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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[SUMMARY] Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Chapter 121

A cute chapter with Ojou-sama here!

Chapter 121: Dear My Friend!

The chapter started at Ojou-sama, Kikunoi Tamao's school. Ojou is very popular at school, and one of her classmate called Ragan is very jealous of her. One day, on her way back from school, Ojou bumped into Sunako, and she was seen talking to Sunako by Ragan and her cronies. Sunako was wearing a pumpkin hat and her usual jersey at that time. Ragan made a remark about how unexpected it was for Ojou to be associated with someone like Sunako. When Ojou was about to introduce Sunako to Ragan and her friends, Sunako cut off and said she's only a passerby. Ojou was taken aback by Sunako words, wondering if Sunako really considers her as a friend. One day, Ojou visited the mansion, and Kyohei begged her to influence Sunako to be like a lady.
Apparently, Sunako was in her darker mode again, for Halloween was in the season. Ojou then said she wanted to join Sunako in her party. Sunako happily agreed and told her to change into jersey. Ranmaru then gave a warning saying it's fine to get along with Sunako, as long as she doesn't become like her. Ojou then replied saying she would be happy if she does turn out like Sunako, leaving Ranmaru feeling very uneasy. During the party, Sunako introduced Ojou to her world, and as a result Sunako started calling Ojou, Tama-chan. At school, Ragan started harassing Ojou again about her friendship with Sunako, but Ojou just brushed it off, saying Sunako is her important friend. Ragan also invited Ojou to her halloween party, while making a remark to bring Sunako along.

Another day, Ojou visited the mansion, while wearing a jersey and holding a big skull. Her new 'style' surprised the others. While Ojou was waiting for Sunako in her room, the other guys blamed Sunako for Ojou's change. At first, Sunako wasn't really feel responsible for it, but when she saw Ojou in her room, she started feeling guilty. Ojou then told Sunako that she refused an invitation for a Halloween party from her classmate, because she wanted to spend the time with Sunako. But then, Sunako said she shouldn't refuse the invitation, that she feels better being alone. Ojou then said sorry, and left the mansion wearing the jersey. On her way back, Ojou met her classmates on their way to Ragan's party, and she ended up going to the party too. Back at the mansion, Sunako found a letter from Ojou, saying she really enjoyed, and had fun spending the time with Sunako. After reading the letter, Sunako decided to go after Ojou. The guys said Ojou was willing to step into her world for friendship, so this time it's Sunako's turn to do the same.

In the meantime, at Ragan's party, Ragan started bragging about the food and all, and introduced her fiance to all the guests. Then she insulted Ojou saying she had a weird hobby, and purposely splashed water on her own dress while making it seemed like Ojou was the one who splashed the water on her. Ojou had no qualm to wipe the dress for Ragan, but when Ragan started saying things about Sunako, she started defending Sunako. However, Ojou couldn't bring herself to tell Ragan that Sunako is her important friend because of the incident from before. Right on time, Sunako came, and continued the word for Ojou, saying Ojou is her important friend. Sunako came dressing up like a lady, and when she was about to pull Ojou up, Ranmaru came and like a prince, said he is Ojou's fiance. The other guys came too, and the girls started making the usual noise. In the end, Ragan was unable to make a comeback, and Ojou and Sunako were back at the mansion watching horror movies.

Sweet chapter. I have always love Ranmaru and Ojou pair. More Ranmaru coming in the next chapter. With ultra shining Kyohei, burning Sunako's eye on Ranmaru's bed!

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