink

SFX: kachink

Lady: Good boy. It's work.

Lady: I don't want to interfere with other country's domestic affair but, // during DX-sama's stay in this country, I better gather the information.


Chief LIW: Hime-sama*
TN: Princess


Chief LIW: Even if it's just a *colony, they're people who are connected with Atrunia Royal Family.
Chief LIW: We can't afford to be disrespectful and cause sparks in the future.
TN: A newly reclaimed land.

Princess: Call me Duchess.
Princess: That is why we're giving the evening banquet.

Chief LIW: You seem like you have a plan.

Princess: Hmph!
Princess: I'll teach those bumpkins about the real elegance.


Princess: Once I've shown them my great benevolence, they'll change their rude attitude towards me.
Chief LIW: Oh my, now I can be relieved.
Chief LIW: ...Even so,

Princess: What?

Chief LIW: You did well calming down your anger at the scene, Hime-sama.

Pincess: Didn't I tell you to call me Duchess.
Princess: ...A Duchess should avoid from being imprudent.
Chief LIW: My! How splendid!


Princess: We've been keeping a long peace with the neighboring country. In the distance future... that is // We won't know what will happen.
Chief LIW: Oh my!
Chief LIW: Hime-sama is at the age too!

SFX: slam slam slam
Princess: It's Duchess!!

Princess: A duchess is to be prudent!!
Chief LIW: Yes yes.

SFX: slides away

SFX: floats


Princess: What do you think!

Chief LIW: Yes, you're really adorable.
Princess: Umph!
Princess: Once the guests are ready, show them to the hall.
SFX: slide slide



Rokkou: Most of them are the kith and kin. // The military and civil officers, and the ministers and their families.
Rokkou: It's a country with a thick blood connection system.

DX: I see. What a happy-go-lucky lot.


DX: Eh? Rokkou, what are you doing? // Where's Ion?

Rokkou: A guard isn't allowed to be in the changing room. // So I went out to scout the area first.
DX: It's not like you're standing in front of her eyes right?

Rokkou: Hime got mad when she sensed me, and stopped changing her clothes.

Rokkou: Taking the chance, the ladies in waiting dragged her into bath, not giving her a chance to argue.
*He can't be seen by others*

DX: So?

Rokkou: I'm here.
DX: What's with that. // What are we going to do if you're out here.


Rokkou: Forgive me.
DX: It's not that I'm mad.
DX: Interesting.

DX: It means, Ion doesn't lose sight of you anymore.

Rokkou: Not enough training...
DX: I guess you can say that too. // Anyway,

DX: My body will instinctively move for most things, so as long as I'm in the palace, the is no imminent danger. // Call me ouut sometimes.
Rokkou: Yes.
SFX: swish


Princess: DX-dono.

Princess: ...Oh?
Princess: I think I saw another person, did I see worng?

DX: Thank you for inviting me.

SFX: turn
Princess: Enough with the flattery.

Princess: You guys must have a purpose for coming to Vatican.


Princess: It's okay to tell me about it. // I didn't have time to hear about it a while ago.

DX: It's a grateful proposal, but,

DX: It's not something we can talk about in a place with a lot of people.
Princess: I see.

Princess: Well then, until the soup's lid is opened, let's go out to the terrace.
SFX: thud
Man: Hi-
Man: Hime-sama.

Man: No need to say, I'll also go with you.
Man:To prevent any rumours...!


Princess: Shut up!
Princess: If you're there, we can't quietly talk .

Princess: I'll send you back to the main country if you interrupt us!
Man: Urg...

Man: DX-dono! I want you think about Hime's position too...
Man: !

Princess: I'm saying this after considering our position so we're going to have a talk just by ourselves. Wait patiently!
Man: Ooh...

DX: Well then, I'll borrow the princess for a while.


Chief LIW: My, you're like the little mother-in-law.
Chief LIW: You'll be hated.

Chief LIW: Hime-sama likes the prince.
Man: I know that. I already knew that from looking at her face when she first met him.

Chief LIW: Oh, I've underestimated you.
Man: More importantly, Prince DX...

Man: He's wearing the one wing flying horse symbol. So, he has the right to the throne among the first five.
Chief LIW: Because seems like his father, General Regain is the late queen's cousin.

Chief LIW: It's not strange.

Chief LIW: He's one of the important people.
*I can't quite get a grip on him though*
Man: NO!!!


Man: They're too perfect together! // This is not a joke
Chief LIW: You're right. Although, it's 2 or 3 years early to say that they're well-matched.

Man: Aah~ // I'm worried!! And here I am, entrusted with the princess by the King...
Chief LIW: Come now.

Chief LIW: It's not like he's of an unknown origin. We probably should be thankful for this.

Man: Do you really think so Chief.
Chief LIW: My my, even I sometimes do say something for a temporary peace of mind.


DX: Ah-

DX: It's refreshing once we get outside, isn't it, Hime
Princess: You always seem cheerful though-

DX: Well, now that we've settled down,


Princess: ...What about it?
DX: I heard that the Duchy of Vatican has a thousand years of history...

Princess: Yes, that's right. So is the name Uurn, it can be counted more than 200 times in the family tree.

DX: So, that means you're also an expert with the royal family legend.

Princess: Of course. // I'm originally a priest. // The seat of the head of country will be handed down to my husband at the same time when I got married, and I'm destined to serve the Vatican Holy Peak
Princess: It's something that only I can do.
Princess: That's why father sent me here, to the Vatican.


DX: ...That must be,
DX: lonely.
DX: excuse me.

Princess: ... // What are you saying.

DX: Living far away from your family.

Princess: I won't forgive you for treating me like a kid!
DX: Even an adult would be lonely.


DX: A Duchess who can stand that is great.

Princess: Um.
Princess: Yup!

DX: The Holy Dragon that I heard is at the Holy Peak-

Princess: ...!? What did you say?


DX: I want your permission to see the Holy Dragon.

Ambassador: You're saying, Ecaleep prince is...


Ambassador: The Second Great General Luccaford's son?
Ambassador: I've never met him, and there was no such a visit.

Lady: I see...

Ambassador: Even though I'm under a house arrest, I do not neglect gathering the information. // I'm sorry.

Lady: There is a great difference between no information, and no information about the target.
Lady: ...But, why are you under house arrest?


Ambassador: This is still under investigation, so I haven't sent a report to the home country yet. // An  Atrunian woman who entered in the country met a kidnapper yesterday.

Ambassador: In the end, it ended up only with an attempt, but the main country soldier failed to catch the criminal // I flared up and ended up with this.

Lady: ...
Lady: Did she fight with them?

Ambassador: In reality, there are other casualty as well. // There are a lot of people who entered Vatican from other duchy too after all.

Ambassador: Truthfully speaking, I suspect there is someone who's linked with the criminals inside the duchy.
Ambassador: That, and I'm also bothered by the suspicious officer who is substituting for me.


Lady: If that so, I could probably help.

Amb: ?

SFX: smile

Lady: Can you help me finding someone as well?
Ambassador: Ah, of course!
Ambassador: Sure.

Ambassador: Hmm... Speaking of which, today, at noon at the main street, // I heard two Atrunian who had beaten the main country soldiers are on the run.

SFX: grunt


Amb: Well
Amb: I guess that has nothing to do with the prince and princess.

[*Em* That really sound like it has everything to do with them...]
Ambassador: ?

SFX: Achoo

Ion: I'm hungry~


  1. Hello! :)

    Thanks a lot for the translation! I adore Landreaall too and I'm interested in its scanlations! I work as cleaner for an English Scanlations Group and as cleaner/editor/typesetter (all but translations) for an Italian one. You could see some example of my works here! My name is Dorothy and I take care of Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Episode 4, Alliance of the Golden Witch! :) 

  2. You mean, you wanna help me edit this series?

  3. Sure! :D If I have the translation, I can do all the job! :)

    I have all the raws (they're from various sites and Raw-Hunters), may I ask to the scanlators the permission to use the pages?

  4. I plan to work on this slowly myself, but I would be very grateful if you can do this with me. I have the raws too. Maybe we can talk about this off the blog? You can contact me at dark_heather@yahoo.com
    I'll be waiting for you.


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